Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Resolutions- recap.

Below are my 2010 resolutions.  Let's see how I did....

#1- Get back to the gym, and vary my workout routine. For almost the entire month of December I got out of the habit of hitting the gym. Part of it was that December was a really stressful month for me between work, school, finals, and getting a pretty horrendous "won't go away cold." The other part was that I think I just needed some time "off". I asked for freehand weights for Christmas and my sister got them for me, and I have a yoga mat, so while I want to get back into running too, I also want to work on toning up some muscles. But most definitely incorporated into this category is to lose the 6-7lbs I've gained over the fall. (Yes, the little cliche bells are going off.)

I am so sad about this but I only kind of got back into the swing of things. Two years ago I was really good about getting to the gym 4-5 times a week and I would run at least 4 miles if not 5 when I went there. I have been trying to get out more but I just keep being "tired" and wanting to rest up. This year I am making "SMART" goals (I'll explain that later) to help me meet this goal more. Gotta be pretty for my wedding!!

#2- Read more for fun. I think I underestimate sometimes how much reading keeps me relaxed this past fall/summer I hardly read for fun but with the purchase of my kindle I am going to attempt to take 30minutes a day to read just for fun. I should have a little more time this spring since I'll only have one accounting class (technically two I guess...)
I did okay on this one. I remember in the early part of the spring semester I would read my book at the gym, but then I felt like I wasn't getting my full workout in, so I stopped. I took a few months off and in late summer early fall I really picked up reading again. I don't know how many books I read this year, maybe 15? It's not a ton but it's a big improvement.

#3- Relax more. I don't know WHAT happened this fall but I felt almost constantly stressed and burnt out (hence why I think I got four colds and needed a month break from the gym after finals). I really don't want to do that to myself again. I only get to be this young once- I want to enjoy it.
I'm not sure I've learned to relax. I don't think I know how not to spend my time worrying about something. But I don't feel like I have been as "anxious" as I was a few years ago. I don't think I've done anything to change that though, I think life is just different now. Anyway.... I guess this was accomplished.

#4- FINALLY make some wedding plans! We have a date set, but since it's not until the end of 2012 I've never bothered to start looking into making actual plans. This obviously won't be until the later part of 2011 but it's time to start!
Check!!! Got the wedding venue/catering picked out, and the photographer, and the ornaments. AND I just found out earlier today that my uncle is making a webpage for it, and my parents are going to go down for a weekend in the spring to try out the "events" we're going to suggest guests do while they are in town. :) Mom and I even went out to get ornaments for the centerpieces the day after Christmas! I think we will try and do engagement photos sometime between March and May! Now I just need a dress?!

#5- Start saving for a town-home with Zach.
Ooooh! Look at me over achiever! We didn't save but we now OWN one!!

#6- Take a CPA review course, and at least one part of the CPA.
No CPA review course, but I passed the first section of the exam so does the rest matter?!

#7- Take at least a "mini" vacation (3-5 days) with Zach. Not sure where, or with what money, but I haven't been on an honest to God vacation since I was probably in 8th grade.

:( No. Moving was expensive, and then CPA studying and tests got in the way!

#8- Run more 5k's.
I think I had done 2 in 2010 and i did 4 in 2011 so..... improvement? :)

#9- Learn to cook more things, and try to expand my pallet.
No :(

#10- Sleep more! I've gotten into an awful habit of getting about 4-6.5 hours of sleep a night for five or six days in a row and that is NOT good for you!
I think over achieved on this one too. Now I won't even get up when my alarm goes off!!

Favorite Thing This Friday

My Phanatic Pillow Pet. Don't lie, you know you're green with envy. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Too many days in the week start with T.

I have a problem at work when I have to send an email. I never know what to use in the subject line. I feel like subjects such as "Question" are too vague. In contrast I feel like a subject such as "Specific Question, about Specific Client" is way too wordy- I mean do people even read the subject lines of emails? As a result I probably spend a little too much time figuring out what few letters to type in that annoying little field. Anyway, the moral of this story is that I never know what to title my blogs. And considering I generally just "talk" I don't think it matters.

