Friday, February 5, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

:) Some snow fall pictures from the progress of this "record breaking" snow fall!

Kind of blurry, but this was my apartment complex a little bit before 7pm. It started snowing here around 1, but didn't start sticking til 4:30 or so. We probably had like 2 inches or so at this point

A little snow drift forming inside of the stairwell in the complex, maybe like 4-5 inches tall.

Behind the complex, keep in mind there was still snow on the ground from last weekends snow storm, but there is a fresh cost on top of it, and those foot prints are from earlier this evening. As you can see it's really starting to stick.

In front of the apartment complex, by the parking lot. The sidewalk was completely clean earlier, and it didn't start sticking until probably closer to five PM. It's kind of far out, but you can see accumulation on the picnic table

I do realize that the image quality is kind of low. However, since it's still snowing if I had used the flash to make the image more "clear" there would have been a million different flakes in these pictures and you wouldn't be able to see anything!!

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Bex said...

I might post some pics, too