Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Cream

Since two people, in the last ten minutes let me know that they'd never heard of or tried snow cream before I really thought I had to share the recipe. Since I've never paid attention to the proportions but made it by eye, I had to look up a recipe. The one I found that was most similar to mine was here

Mix about 1 gallon snow with 1 cup cream or milk (I've honestly always used milk and its tasted great), 1/2 a cup of sugar, and 1-2 tea spoons of vanilla extract. :)

I'm dying to make it myself but don't have the sugar! Let me know what you think if you try it!

Which do you like better?

Both of these coffee makers are from Bed Bath & Beyond. (My favorite store, ever!) Anyway I'm trying to decide which I like better. Keep in mind, I always have a 20% off coupon AND they're only $30.00 so they're practically a steal. Let me know what you think

Cuisinart 4 Cup Coffee Maker
It's tiny, and it only brews four cups, so I'm very unlikely to 'waste' much at all. I normally drink at least a medium sized drink (12oz) and this makes four (5oz) cups. Some days I do like a venti (20oz) size cup of coffee though, so this would be PERFECT. Also, since I move a lot, the smaller size makes it easier for storage. Finally, it has a 3 year limited warranty!!
It only ever DOES make 4 cups. If I wanted to share a pot with someone I might feel like I was getting jipped.

Also, this is available in pink. I kind of like the pink but I'd be afraid it'd get dirty, and I wouldn't like it as much.  Find out more about it Here!

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Pros: Bigger pot, allows me to make more than four cups of coffee at a time. Also in general, it looks a bit nicer than the Cuisinart one.
Cons: 1 year warranty. Bigger, takes up more space. It has a glass pot which makes it more likely to break in moving than the one in the cuisinart.

Also, unfortunately, Mr. Coffee is not available in pink! Anyway, if you want more information go here!

What do you think??

Saturday Thoughts

#1- This morning I woke up to find that my power had gone out at roughly 5AM. I slept til 10 on and off, and then got up for real at 10. For the next hour and a half I felt like a pilgrim. I had my candle lit, my books out. I was studying!! Around 11:30 the power came back on. I have been MUCH less productive.

#2- I really wish I had gone ahead and bought a coffee maker before the semester starts. My birthday is Tuesday so maybe I'll buy myself a birthday present.

#3- I never understand why whenever there is snow, every church closes, except the one my fiance attends. They canceled their Saturday night service, and their 8:30AM Sunday service, but it's never going to be above freezing tomorrow, so how is it any safer at 9:30 than it is at 8:30??? I just don't get it! Stay home! God will forgive you for not risking your lives on the road!

#4- The thought of curling up in my bed, reading about investments with my PowerZero and mini high-lighter is getting me groggy. :) Is it nerdy that I'm looking forward to finishing my blog so I can do that???

#5- Of the like 6 thank you notes I wrote two weeks ago I still have 2 more to mail. Woops!

Oh the weather outside is frightful!

There is no other way to say it! I've been thinking that this snow wasn't that big of a deal and it wasn't even half as much as we got last weekend but it turns out, it's almost as much, if not MORE than we got last weekend! Woops, guess having a window that over looks a parking lot leads to delusions. My bad! Anyway, here are some updated images!

I always think its a good idea to go out in the snow without shoes on, as you can see by my foot print in this picture. I don't know that I necessarely think it's a "good idea" but I just can't be bothered with putting shoes on. Unfortunately my feetsies went numb rather quickly, so I decided to come inside and put on my mamouth crocs (so fuzzy and warm!!)

PS- This is in the covered balcany area of my apartment!

 Out in front of the apartment, the parking lot. Do you see that like gray pool in the center of the parking lot?? That's where they plowed last night (but not today???). It was a pool of slush until about an hour ago. Now it's snow covered slush. That is going to freeze and be a BIG problem tomorrow!

This was really cool when I first saw it. I walked over and like a wave of snow went flying, it looked like ocean spray. Obviously it was the wind, but it was really cool looking.

The road and back spot behind my apartment building. Obviously its a little snowier than I realized.

The snow covered ground. This is pretty uninteresting I just thought it was a testimony to how well covered the ground is.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

:) Some snow fall pictures from the progress of this "record breaking" snow fall!

Kind of blurry, but this was my apartment complex a little bit before 7pm. It started snowing here around 1, but didn't start sticking til 4:30 or so. We probably had like 2 inches or so at this point

A little snow drift forming inside of the stairwell in the complex, maybe like 4-5 inches tall.

Behind the complex, keep in mind there was still snow on the ground from last weekends snow storm, but there is a fresh cost on top of it, and those foot prints are from earlier this evening. As you can see it's really starting to stick.