#1- I really enjoy the song "Dreamer" by Elizaveta. It's a little new-agey and not my typical cup of coffee but I really like it. It's oddly a really good song to listen to when you're running. At first it might not seem that way, because it's a little whispy sounding, but the lyrics are pretty motivating. It also helps that at some points the tempo is "building".

#2- I bought my favorite "test pencils" from college again the other day. I think I just like them because they're pastels. Oh, and they were obviously successful because I graduated from college manga com laude. (I'm not going to lie, it drives me crazy that after you get a job noone cares how you did in school. I worked my butt off for 3 years, not 4, when do I get to brag?!)

#3-  Look at how cute my new nail polish storage is!!

The top box has my cotton balls and nail accessories in it. The bottom box (pictured) stores all my colors. Yes, I really do own that many. It's a healthy hobby and the pretty colors make me happy. I do not have a problem. You'll also be thankful for a friend like me when you need a pretty nail polish to match your dress.  But the best part! Look how cute! Look how accessible! I ADORE!

#4- Hannah has started her blog up again which has me motivated. I always love looking back at my posts so I wish I could stick to keeping up with blogging. I just never feel like I can allot time to it when I need to study, exercise, paint my nails. Thoughts? Who reads this?

#5- I think my dog hates me. She always barks at me and never wants to play with me. She won't share her toys and likes to hide under the table when I decide she needs to go out. Naturally I still adore her. I feel like that girl in high school whose in love with the jerk.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 1

Now Playing- Grace Potter & The Nocternals " Paris (Ooh la la).

So I thought I would rehash on my progress today, and then also just share some tid-bits.

Skin- I washed my face this morning and after my run with my new "Olay Pro-x face brush" and the face wash that came with it. The face wash doesn't give me the overwhelming clean feeling but I wanted to try something different. If I need something with something stronger I can always go back. My only fail is that I probably should have washed off my makeup before my run. Oh well- starting off perfect would leave no room for improvement. :P

Running endurance- I ran 3 miles today. I had planned on going further but it was pretty windy and the fact that I had no music  had me a little unmotivated. The important thing was that I got out there and that I wasn't even a tiny bit winded after my 3 miles. I also didn't run "fast" so I kept my heart rate lower which is good for building endurance.

Spend less time on the internet- yeah nope.

Get to work earlier- I didn't succeed on this one today. I set an alarm for 4:45 and got up and turned it off and was for all purposes "wide awake" but I just wanted to get more sleep. I didn't want to get up and study. So I slept a little late. I think tomorrow I will try and be out the door by a little after 7 (whenever it's bright enough) and pick up some coffee with one of my many giftcards.

Save more- I don't know that I really had the opportunity to do this today. I woke up and went to work and then came right home and went running and put things away, etc. I mean I didn't do any online shopping but I normally don't... weekends are my bad time.

So- some Tuesday tid-bits.
-I'm really motivated for the next year.
-I really love writing new years blogs- very reflective.
-I am mildly terrified about all the hours I will have to put in in the next 4.5 months at work.
-My brother and sister in law got me a Cinnamon Sugared Donut candle for Christmas and it smells like fabulous snickerdoodles. I <3 it. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Working on me

Yeah- it's been a while. My life is more consistent now and I feel like I don't change up my routine too much. I feel like I always come back to my blog when I want to work on myself... almost as like a "diary". Anyway here are things I want to start working on TOMORROW. As my friend Jill says- why wait?

1) My skin. I blame part of the problem on a change in medication but I think part of it is me. I don't get enough water and I don't eat that healthy so I want to work on getting my skin cleared up. I used to get compliments on it- I'd like those back.

2) Running endurance. I have a 10 milers to due MARCH 4th and I'd love to not have to walk any.

3) Spend less time on the internet. I feel like that's a funny item to put on this list but it's true.

4) Get to work earlier- more consistently. IE- get out of bed the FIRST time the alarm goes off.

5) Save more. I buy too many little thing. Things should be "treats" not expectations.

