Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slackin' slackin'

I feel like I've been slackin' slackin' slackin' lately. I have about half an hour before my next class, so I thought that I would do a picture blog of some of my biggest vices. ;) I bet it's going to take you a long time to guess #1 :P

#1 - Coffee
Iced, hot, with sugar or with splenda. I don't care. I just love it, the only way I won't take it is black. 
#2 Twitter

I am not even kidding you when I tell you that I don't know what has gotten into me lately. I am a tweetin' maniac. I just tweet about everything. How far I've run at the gym, what color my shoes are, a pile of snow on the ground. Anyway. It's just so fun. It gives me something to do when there's an elephant int he room to whom I do not want to confront. Additionally, if you tweet. FOLLOW ME. But I suggest not getting my tweets to your mobile device... you'll be over your monthly text limit in about an hour

#3- Makeup
By no means am I great at makeup but I've gotten pretty into it lately. I think it's fun... and pretty, and girly, and um.. sparkly and pretty and pink? What girl doesn't love that... aha :) If you have any brand suggetsions, coupons, samples or products you don't ever use .. just send 'em on along my way. 

#4- My iTouch
I love my new iTouch. :) I find new things it does every day, and it's so fun to listen to and play games on. I just love it. Plus how awesome is this... I have an alarm set to go off every day that prompts me to get up and go to the gym because no one likes a lazy girl. :) My iTouch is my own personal drill sargent... good thing I'm not in the Army, cause I don't listen to it very well

#4- School/Office Supplies

This one isn't anything new. I love school supplies. If you saw my blog a few months ago you saw that I had just organized my new desk organizer. It's still goin' strong... there's just something about a new pack of pens.....

What are your vices??? :) Make a blog!

Wednesday Thoughts

#1- I rediscovered my clinique foundation last night and I really like it. I realized it's in color shade two, and that if I went to color shade one (which I'm not sure why the girl didn't give me the lightest a few years back when I bought it- because I'm really pale) it'd match really well. So I might purchase that sometime. However.. it's $23 dollars... so maybe I'll wait until my momma wants to buy me a present or something. :) (I am such a bad daughter)
This is the Clinique I am referring to by the way, "Perfectly Real Makeup- Shade One" 

There's a link to the website. However- if you've never bought it before I'd go into your Clinique counter so you can make sure you get the right shade. But I do love, love, love this stuff. It's moderate coverage (not too light, not too heavy). 
#2- I just tried to sign up for a taste test- I'm not eligible for  any at the moment... bummer.

#3- We're supposed to get another 2-4 inches (that's what they're saying at the moment) of snow tonight. Not sure how I feel about it. It's supposed to go into tomorrow morning, so I mean... I guess I might miss one of my classes... but probably not both. And it'll just be so wet here again. Gross. Gross. Gross.

#4- My stomach is feeling better than it was last night but it keeps ggurgling :(.

#5- I think I might consider just doing the 5k instead of the 10 miler in the race I signed up for. . . I really want to do the 10 mile.. and I can run 6 or 7 miles.. but I'm just worried that on race day I won't be able to pull out all the stops and do the full 10 :(. It makes me kind of sad, but what can you do??

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You know what ...

You know what would make my tummy feel about 1,000 times better??
Goldfish and tomato soup. Mmm. Just like mommy used to make it :)

(PS- Obviously I don't own that picture)

Tuesday Thoughts

#1- I went into work this morning and there was only like 2 hours worth of work to do so Zach and I got lunch then came back here to do work. It was pretty awesome.

#2- I ran 6.3 miles today at the gym. And then I came home and decided I'm pretty sure I had some kind of food poisoning or virus... 5 hours later.. I still feel crappy. I'm running a mild fever (99.6- but I run cool anyway at normally around 97.8). It's just really strange... I never get fevers.

#3- Going to my accounting information systems class makes me grumpy I think.

#4- Today I finally got rid of one of my old pillows and put the temprapedic one officially in it's palce on my bed... I looked at the tags on the other one to figure out how old it was and discovered that not only was it from "Hecht Company" (which we haven't had in town for nearly 10 years) buttt on top of that the price tag was $10. OLD. Very old pillow. You would never pay $10's for anything in hechts

#5- If you ever have any questions for me you can ask them anonymously at

#6- Hannah texted me today and it pretty much made my day. I love feeling like I have friends :P

#7- Today's puppy of the day is absolutely precious. I mean, not so much that I feel I need to spotlight the little angel... but I mean, I am letting you know how precious s/he (totally don't remember) is... so maybe you should go check them out. (There's a link right over there ---->)

#8- I would probably sell my soul to be on House Hunters on HGTV. I seriously love that show.

#9- Today I realized how bad my coffee addiction was. I was seeing starbucks logos in the recycling signs on trashcans...

#10- I really love soft pretzels. No- seriously. I really do. I get them atleast 3 times at week at school. Sometimes I get them with soup and dip them in it like bread. Others I get them alone and put mustard on it.. and others still I get the cheese filled ones. Seriously. I love soft pretzels...

*** Seriously, I talk about food all the time. I am not understanding how I don't weight 1000 lbs ***

Om nom nom nom

Please view this delicious pretzel treat (only if view on today, Tuesday February 23).

Om nom nom nom.