In front of the apartment complex, by the parking lot. The sidewalk was completely clean earlier, and it didn't start sticking until probably closer to five PM. It's kind of far out, but you can see accumulation on the picnic table

I do realize that the image quality is kind of low. However, since it's still snowing if I had used the flash to make the image more "clear" there would have been a million different flakes in these pictures and you wouldn't be able to see anything!!

Hair suggestion

Hello hello hello! Sorry for all my male blog readers, this post (and my last) are kind of girly! Woops, stay tuned though, I'll get back to my normal blogs momentarily. Anyway, tonight I was doing my nails (see post below) and my hair was really bugging me because it was down and kind of poofy/wavy from having been in a braid earlier. I'd already pinned the front pieces up in the center, and so I pulled it up in a lose pony tail and flipped it inside out, and it created a really pretty look (or so says my room-mate C). I didn't take a picture of the front because my face is really icky looking at the moment, but the pieces in the front are still pretty lose so they frame my face nicely. Here's a picture of the back view though:

I kind of like the way it shows off the natural highlights in my hair. My hair falls just below my shoulders when it's down, so I'm not sure how this would look with hair much shorter than mine, but I think it looks prettier than just a normal pony. What do you think? I'm sure everyone has done this before, and I'm the last to do it, but let me know anyway :)

Nail Polish Review

Hello Hello Hello! Everyone knows that I love painting my nails lately, so I thought I'd do a post on a product I bought earlier. I went to Walgreens with Z. because I was bummed I wouldn't be able to get my nails done. I purchased "Adoring Amethyst" by Sally Hansen which is part of the Maximum Growth Plus collection. I believe I paid $4.99 for it. Anyway, I love the color it's a very rich wine color and not matte and plain like a lot of nail polishes can be. However, I have one big complaint. The brushes in this collection are so thin, that you have to make about five strokes to cover your nail, which makes it hard to get an even layer, and hard not to mess up your nails! (I had a lot of trouble doing them neatly, so the next few images will be kind of icky.)

For the second coat I went ahead and took an OPI brush from a color I never used, soaked it in nail polish remover to lift the color off of it, and used that in the nail color. It did go on a bit nicer for the second coat.

Anyway, the color is gorgeous, and these pictures do not do it justice! It's very, very, very similar to red wine. It's a deep red with violet undertones and a little shimmer, but nothing glittery. All that being said here are some images!

Okay, so this last picture, if you're wondering is for a color reference. (By the way, if you love the coaster, like I do, compliment my sister. She picked these out a few years ago for me, and I love, love, love them!!) Anyway, if you look you can see that there are red blocks on them, and if you notice my nails are more purple than that. It's definitely not a color I would classify as "red" or "purple". It truly is a wine!

Friday Mornin' Thoughts

#1- I got up at 5:30AM this morning, and got to the gym at 6:30 right when they opened and the girl working just went on and on about how dedicated I was to be at the gym so early on a Friday. Confidence booster? :) Yes!

#2- My knees, my knees, my KNEES. I cannot whine enough about how much they hurt! Ugh! I don't know what it is, everytime I run they like throb. It's getting old. I like running, so I wish they would stop hurting.

#3- I feel pretty lame that I like so much milk in my cereal since apparently I'm the only one! :P Oh well. Guess I'm weird, it's not a newsflash for me!

#4- I had a BIG cup of coffee this morning before my Management class and I saw Justin Beiber on the EarlyShow, I think that's enough to make my Friday.

#5- Speaking of the Early Show, I'm not sure if anyone else out there likes it as much as I do, but if you do like it and watch it Maggie is pregnant! How cute! She is so sweet, love her!

#6- I'm not sure how I feel about the Bones episode last night. It was kind of weird and a let down. I mean the idea behind it was interesting, but it was just a really bizare episode. At least in my opinion.

#7- I ordered something online and it came in a package, and through USPS and I'm afraid they left it at my door, and I won't be home til 2... are USPS the normal mail people???

#8- If we don't get a snow day on Monday, and I'm locked inside all weekend again, I might cry. I mean seriously. I miss fresh air. But as long as the snow benefits me, we'll be cool.

#9- I really love my burts bees chapstick. I originally got the normal one, that like "tingles" but last semester I got the pomegrante one on accident and its growing on me a lot.

#10- Today's Daily Puppy is super cute, her name is Tallie. She's not outstanding, so I won't post her pictures, but you should all go check her out on and give her some bones :)

Good Morning Darlings!

Hello everyone and Good Mornin!