:) I might come back to this and update it and add a few but I wanted to get some of these off my mind before I head to bed. I am going to START TOMORROW! I am getting up when that first alarm goes off! Why put off until tomorrow what you can get done today?

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Oops. Two months later I am updating again... so much for that whole "once I get on a schedule" thing. I don't really have much to blog about I guess... I always just seem to talk about things I am liking or doing... and for the last two months it has been a rarity that I've had a quiet, empty, house that I could actually think about it! But, Zach's out, Minnie''s asleep, I've got pandora on, coffee in hand, and a pomegranate cider candle burning. Please see pictures to the --> for exact ambiance. :P And yes, I do drink my coffee with a straw. And yes, those are some seriously aged Nancy Drew books. They used to belong to my Aunt, she gave them to me when I was in 6th grade or so. Not sure if they're "original editions" but either way I find it fun to think about all the great people who could have read them before me! :) They belonged to her schools library!

So, I guess let's talk about things I like. I really like nail polish. I feel like of everything I highly adore, nail polish doesn't make it to the blog posts often enough. Wanna see all the ones I've bought since May? Oh you do... well okay... I'll show you :) Left to Right: Sally Hansen Insta Dry in 'Pink Blink', Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in 'Shrimply Devine', Essie 'Jamaica me Crazy', Essie 'Coat Azure', Essie 'Cute As A Button', Essie 'Mod Square', and Essie 'Nice is Nice. And yes, I was able to do that all from memory. It really is impressive, one of life's odd talents. :P PS- Just in case you're judging me and thinking that 'Shrimply Devine' and 'Cute as a Button' are the same color. Totally not. CAAB is more of a pastel than SD. :)

I am also really liking my "Eli Young Band" Pandora Station. I know Pandora is so 2009, but I still love it. Especially because I can pick it up on my Droid and listen to it at work. I feel like my iPod is always dead so I can rely more on my Droid. PLUS I have some song selections on my iPod that are extremely awkward to find popping up at work. My friend, Callie, can probably vouch for that... as I've let her know in the past when they pop up in a silent office. :P

I've also really been enjoying two new shows that I can thank my friend, Heather, for bringing into my life.  'Psych' and 'In Plain Sight'. I was moping around the beginning of May about how there was going to be absolutely NOTHING for me to rot my brain watching all summer and she let me know about all the USA 'summer season' shows. (Although, to be fair, Psych season 6 is coming back in October, so now it will be a standard 'short season' show). Check out your Netflix instant view for both of these gems.

OKAY. I am going to go obtain some new, probably work inappropriate music to jam to at the gym and on my runs. Yep, I just "said" jam to.... and on that note....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Back in the Swing

So, I've been little miss awful about blogging, but I'm honestly hoping that once things with work start to settle into more of a routine I will be better about it.... I'm really big on my "routines" so if blogging becomes part of mine, then I'll be better about it! I just know it... anyway I wanted to do a big update post about what I've been up to for the last few months and what will be going on in the next few months. Summers are always so busy!! Maybe that's why I like autumn so much... that and it's pretty, it's closer to Christmas, and I finally stop sweating yech!!!

Sooooo we'll just do the updates by topic....


Starting May 31st (technically my pay-rate will switch over on June 1st) I will be a full time staff accountant. I don't want to mention where because this blog is obviously public and if I mentioned the name when people google searched my employer this blog might come up and that would be super-awk. Anyway; full time employee. I'm kind of nervous to now be in a job that I don't consider to be just a phase in my life (for example, when I worked at PetsMart I knew that wasn't where I'd spend my whole life). In some ways I am looking forward to it though, it'll be nice to make new friends and have some consistency in my life. Everyone asks "What will you do there?" and to be honest I'm not entirely sure. I think when you work as a staff accountant you don't really 'specialize', at least there you don't. I know this summer I will be working in 401(k) and 403(b) audits. I'm sure you all know what a 401(k) is, a 403(b) is just the government sponsored form of a 401(k). Anyway, basically we just go in and make sure employers are deffering what they should be and following all the rules. I'm going to stop there because otherwise no one will continue to read this.  If you have questions you can definitely ask, but since most of you don't... we'll stop there. It is nice though because during the summer months you can pick two Friday's off a month for "free" that don't require the use of your vacation days. They're kind of to make up for all the extra hours people are working during tax season.