Can we please discuss how magestic that looks?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Thoughts

#1- Oh thank GAH. I survived Monday. Yes, that is my thought. I feel like Monday's are the hardest day of the week... and they kind of are because they are the longest 'school day' for me. But seriously. So excited that it's almost over.

#2- One Tree Hill is on in just under an hour... so I am pretty excited. :)

#3- I've had about 3 nonperils in the last 10 minutes. My body may go into chocolate overload.

#4- I took the morning off from the gym and running today. I feel really bad about it. . . But I need the break. I am really worried that I won't be in shape for the 10 miler in a few weeks though :(

#5- I need to still finish my operations management outline A.S.A.P we have a reading quiz tomorrow.. I'll do that when I finish rambling.

#6- My intermediate I accounting professor made my SEMESTER today. Last semester we used this program known as cengage  to do our homework and it was really helpful because it let you know when you were doing stuff wrong, and you could go back and keep trying til you got it write. And my intermediate II professor didn't use it, so we don't have the option to for his class. AND TODAY she asked him if it was okay if she approved those chapters for us to work on the homework and he said yes. I feel like my life has literally been saved.

#7- Very, very, very few people are going to understand this. But I really wish I knew where Jerry Loos got his CPA. Seriously.

#8- I want to go to the beach really bad. I wish it would stop being cold and miserable and pretend to be spring. :(

#9- I only had one small cup of coffee today, but then I had a diet pepsi, and now I'm drinking a diet coke... so I guess I'm still jacked up on caffeine. Woops.

#10- I don't know if I've ever explained this problem before. But I feel like I NEED to get up at like six in the morning every day, but I really love late night TV. So... I never get sleep. It's a problem.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Revlon 12 Hour Color Stay Review

Hello lovellllies :) So I have just a quick product review for ya'all. For Valentine's Day my momma bought both my sister and I some nonperils and gave us each a few dollars (who says you have to ever really grow up?). Anyway, I thought I'd get some new eye makeup because all my makeup falls in the pinks/browns/oatmeal color range. So I wanted to go with something a little different and I picked Revlon's 12 Hour Color Stay in "14 Nude Elements"
 My friend Callison ( - go go go she's very close to 1,000 now) actually suggested that swatching on paper might be a good idea... that way skin tone doesn't affect how you perceive a color. Anyway, I did them backwards from the package. The bottom is the top color in the package, and the top swatch is the bottom color (woops). As you can see you can't really see the 'high-light' on the paper but I can tell you it is a very pretty white. Anyway, I tried this pallette earlier today and I liked it because it was very 'satiny' if you know what I mean. Also, I liked that it has a little shimmer in it without being glittery. I also really liked that they worked the steel-ish color into the palette.

Overall I give it 4 stars. :) There's no reason it doesn't get five stars, it just doesn't go that 'above and beyond' that I would except from a five star product. If you're interested I got mine at Target for $5.04. They have a ton of other different shades (they have a 'new' one for spring called wild-flower and it's pretty). Definitely go check it out if you're looking for something inexpensive and new. :)

Sunday Thoughts

Sunday Thoughts.
#1- Where did the weekend go?! It’s already 7:40! My goodness!
#2- I went running outside again today (I did yesterday too).. and I’m starting to wonder if I’m in shape enough to do the 10 miler. I’m not running to race, I’m running to finish and for the sense of accomplishment. But, I don’t want to make a fool of myself, or walk. We did 5 miles and at that point I was having trouble breathing. Hopefully running outside more will get my lungs workin properly.
#3- I want coffee so bad. And donuts. I am such a fat girl at heart.
#4- I want nothing more than to throw on some sweatpants and go to sleep. But I want to do some blogging, and I want to get some other homework done. So I guess that’ll have to wait.
#5- Tonight I had Captin Crunch with Crunchberries for dinner. I know most college kids enjoy another type of Captin, but I think this is my favorite
#6- My parents usually help me out with groceries during the semester so that I don’t need to stress about them so much.. and probably to make sure I actually eat. And earlier my dad said that that he wouldn’t take half my tax return if I just paid for my own groceries for the next two months (I owe him money for fronting the repair on my car’s steering). And I was like you know are you sure, that’s really not as much as the bill was blah blah blah. And they were like yeah it’s fine. Then my mom goes, “BUT YOU BETTER EAT! DON’T STARVE YOURSELF!” Really, I have been getting this a lot lately. People think I don’t eat. It BAFFLES me. I love food, how are people getting the wrong impression!?
#7- I am thinking that tomorrow I’ll get up at 5:30 do some power yoga, go to the gym, run 4 miles, then come home and get ready for class at 9. Then after class at 9 I’ll go to the lib, work on my business law test outlines (test Friday) and some stuff for Intermediate II. God help me…
#8- Someone from Texas viewed my blog today. I think that it ahhh-mazing!  Especially if they liked it and will come back again!!
#9- I made spaghetti (well actually not spaghetti noodles, so I guess pasta) last night for Z. and I! I mixed some browned beef in with Regeu garlic and sauted onion sauce and it was so delicious. (: (: (: Plus it was nice to talk to and joke around with him since we’ve barely seen each other all week!
#10- I started this blog an hour ago and had some hope of getting homework done tonight but I just don’t see that happening. I am soooo sleepy. So I’m just gonna call the homework idea off I think.. nothing too pressing.