Saturday, February 6, 2010

Which do you like better?

Both of these coffee makers are from Bed Bath & Beyond. (My favorite store, ever!) Anyway I'm trying to decide which I like better. Keep in mind, I always have a 20% off coupon AND they're only $30.00 so they're practically a steal. Let me know what you think

Cuisinart 4 Cup Coffee Maker
It's tiny, and it only brews four cups, so I'm very unlikely to 'waste' much at all. I normally drink at least a medium sized drink (12oz) and this makes four (5oz) cups. Some days I do like a venti (20oz) size cup of coffee though, so this would be PERFECT. Also, since I move a lot, the smaller size makes it easier for storage. Finally, it has a 3 year limited warranty!!
It only ever DOES make 4 cups. If I wanted to share a pot with someone I might feel like I was getting jipped.

Also, this is available in pink. I kind of like the pink but I'd be afraid it'd get dirty, and I wouldn't like it as much.  Find out more about it Here!

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Pros: Bigger pot, allows me to make more than four cups of coffee at a time. Also in general, it looks a bit nicer than the Cuisinart one.
Cons: 1 year warranty. Bigger, takes up more space. It has a glass pot which makes it more likely to break in moving than the one in the cuisinart.

Also, unfortunately, Mr. Coffee is not available in pink! Anyway, if you want more information go here!

What do you think??

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