Everyone keeps asking, so what's the deal with the townhouse?! Here's what's what. In March Zach and I put a contract on a town-house (picture will be below). The offer was accepted and since then we have been working with WellsFargo and "Rural Development" that is helping us obtain a loan for 100% financing. That's right- no down-payment. From what I can gather from our loan agent everything is probably going to go through. However, since it's the government it's slow, and they need to know everything about you. I've been the bigger problem because I wasn't full time employed. On June 16th I will get my first "full time salary" pay-check and so at that point I will forward that to WellsFargo, who will then send it on to Rural Development, who will *fingers crossed* finally approve our loan. Once the loan gets approved (4-5 business days after June 16th), then we can pick a settlement date. Which fingers crossed should occur before June 30th otherwise we might run into problems because our contract is only good through June 30th. Anyway, I'm trying really hard not to be too nervous about that. I have a good job, and the mortgage on the townhouse is, according to CNN money, almost 100k less than we "could afford" based on the salary and debt information I have.  So I'm keeping my fingers crossed... that road is just kind of a bumpy unsure road right now. Things should be just fine but like I said I like "definite" information... and nothing will be definite for a bit longer. Which is driving me up a wall.  Please keep your fingers crossed and blow house-fairy dust our way.

One of the things I am most excited in the near future is the sweet little furball addition to our home/lives, little Miss Minnie. Back in April I started stalking a little baby girl dachshund on this website her name was Peppermint Pattie and I was absolutely head over heels for her. I didn't want to ask the breeder because at that point I knew that we wouldn't be in the house in May 23rd (original settlement date) and I didn't think the breeder would hold her for us without charge. Anyway, long story short she is going to hold her for us... originally it was until June 16th-20th but with settlement being pushed back again... I'm not so sure... although her Grandpa has finally conceded to let her live with him for a week or two if she has to. Anyway, I'm sure most of you have seen her picture but I am such a proud momma I'm going to put one blow just in case. Her new name is Minnie, and she is a silver and black dapple miniature dachshund.

Finally after being engaged for over a year and a half now Zach and I are finally going to start planning our wedding later this summer, once we're in and settled into the new house and little Miss Minnie is in a nice routine. So far the only real thing I know is that it's going to have a "Christmas" theme (go ahead act surprised), it will be December 1, 2012, and we will be honey-mooning in Disney :).

Alright this is long enough!!! More to come soon I hope <3

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Five Random Facts

So um... I watch a lot of YouTube videos because I'm fascinated with learning about people, even if I'll never meet them. Anyway... a "tag" that goes around every so often is the "Five Random Facts" tag- so I thought I'd share. Depending on how well you know me, you probably already know some of these. But sometimes people don't know things.... so let's begin, shall we?

#1- Okay, don't laugh, but when I was younger I had a stuffed pig and I named him Porkchop after the dog on Doug. I know, I know, I know, so awful (especially since pigs are my favorite animal. But I just didn't really realize the irony in his name choice. Anyway, I'd get really offended when people made fun of me for naming my pig "Porkchop" so I'd try and lie and I'd be little miss dramatic and exclaim, "His name isn't Porkchip!! It's PORTchop." Yeah- because that makes total sense...

#2- I have a serious medical phobia. If I'm going to the Dr. for anything other than my standard, "Look- I have a sinus infection PLEASE give me an antibiotic!!!" I worry. And I mean this in that I will cave and last minute move appointments, and I will dread the appointment all day, or for a few days before. Additionally, if I go to the Dr. and they need to do anything as simple as draw blood, remove a freckle, get a cavity filled, I get nauseous. I can recall three times in recent history that I've found myself passed out on the floor, or on the little patient bed thing. And don't even get me started on when people talk about medical things. I can't think about internal organs, especially the brain. It just creeps me out and I get overwhelmed. It's sad too because I can make a conscious effort to stay calm, and say that this is completely fine, and normal, and it doesn't matter. My body reacts..

