Thursday, May 27, 2010

Updates :)

Okay first of all. I have to admit a little something. I am currently listening to Celine Dion's Christmas music. I know it's like 90 degrees out and humid and bright and sunshiney and no chance of snow in the forecast (Rats... I know how much everyone misses having two feet of snow on the ground) but it is kind of nice and relaxing!

Update #1- I am finally finished the semester!!! I am quite honestly not sure how I made it out alive. It was the most demanding, and stressful semester of my life. Well actually, it was stressful but different kind of stressful than the fall. The fall would have cycles of high, high, high stress followed by periods of relaxation. This spring though (after the snow days) kind of was constantly high stress with periods of spikes in the high stress (with a spike lasting three weeks towards the end of the semester...) **Quick sidenote: Josh Grobon & Celine Dion's duet on the First Noel just came on Pandora, I am in love. Favorite Christmas song ever** Anyway. Somehow... I survived (I get by with a little help from my friends) and finished the semester with a 4.0!!! Yay! :)

Update #2- Kind of related to school, but not really. On the last day of classes my accounting professor held me and 4 other people after class to let us know that we'd been selected to be on the school's "Goodman Accounting Challenge Team" in the Fall (If we wanted to). So- that's pretty exciting. There's a preliminary challenge that's on a Saturday in the fall in Salisbury, which we do and submit online. Then, if we "pass" or something. We go to the "championship" in Richmond, Va. Which I realize sounds kind of nerdy... but it's still exciting. Although.. I think it might be something that only other accounting people find interesting. I dunno- I'm still excited Salisbury has a really good repetition at these competitions (won it for the last handful of years), plus even if we don't win being selected to be on it to begin with is kind of a nice thing.

Update #3- I am going to be a bridesmaid!!!! My childhood best friend Pam came through town this past weekend to ask me! I am so excited the wedding is next May, and we've been friends forever and pretty much started planning our weddings when we were nine. I am sooooo excited :) :) :)!!! So I am going to have to go up to visit her this summer (well ... technically "west") to get the dress! But I am so stoked! From girlscouts to weddings... how cliche and adorable! But seriously, it's going to be beautiful and I can't wait.

Update #4- I now don't start my internship until the 7th of June. Which kind of stinks because I haven't worked in a few weeks so it kind of stresses me out to be so low on cash but I feel like I'd really only use the money to buy myself presents (what.. no one else does... and SOMEONE has to :P) so it's not too big of a deal. Plus it's really nice to have some time off to just read, not think about accounting, and enjoy sleeping in late and such.

Update #5- I weighed myself the other day and since this time last year I've lost 22lbs!!! There's not much else to share n this update I just think it's exciting haha. I don't think I look that different but it's kind of nice to still think that even if my size hasn't changed much I've probably still lost a lot of unhealthy 'fat' and stuff. :)

How Cute is Google Today?!?!?!? :)

So precious!! I feel like I am in Kindergarden all over again! :) Look at the little Lady Bug "O" and the Palm-tree "L"! So adorable.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things I'm Lovin' Lately.

Hey everyone!!! The semester is finally over! As such I thought a much needed "Things I'm Lovin' Post" was due! :) I'll have lots more up for the next few months (until inevitably school reclaims my soul). Also! I'll do an update blog later this week but for now I wanted to do something fun, summery, and happy.

#1- Light pink lip gloss.

I got the Covergirl Wetslicks the other day in "Shimmershell (350)" and I am basically in love. Not sticky AT ALL, and it goes on pretty much true to color. It is a bit more "sheer" but I'm fine with that because my lips are dark enough that when it's on.. it looks like it should. If that makes sense?

Also- the second pretty pink is from the MAC "To The Beach Collection" and is called "Easy Lounger." Basically.... I am in love. But $14 for a lipgloss? I dunno if I can do it... maybe once I make the big girl accounting moolah. But seriously. How adorable is the packaging, and the color is precious right????

#2 Colorful Flip-Flops

I have been pretty much a rainbow snob for the last 2 years. Wearing, quite literally, only my rainbows all summer except for when I wanted to wear my black leather sandals (maybeeee once a week, twice max). OR when it was raining sometimes I'd go for another pair. This summer though (induced by a lack of currency due to constantly NEEDING to be in the lib.) I opted to try out some of the old navy flipflops since I was trying to preserve my rainbows. All in all. They're precious. I wouldn't wear them if I wanted to wear flops and do a lot of walking but for just throwing on to run to class, or for just hanging out with friends, totally acceptable. And so cheap!

#3 These Two Songs

J*Beib and S*King Eenie Meenie

This song's too long for me to list all those involved (yes... it's only three people I'm just lazy).

I know you're not judging me for my taste in music. I know you're totally not. Right?

#4 Simple Pendants

We won't talk about the very traumatic, tear jerking, pendant fiasco of 11AM this morning, but just know it was awful. Anyway- I really like simple white gold (or yellow) pendant necklaces. They're so wearable. :)

#5- Adorable Running Shorts
I don't own these (yet...) but they're adorable and can be found at Dick's Sporting Goods. I've been looking for some new running shorts since mine are all aboutttt 3 years old. And I loveee these. I mean how cute are they?! They even have pink :)