That's right, I'm updating my blog at 5:45AM, whatevs. So I'm up and awake and looking at the snow forecast wboc is saying that we'll get 6-12 inches of snow. I just checked accuweather and they're saying that we are going to get like 10+ inches of snow, 1.36 inches of rain, .3 inches of ice, and gusts of wind close to 59 miles per hour. PHEW. I'm not sure, I want to buy it, I really do but I'm just not sure. If you look at the weather map, it shows this HUGE front that is going to come over us, but I really just have a bad feeling its going to be an all rain event, or go just north of us, as always happens.

Argh, I'm trying not to but I'm really getting my hopes up about this :( I know we're going to have to go to school on Monday and I am just going to be so heart broken when that happens.

Anyway, you might be wondering WHY ON EARTH I'm up so early. I gotta hit the gym this morning before I have class at 9, because I have a bad feeling they won't open this weekend, and if they do, I probably won't want to venture over there. Since I ran so far yesterday I think I'm going to do a 30 minute run this morning, and then just bike for 20... I know it's pretty lame, but I just don't think I have running far in me this morning !

Alright, well it's way too early for me to have real thoughts, so I suppose I'll go!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Five Thoughts for Thursday

#1- I'm not sure how I feel about this snow. I really want another snow day so that I can have an exam next Friday and now the day after my birthday, but I'm kind of over the ice. I almost slipped like 7 times this morning. Not cool, *city I live in*, NOT COOL.

#2- I was going to get my nails/eyebrows done this weekend because I always pamper myself with that stuff right before my birthday, but considering we're supposed to get the aforementioned 6-12 inches of snow, I don't think I'll be making the trek across town in my little clown mobile.

#3-Since I'm going to be snowed in all weekend anyway, I think I might do my 3rd Grade Through the Years video. GET EXCITED!

#4- Bones starts in 8 minutes. So. So. So. So. So. EXCITED.

#5- I've been putting splenda (and lemon if available) in my water a lot lately, does that defeat the purpose of drinking water? It's allowed me to drink more water than soda and stuff, so that's good... right?

How do you eat YOUR bowl of cereal?

This afternoon I'm getting lunch with my Dad, and since we normally get lunch at a bagel place, I decided to forgo my usual breakfast bagel for a portable little bowl of cereal. Like this one...
I looked at my cell phone and saw that it was 7:49 when I got it, and decided I'd just take it to my 8AM and try and finish it before class. I got through all the cereal and to the point where I guess some people would consider it done. But I wasn't done. So I drank the milk and got up to throw it away. And this girl looked at me like I was crazy for having drank the milk. Seriously? Why wouldn't I dirnk the milk. It's GOOD for you, and if I paid for a carton of milk, I'm going to at least drink it! But this girl looked at me like I was the weirdest person she'd ever seen. So, my question to you, would you have drank the milk? :) Let me know.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

Ughh! Wednesday you suck!

#1- I realized at about 2AM last night (when I couldn't sleep FYI) that because of the snow day we had Monday we'd now be having a test in a class the day after my 21st Birthday. I didn't have any "big" plans, but my parents want to take me out for dinner, and I had wanted to be able just to even have the night off but now I have a test and it makes me want to cry. I do not want to study on my birthday. I never spoil myself and just give myself full days off during the semester, and now my birthday is going to be ruined by this stupid test. And it's just so upsetting because I can't go back in time and re-do my 21st birthday. It happens and then it's done. And everyone knows 21 is the last big birthday. :(

#2- I overslept because we had a two hour delay and didnt get out of bed or go to the gym or anything. I finally got up at 9:30, but that's really late for me. :(

#3- Z. bought me a bag of M&M's earlier to try and cheer me up. He's such a pumpkin :)

#4- School is also ruining Valentine's Day and forcing me to celebrate that on the 13th. When do I get to actually celebrate things when they HAPPEN?! :(

#5- I don't like any of my classes I've decided. Not a single class I'm taking this semester is interesting.

#6- I panted over my "Lavender Marquis" Sally Henson nail polish with "Pink of Hearts II" by OPI because the SH was too "frosty" I like this a lot more.

#7- World News Tonight is on,... it's really not so interesting tonight.

#8- People keep raving about the "two feet" of snow we're going to get this weekend. I swear, we're going to get 2 inches if that. Breaks my heart.

#9- I tried these SmartOnes Pizza bites tonight for dinner and they're pretty good, I'll do a review on them soon.

#10- I'm over this semester and it's not even the end of the 2nd week. :( This is going to be the longest semester of my life.

Through the Years, Grade Two!!

Have I ever raved about these?

