Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog's Day

In case you haven't heard, Punxsutawney Phil says 6 more weeks of winter! (Not that that's any surprise to anyone whose seen the foot of snow on the ground, and the forecast for 2 more 'winter weather' events in the next seven days!)

So here are some thoughts on that matter!
First of all, Groundhog's day is a completely under appreciated holiday. I mean how many countries have a holiday that revolves around this cute little guy being woken up from a nap? What a cute tradition! America can be so precious sometimes!

Second of all, Groundhog's day has been my official birthday countdown marker since I was 3 and realized it happened one full week before my birthday. LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN! Yay!

Third, I think I will celebrate by watching the Bill Murrey classic "Groundhog's Day" tonight while i work on some homework.

Ahh, please seriously, just tell me how adorable Phil is! So cute!

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