Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Olympics

In case you've been living under a rock, or in a tee-pee, and been without access to TV's, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet, Cell-Phones, and communication to anyone other than your cat, you probably know that the 2010 Winter Olympics began last night. They're being hosted in Vancouver, Canada and you can find the programing on your local NBC station.

As it is, I'm not a huge Olympics fan. I think they're kind of fun, but I'm not into sports and most of it can be kind of bizarre so I don't watch a ton of the coverage. Especially not for the winter games, because the only thing I find that interesting is the figure skating. However, even this year, that's not as interesting because I wanted Ashley Wagner (18 years old from Wilmington, DE for those who know where I live, we totally almost could be besties that's how close we are!) to get on the team, and she lost out to Rachael Flatt and Mirae Nagasu, neither of whom I was super impressed with when I saw the Championships.

Here's a video of the her 2010 Championships LP performance. How beautiful is she??! And talented!!

Anyway, if I can figure out the programing, I''ll tune in and watch the skating programs anyway. You'll be there in 2014 Ashley! Keep working hard!

Also if you're interested she has a channel on youtube where she vlogs occasionally, so you should check that out sometime too: 

How We Met :)

It was back in April of 2008, and I was out canoeing with my two friends Mike and Andrew. Well I guess I should adjust that statement- I was in the middle seat, so I watched, as Mike and Andrew did all the hard work. Anyway, at the time Mike was in the mundane, required, gym class at school with Zach. Mike kept bringing up stories about "Gym Lady" (No lie- that's seriously what Mike called their teacher), "Bendy-bendy girl" (Again, no lie.) and Zach (Should I be offended that he doesn't get a cool nick-name???). As it were, I kept hearing about Zach. And I thought to myself- I want to find out who this "kid" is, he sounds interesting.

That night when I got home from canoeing I looked for him on facebook. (Oh, puh-lease, like you don't do it). Luckily, this was way back in the day before facebook cared about privacy and allowed proper stalking. So I did. Looking through his stuff, I realized he seemed kind of familiar... I said, "I feel like I know this kid." Which was all the motivation I needed to send him a friend-request. The next day between classes I got on my facebook to see, that he'd confirmed my request. I wrote on his wall, in the cutest, flirtiest way possible. After a few back and forth comments, I confirmed, what I'd known since Mike had been talking about him in the canoe. I was going to date this boy. (Too bad he didn't know it yet...)

For the next couple weeks I used my wiles to get him to meet me for a few minutes in Fulton, and sit alone through half a jazz concert, and talk to me and text me. Then finally, with his boyish charm he asked me, "So ya wanna be my girlfriend?" on May 9, 2008. And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Moral of this story?? Emily knows what she wants, and gets it. :) 

And in the spirit of being lovey dovey, here are a few of my favorite pictures of us!

July 2008

Virginia Beach Aquarium (As if I needed to add that, this one was Piknic'd) 
Christmas 2008
April 2009
Phillies!!! 4th of July 2009
February 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

sorry!!! I'm back!

I know! I haven't updated my blog much in the last week, but I blame the snow. I mean not really, I mean it really has technically given me MORE time to update than I had before, but it just makes me so sleepy, and I have such limited interaction with the outside world, that I don't really have much to talk about! :(

So here are some interesting tidbits about today!

#1- I did my make up this morning even though I will be spending the entirity of the day in the lib, but it looks so pretty! :) I know you can't really tell in this picture at all because it's bad quality but I'll show you anyway. I did my normal face routine and then I put a light clay color on the lid, a deep reddish brown in the crease, and a gold highlight on my brow bone. It's all Revlon Cream Eyeshadow, and that really is my favorite :)

To be honest, I'm well aware that you can't tell at all in this picture, but I don't really know what to do about that :P.

#2- I got an iTouch for my birthday from my parents (who really, truly, did spoil me rotten) and I ordered a little case for in off of eBay for like 4 dollars. It's cute and purple! Wanna see??? Isn't it cute???
#3- I get to taste test today finally, and I am pretty excited about it. I keep checking my email though because I'm afraid they'll cancel it because the roads are so slippery!!!

#4- Tomorrow Z. and I are going to see "Valentine's Day" and go out to dinner and I am super excited! I know it won't technically be on Valentine's Day that we're going out, but I know myself, and I just wouldn't enjoy going out on a Sunday as much as a Saturday because of school work and such. :) Whatever, who cares, he's my Valentinnneee who cares what day it is??? :)

#5- I'm watching Regis and Kelly because we had a delay this morning due to the slippery condition of campus, and I'm excited. I love Regis and Kelly but I never get to watch it because it always comes on after I'm already on campus!