If I haven't as of yet, let me just take a minute to rave about them. They are NO CALORIE "sports drinks". They're not really 'flavored' water, and they taste just like regular powerade in my opinion. Walmart sells the strawberry, grape, and berry ( blue) for $.88 each, which is a steal because it's 32oz's of drink. If you go to giant you can also get an orange and lemon lime flavor but they charge $1.00, which isn't a ton more, but I didn't love the lemon lime so I don't think it's worth it. But anyway, if you've never tried these, I'd try them in place of soda sometime. They force you to get more 'uncarbonated' liquid in your system and they taste so good! Today I'm enjoying strawberry! :) Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sad update on Baby Gabriel

Early last month I posted an article about a baby in Texas who'd been "given away to strangers" after his mother told the babies father that she had killed him. He was last seen in December 26, 2009 and he has still not been found. As of today authorities have begun searching local landfills, as they believe the mother may have been telling her husband the truth.

For more information on this case visit this link.

Update on Jimmy Charles!

Just saw on the news that Jimmy Charles actually is on the auditions on tonight AI! WOOO WOOO!

New Additions?!

Tuesday Thoughts!

#1- I watched a guy fall on campus earlier and I felt really bad for him because he looked really flustered and embarrassed. I wish I'd taken the tumble, I care less what other people think about me. Plus, I was walking with Z. and he would have helped me up :o)

#2- Everyone is hyping this impending snow (tonight's and this weekends) as if it's going to be 12 feet. I hate to break it to everyone... but usually when they call for the big stuff it ends up missing us completely. I really doubt we're going to get another 12 inches, or even 6. As for tonight, I'll be surprised if we get more than a dusting. Yes I'm being cynical, but it does allow for pleasant surprises.

#3- My horoscope told me that this month I'll have a "new addition" to my life... since I already have a best friend, and a fiance, and I know my momma isn't going to give me another sibling, I've decided that this new addition is most definitely the puppy that Z.'s been saying he'll get me "someday". Woo! I hope he's as cute as Teddy.

#4- I cut my nails last night, and as always, I cut one too short. I always do that! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to STOP doing that??

#5- It really bothers me when people have like full albums dedicated to close up pictures of them. You know what I mean, the "myspace pictures" that we all so fondly took back in 2006?  Yeah thoseeee pictures. It just seems like such an "id" thing to do. Yes, id! I'm using psychology! Id is the part of the personality (I think???) that controls selfish actions. (Id= childlike Ego=normalish Superego=selfless actions). Anyway, the id is what most psychologist use to describe adolescent behavior, and I just feel like the act of talking a million pictures of oneself making "kissy" and "pouty" and "muscle" poses is just very id-like. Okay rant over!

Jimmy Charles

So this past summer I was on my way home from work and I heard this guy called "Jimmy Charles" sing a song called "Whatever it Takes". The local radio personality mentioned that he was originally from a town about 15 miles from mine (I believe he has since moved to Nashville), and that he would be trying out for American Idol for the current season. I don't really follow the show (because I really don't need ANOTHER obsession) but I was wondering if he made it very far.

Here's the only video of his I can find on Youtube (after a certain point they have to remove all their video's from YouTube on AI, so this might be a good sign!)

Also, you can check out his MySpace Page.
**Make sure you listen to his "Whatever it Takes" song, it's so SWEET** :o)

Wooo! Go Jimmy!

Groundhog's Day

In case you haven't heard, Punxsutawney Phil says 6 more weeks of winter! (Not that that's any surprise to anyone whose seen the foot of snow on the ground, and the forecast for 2 more 'winter weather' events in the next seven days!)

So here are some thoughts on that matter!
First of all, Groundhog's day is a completely under appreciated holiday. I mean how many countries have a holiday that revolves around this cute little guy being woken up from a nap? What a cute tradition! America can be so precious sometimes!

Second of all, Groundhog's day has been my official birthday countdown marker since I was 3 and realized it happened one full week before my birthday. LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN! Yay!

Third, I think I will celebrate by watching the Bill Murrey classic "Groundhog's Day" tonight while i work on some homework.

Ahh, please seriously, just tell me how adorable Phil is! So cute!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Thoughts

*gasp* I know, lo and behold, it's already almost 9:30 and I haven't posted a single blog yet today. Woops. My bad!  Anyway, here's what has been on my mind today!

#1- MY EYES ITCH! Yes, they itch so bad! I don't know what it is, but I've been rubbing them so much (save the lecture, I know it's not good) that the skin just outside the corner of my eye is bright red and stings. Wonderfulllll.

#2- I have a roomie for next year! woo woo!

#3- Z. says I absolutely have to finish school and therefore cannot drop out and start a puppy village. Drats.

