Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

#1- It was gorgeous today! 70 degrees, sunny, and a slight breeze. Awesome, awesome weather.

#2- Now that it's warming up I can revert back to my old Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee obsession <3. :)

#3- I'm nervous about shadowing at the CPA (Certified Public Accounting) firm tomorrow. What if they think I'm dumb? What if they ask me questions and I stare blankly? What if I can't do something they ask me to do? What if they don't like me and don't want me to intern all summer anymore? What if when we go to the fountains they disapprove of my choice of drinks?? These are seriously thoughts in my head.

#4- I am going to miss my yummy well water, that comes right from the tap, when I go back to my apartment on Saturday or Sunday. Gross city water stinks. :(

#5- I really want to be at the beach. I feel like I keep saying that but I still haven't been but I really love the beach when it's not super hot, and there aren't tourists yet.

#6- I really need a new pair of running shoes. I've had the pair I use since July- and you're technically supposed to replace them every six months. It's almost been 9. Woops.

#7- I promised myself I'd get another massage over spring break but I didn't do it. I'm kinda bummed but eh- they're really expensive anyway.

#8- I need this semester to be over. Something just didn't click this semester and I just can't get my head in the game. (Anyone else instantly think of High School Musical when I said "head in the game".. anyone? anyone?).

#9- I have so much school craziness going on next week, and then the following Saturday (the 27th or something?) I have to go about 4 hours south and help my sister move. I'm never going to sleep again.

#10- I ran out of stuff to say at like #6- but I didn't want to delete six, and I can't deal with non "round" numbers, so I just made stuff up. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy

Really pretty flowers. Right now, I really love the simplicity of these tulips. I love their colors too. <3 They just seem so pretty and happy for spring.
Lemon squares are a highly under rated snack food... they are so delicious. I always think of them in spring and summer months. They're so light and yummy. I think I want to learn to make them.
I'm not even that good at it, but I really love going mini-golfing. I guess I just associate it with a lot of fun experiences... either way I love it. Especially all the cute and mildly ghetto places down at the beach. <3
The Phanatic <3 As if this guy needs any introduction. How could anyone not love this guy??? Obvi. you'd be heartless! (Or a Mets fan... but eh.. heartless- Mets fan... one in the same ;) )

Pretty sunsets :) I really like this one. My favorite sunsets are the deep orangey and red ones. <3 Red skies at night-- sailors delight!
 I feel like something that relatively few people know- and that more should know- is that I loved piggies. They were my favorite animals when I was little and I seriously have at least four pig stuffed animals in my sight (which if you refer to my past post- is pretty bad!) at the moment. Granted I'm at home.. but I do love the little guys. Look at that precious face!!! (I think it's convenient that Bones likes piggies too.. because you know.. Bones and Booth are totally going to end up together <3)

Starbucks coffee <3 (Or Dunkin Donuts, or Seattle's Best, or really any other brands coffee- I'm not really picky)

Special Agent Seeley Booth. I know you're probs wondering- whose THIS chic with him! Don't worry her names Emily- she's just standing in for me for a little bit. :)
Running. Unless you like running- it's hard to understand why anyone else in the world would desire to run for miles at a time. But I do. :)

I know this is really weird- but I love dog wood trees. We have white ones in our yard and they always remind me of spring time. And isn't this picture gorgeous? Don't you just want to pull out a blanket and take a nap? :)

Tuesday Thoughts

Ahh this is better- it's only been a few days since I updated... :)

So here are a few thoughts.

#1- I went to the eye Dr. today. It was alllllright. I discovered (I already knew this- but I now have exact numbers) that my vision is TERRIBLE (20/200) without glasses and that with the glasses they're making for me (which- oh my lord, work for the first time ever) it will be correctable up to 20/70. Yeah- it's still really bad. But- it means I can keep my license (I was worried I wouldn't be able to). However- it's day time only. ( :/ ) which kind of stinks... but if I'm honest with myself... that's completely fine because I don't drive at night anyway. Plus- it's an excuse not to HAVE to. I just don't like to think that the rest of my life, there is something I won't ever be allowed to do. (Well as of now- I guess I could spontaneously wake up one day and have perfect vision. Hah!)

#2- I have 24 followers!!!!! :) :) :) :)

#3- Tomorrow I am going to get my haircut at noon- and go renew my license around 10:30. I think when I get my hair cut I'm just going to have a little length taken off and have some layers put it. It's not exciting- and no one will probably be able to tell- but I don't think I'm ready to say goodbye to my hair just yet.

#4- I'm making cupcakes for my momma tomorrow while she's at work. Carrot cake with 'green' cream cheese frosting. :)

#5- Pete-e boy (my adorable golden retriever nephew) is growing on me. But please don't tell him that...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sorry sorry sorry sorry!!

I know I know I know! It has been another week since I blogged! In my defense the last week of classes was less than awesome. And even though I'm on spring break- I still feel like I have a million things to do. But let me bring you up to speed on my life!

#1- Referring to the last post. Turns out there were 4 girls in my age class so since I finished 3rd it means I beat one of them!! :) I got a little mug award thing but I don't really know what to do with it.

#2- I'm home for a few days and so glad to be here. Why? It's clean! Why else? The food is real. Why else? I love my mommy and daddy? Why else? I can go running outside and not worry about getting mugged. Why else? My nephew Peter (the golden retreiver) and Murphy give me so much lovin'. Why else? Um.. because we have a seemingly endless supply of diet coke in the fridge- lets be real- we all know I have a problem.

#3- I went shopping today!! (kind of...) but I'll save that stuff for another post.

#4- I have a new/growing interest in makeup. I'm not very good at it (yet... I tend to work hard at stuff (I did raise a 2.7 gpa to 3 consecutive 4.0's (but I won't be trying for that this semester))) . But it's really interesting. I've decided that I am definitely a "Revlon" girl. I'd love to buy the fancy smancsy MAC & Clinique but for the moment I am relatively poor. So I'll just enjoy my Revlon.

#5-  I am proud of myself. I've been making myself work on homework like 2 hours every day all of break. I hope I can keep it up. That big test next Monday ALREADY has me nervous.

#6- I am considering going to Starbucks (I have a giftcard from Z's momma & poppa!) one day this week and getting Coffee and working on homework. Can't decide if it's too 'cliche'.

#7- I have to go to the eye dr's and renew my drivers license this week. Two Least Favorite Things Ever.

#8- I also might get my hair cut... but I don't know what to do. It's too long. I always just start to ignore it when it gets long because it gets so freakin' gross looking. What to do, what to do. Helppp.

#9- I might get my nails done... I have a gift certificate still... I cant decide. maybe I will. I'll feel pretty for a week...

#10- I can't wait to go running tomorrow- I hope it's nice :)