#6- I decided not to work out today because I was really tired this morning, and I did run five miles yesterday, and even though it's only been power yoga, I've done everything every day this week. However, I still feel kind of guilty about it. Weird???

#7-  I've been trying to convince Z. to let me pay for something for our Valentine's Day date. At one point he was like no I want to do it all, and I was like fine, then let it be your Valentine's Day "gift" to me (I got him a little sumtim' sumtim' but I'm excited to give it to him so I honestly don't care if I don't get something back :P). And he was like.. well if paying for the movies is that important to you, you can. Andddd so I was like, OH! It's because you've already gotten me something isn't it?? I said "YOU GOT ME TEDDY DIDN'T YOU!?!" Soooo I'm basically entirely positive that I will have the adorable puppy I mentioned in my blog  a few weeks ago by this time Sunday...

#7.5- Please allow me to keep this delusion

#8- I love Valentine's day colors! :) I love the pinks, and red, and sparkles!

#9- I've decided that for my birthday present to me, I am going to get my self one of the Vera Bradley Tech cases because I've wanted one for a really long time to keep my camera, and now my iPod, in. They're pretty big, so I think I could very easily fit both because I don't have a big camera at all, but now I'm not sure. Should I get it to match my purse and my wallet? Or should I just get a random pattern that I like?

Keep in mind that NOT everything in my purse matches. I have an ID thing on my key which is cupcake green, a purple punch ID case that I keep change in, and a Daisy Daisy eye glass case. What do you think??? 

#10- In the spirit of Valentine's Day I am going to do two other posts "How we Met" and "How we Got Engaged" in the coming days!! :) :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

21st Birthday!!

All I can say is that I had THE most amazing 21st birthday ever! :) :)

#1- Got up when I wanted to and did my yoga before class
#2- Got dressed and did my hair like I'd wanted it to be done before class.
#3- Z. stopped by with coffee and a present and took me to my 8AM! :) (** What a sweetie!!! **)
#4- Got to watch last nights episode of "Secret Life" at work because we were scanning!
#5- Got to study for my B-Law test! :) Did well on practice questions
#6- Z. stalked me around campus and surprised me with balloons!
#7- Went to Plaza with my parents and Z. and my parents spoiled me wayyyyyyyyy too much. I swear. I did not deserve it!!
#8- Came back to my apartment and got some personal time with Z. and got to chit chat and play with my new iTouch! AND we found out that campus was closed for tomorrow... which allowed for the fun mentioned in 9 & 10 to occur.
#9- Got drinks at Market Street with some of my nearest and dearest!
#10- Went SNOW BOARDING (aka butt. boarding but w/e!!) in the park afterwards AMAZING!

Check out the little birthday banner my friend Becca made me! :) She's so talented! You can view it here!! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Just FYI :)

Tomorrow is my 21st Birthday!

Feel free to leave me lots of Birthday Love!!!

Monday Thoughts

#1- One Tree Hill is on in like um... about 30 minutes and I'm pretty stoked.

#2- Just made birthday cupcakes with my roomie and they smell delicious, glad I'm getting up at 5:30AM tomorrow to do yoga and go to the gym to work off the calories.

#3- I've decided the only area on my body that doesn't reflect how much I go to the gym is my stomach. Woops, guess my sweet tooth is ruining that one!

#4- I need to study for my business law exam that's on Wednesday. I'm pretty bummed about it.

#5- Last night I was up until close to midnight listening to the people next door argue. Ridiculous.

#6- My toe nails are baby ba-lue and oh so ready for some spring weather.

#7- I am painting my fingers tonight because they got kinda messed up since Friday. Can't decide which color, I know what shirt I'm wearing tomorrow, and I feel like "Cajun Shrimp" which is the color I intended to paint them, might look funny with it.. Hum.

#8- Went to the gym yesterday and ran 6 miles after walking through like 2 feet of snow. I know I'm dedicated.

#9- I'm not going to know what to do with myself when I have a "normal weekend" next weekend.

#10- Thinking of scheduling an apointment in the water massage thing in the club house,... not sure though. I wish I could schedule an apointment online. I hate the telephone!