#4- Today at the gym I did 7 miles on the bike and 6 on the elliptical. I think I might wake up tomorrow and find I don't have legs.


#6- It is officially February and tomorrow is Groundhogs day, ie ONE WEEK BEFORE EMILY'S BIRTHDAY (aka best day ever). Then Valentine's Day :o) Which is basically just an excellent excuse to wear pink... if you ask me. I love "The Holidays" :o)

#7- I probably have a million dollar fine on my lib. card because I keep forgetting to renew books. I will do that now! Or not.. apparently you can only get $1.95 overdue and then they just max you out... so I guess that's my fine. Woops. They were only due 12 days ago. I'll have to take care of that this weekend.

#8- I am jonsing for a diet coke. I think I have a minor addiction.

#9- I love my room at college minus the whole having a whale for a neighbor thing. It's so cozyyy <3

#10- I wish I could find a way to make a few extra bucks here and there. However, Perdue hasn't signed me up for a taste test in months AND I don't have any more DVD's to sell. Ideas? (Please don't suggest thigns as time consuming as Avon/MaryKay)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

You know what I miss?

Does anyone else remember being in middle school when they would start selling carnations about this time? It was so sweet, you'd get like a bajillion (okay, I think I actually at max got 3 but whatever) carnations and it only ever cost $1 per flower! Such a steal! They should have that in college...

Valentine's Day Screen Shots

Got my Computer in gear for the incoming "love" season :)

How Pretty!! My desktop background :) 

My "homepage". This normally comes up as my homepage, but I'd already been doing some stuff when I pulled it up :) Anddd I removed my full email address, and whited out some tabs so you didn't know where I went to school/lived!

Things that Make me Happy

Since I'm stressed, I thought I'd do a picture blog of things that make me happy. :)

Warm and fuzzy blankets

Bruschetta, yum. How good does this look?

Coffee, althouugh this cup looks a little to fancy for me.

The colors green and pink. However, I like a more of a kelly green than lime green, but I thought this was a pretty picture.

Yankee Candles. Mmm I've never tried this fragrance but I'm sure it's heavenly.

The Phanatic :o)

Puppies :)

Vera Bradley



Major Stress

Pun intended.

Has it ever happened to anyone else that they sit down and think about their major, or their career path in life, and realize that they don't even like it? I've been having that problem a lot lately. And when I'm honest with myself, I have to wonder if anyone in the accounting field ever liked being in school for it. Of the business majors, we're the most demanding. This isn't an opinion, it's a fact. While every other business major requires 15-18 credits worth of upper level, major specific, courses the accounting degree requires 33. Yes, I know, that's almost twice as many.

It's not even that it's just a demanding amount of courses that we have to take, it's the faculty and staff. The upper-level faculty and staff take themselves so seriously, and maybe they've earned it, but when every member of the accounting staff sits there and tells your horror stories about how hard this is, and how hard that is, and about how you'll have your ass handed to you if you make even the smallest mistake, it's intimidating. Not that they shouldn't be honest with you, but if you're going to be honest, be honest about everything. Clearly there must be osmething pleasent about the profession or you wouldn't have entered it to begin with.

It's just so stressful. As I've mentioned a bajillion times before, the Intermediate II class (which, by the way, is harder than advanced, GO FIGURE) I'm in this semester is really demanding. And I feel like it's not a class I can work hard and get ahead in, sot hat I can sit back and have a full day off from thinking about accounting. I just feel like I have to constantly be reading this, or typing up journal entires for that, and while I am a hard worker, I also really need time to just think about other things. And I feel like that is completely natural. However, I'm not sure if it's the way my group works on things but I feel like I'm forced to be ontop of everything and everyone. I don't like it.

Then on top of it being demanding it's not really particularly interesting. I loved my Cost Accounting class last semester because it felt like accounting that was useful to everyone. Everyone needs to know when something is unprofitable, and if getting rid of it is going to harm them more than they would expect. It's in my opinion "The Business Owner's Accounting" but the Financial and Tax accounting, it's taking care of details. It's making sure that the right amount of "money" is put in one place or another. And it gets complicated.... And sometimes you just feel like you know nothing because there are things that you just can't think to ask yourself about a situation. So then you've done everything wrong.

It's just stressful. I really question whether I'm doing the right thing majoring in this. I love working with money and finding out the best way to create something out of nothing (interest), and business ownership. And I really do think that it's one of the best fields to go into if you ever want to own a business, because it forces you to know everything about how businesses work. But at the end of the day, I really don't feel like I like the classes. I mean, you can't really make accounting fun, you can't make it interesting.

I really don't know anymore. I am incredibly envious of people who get to take electives, and classes simply because they're interested in them.