Friday, January 7, 2011

Project Slim Down

Cliche timing as ever, my project slim down started a few days after new years day. I said in my resolutions blog that I wanted to lose some weight because again, I have NO idea what happened this fall, but I just kind of let my general well being go. I was sick all the time, I gained 10lbs, and just in general... was not healthy. So its a new dawn, a new day, it's a new life for me..... just kidding (but do you get the reference?) but tomorrow's always a new day to fresh start if you're unhappy. =I decided it was time to get back on track. I wasn't feeling very confident about myself  and in general I'm just not feeling good in my skin lately. So I have teamed up with my twitter-friend Jill and we're on a mission to lose some pounds and get in shape again!

Short-term (5-6 weeks depending on when you count my "start" date)

- I want to lose 5-6lbs by Valentine's Day. I honestly think its pretty doable if I do enough cardio (meaning that I run 4-5 days a week). I mean many people will try to do that in 4 weeks, and I got an extra two weeks on that.
- Drink more water.
- Keep sweets down to ONE small-moderate portion per day (one handful of M&Ms)

Long-term (May 19th, or 18 weeks from yesterday)

-Lose 12lbs
-Drink more water
-Work on toning up arm muscles

- For the next few weeks until the semester starts I am going to try and run three days during the week, and at least one weekend day.
- When the semester starts I want to run about three days of the "work week" (I know every day probably won't happen so by planning on not getting to the gym every day, I won't be disappointed). And one on the weekend. Okay... so I guess semester and non-semester cardio plans are the same... woops!
- On my days "off" from running I am going to spend approximately 30 minutes using my little dumbbells to work on getting some arm weight, doing a moderate amount of sit ups (nothing crazy, I don't care about having abs), stretching, and yoga type exercise. I am also considering getting some 'exercise dvds' just to mix it up!
- I also want to "plan" on taking one day a week off. My body needs a day to relax, and I need to have a day where I won't feel guilty for wanting to sleep in, or I don't feel like going to the gym!

Ideas to make it fun & interesting
- I've gone ahead and bought theeee cutest food journal in the world (see below). I plan on writing down everything I eat each day, and monitoring my water intake each day.... I also just want to jot down what I do as far as physical activity. As bad as it sounds... I think buying a cute journal to do it in will make me way more likely to do it. I mean- seriously who wouldn't want to whip this cute journal out every day?

2-  My dad bought my mom, sister, and I the most adorable Tervis Tumblers for Christmas (see below) and I think that having a cute cup to carry around will encourage me to drink more water. Plus, this has a straw and I drink a lot more when I drink from a straw. This might sound strange but I swear I get less "full" when I drink from a straw (like I can drink more water- because I dont feel as filled up to capacity). Anyway... I think if this works I'll treat myself to a second tumbler along this journey... because using this same one every day might wear it out! But ONLY if I'm good and do what I say, other wise I'm just buying junk I don't need! (I mean its still really cute- but my theory is that I'm using it for water, so if it's not being used for that purpose, I don't need another one)

3- Setting a mid-way goal "treat". My friend Jill (who as I mentioned earlier, I'm doing this with via emailing, thank god for smart phones) suggested that if she had a "treat" at the end she'd feel more motivated. I completely agree, especially if you specifically say that no, if I don't do this I can have that. For example, my treat is that if I lose 5-6lbs by Valentine's day I am allowed to buy myself a cute dress or a new top/sweater for whatever "date" Zach and I plan on going on. If I don't meet it? Tough luck. It's good motivation to get there, because my goal is attainable and reasonable. (Hers, if your curious, is some of the pretty new makeup in MACs new collection or something for Valentine's day too ;)) 
4- Speaking of Jill- my last suggestion, find someone to hold you accountable... and honestly I don't think it should be your husband/boyfriend/fiance (or wife/girlfriend/fiancee). This is kind of for a few reasons. One being that these people sincerely worry about you (and sometimes a little bit too much) and they think that oh you're having a bad day, you should take the day off (which is fine every once in a while, but I think Zach would suggest if I was stressed every day that I take EVERY DAY off :P). Also, I think you might find it 'nagging' if they were constantly asking you if you worked out that day (I'm really guilty of this...). Plus all around I just think it's more fun with a girlfriend (or your buddy) it's a good excuse to chit chat during the day... and I mean you're friends so if you slip up and eat a whole bag of M&Ms (and I don't mean the cute kind you can get at the grocery store... I mean like 1lb bags... lol) they won't judge you and be like oh you're AWFUL, but they'll help you find solutions. 

Alright, this is kind of long but it's something I really wanted to talk about. I just am really excited about this. I have no idea what my big "treat" will be when I lose all 12lbs because it can't be anything that requires too much commitment in advance (for example, a trip on a certain date). Anyway- if you read all this you are absolutely awesome and I really do applaud you!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolutions

So- I've kind of been off the wagon for making new years resolutions for I think two or three years- I think I did them my sophomore year of college but that was the last time. So I guess that actually works out to only actually missing one years worth, not too bad. To be honest I love making resolutions about change because I like to thing of having a 'fresh' clean start, but there's not a whole lot I feel the need to "change" this year... so I think this is going to be more of a mix of things I want to do in 2011 mixed in with some resolutions.

#1- Get back to the gym, and vary my workout routine. For almost the entire month of December I got out of the habit of hitting the gym. Part of it was that December was a really stressful month for me between work, school, finals, and getting a pretty horrendous "won't go away cold." The other part was that I think I just needed some time "off". I asked for freehand weights for Christmas and my sister got them for me, and I have a yoga mat, so while I want to get back into running too, I also want to work on toning up some muscles. But most definitely incorporated into this category is to lose the 6-7lbs I've gained over the fall. (Yes, the little cliche bells are going off.)

#2- Read more for fun. I think I underestimate sometimes how much reading keeps me relaxed this past fall/summer I hardly read for fun but with the purchase of my kindle I am going to attempt to take 30minutes a day to read just for fun. I should have a little more time this spring since I'll only have one accounting class (technically two I guess...)

#3- Relax more. I don't know WHAT happened this fall but I felt almost constantly stressed and burnt out (hence why I think I got four colds and needed a month break from the gym after finals). I really don't want to do that to myself again. I only get to be this young once- I want to enjoy it.

#4- FINALLY make some wedding plans! We have a date set, but since it's not until the end of 2012 I've never bothered to start looking into making actual plans. This obviously won't be until the later part of 2011 but it's time to start!

#5- Start saving for a town-home with Zach.

#6- Take a CPA review course, and at least one part of the CPA.

#7- Take at least a "mini" vacation (3-5 days) with Zach. Not sure where, or with what money, but I haven't been on an honest to God vacation since I was probably in 8th grade.

#8- Run more 5k's.

#9- Learn to cook more things, and try to expand my pallet.

#10- Sleep more! I've gotten into an awful habit of getting about 4-6.5 hours of sleep a night for five or six days in a row and that is NOT good for you!