#3- If you ask me my name (Emily,... you better at least KNOW that much!) I say it "Emma-lee" I don't pronounce it the way some people do "Em-mil-ee" So, in 6th grade my best friend ended up being a girl named Leigh... so I thought it would be cool if instead of my name being spelled "Emily" that I spell it "Emma-leigh". So, no lie, for like 3 months I wrote on all my papers "Emma-leigh" like that would somehow change my name. I'm still surprised my teachers didn't kill me!

#4- I love the weather channel. It just fascinates me. Sometimes I sit there waiting for the local on the eights (even though I could totally bring it up on my phone) and get so entangled in the latest natural disaster that I don't even realize I've been through the "local on the 8's" three or four times. Seriously though, hurricane season & blizzard seasons are some prim-o viewing times on the weather channel. They also have this show (couldn't come up with the name of it if you threatened my life) where they like play out what would happen if a natural disaster hit a certain city... and one time they did I think a tornado in Washington, D.C. in like August at 5pm... it was so interesting.

#5- Hide your Grandpa.... I have the strangest habit of developing crushes on old men. And no I don't mean "older" men I mean, literally like someone's Grandpa. Let me just elaborate, although a little arrogant I have a crush on Alex Trebec. Additionally, the weather-man Bob Burnette Kurie (spelling) "BBK", yep, I cried when I heard he was retiring because I loved him so much. I also think Richard Geare and Jack Nicholson are just about the most charming men in the world. And if all that really wasn't creepy enough, I keep developing crushes on our forefathers when we talk about them in my US History class. (Although I feel as though I should say, we're currently through John Quincy Adams and I did NOT develop a crush on him!!)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


#1- Um... if you read my lent post. It basically failed. I did good for about a week and then the 2nd week of  lent was the week of mid-terms and between work and three tests and a paper being due that week, things just didn't get done. Oh well. I'm on a project get healthy, but whenever I talk about it, it goes down hill. So... lips sealed :)

#2- I have some really exciting news that I want to share with everyone on facebook, but I can't/won't until some final things go through. SO excited though. I can't wait to share pictures and the news! ;)

#3- Phillies game on Saturday! So pumped... for so many reasons. First, my boss says I don't have to come into work Saturday- WOO HOO! (I don't mind working- but I also like sleeping in.. sooooo ya know) Second,.... CLIFF LEE pitches. Or rather, he SHOULD be pitching as long as Friday's game doesn't rain out. And third, come on it's Philly: Phanatic, Cheesesteaks, big buildings, home-y feeling... what's not to adore?!

#4- Today's daily puppy literally has me in a cuteness coma. She is so precious that I practically hugged my laptop. (Please, stop judging me :( )

Just go look at her and there won't be a question in your mind as to who is the sweetest puppy in the whole wide world :)

#5- I wrote out all the big days in May the other day in Auditing and I realized that between the 10th of May and the 23rd of May I have 9 days with relatively "big" events occurring. I am SO going to need a nap on memorial day weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This post *should* have gone up  yesterday but I had a fabulous Fat Tuesday feast at Zach's last night and came home and slept into a food coma. YUM! Anyway. With everyone trying to figure out what to give up for lent, or talking about what good thing they're going to start "doing" for lent (going to church more, being nicer) I started thinking what *I* wanted to do. I've come up with something that I think will work for me pretty well, although it is really not the least bit traditional.

I've decided I'm going to take the season of Lent to alter my life-style. Now I know what you're thinking, 'isn't that what New Years resolutions' are for? Well kind of, but with new years resolutions there's no real sense of accountability. You don't have to keep them, no one else does, but people keep their Lent promises normally. Plus, here's the way I see it; if after forty days I don't like the changes, I can stop. But I have to do them for at least forty days because I know they're things I need to do. Theoretically, after forty days I either won't need to do them anymore, or I'll be so used to doing them (what is it, it takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit) that it won't matter.

If I don't do things, there will be consequences. Most people for example, would say "I'll put a quarter in a jar for the church" but where I'm doing so many things, I might go poor, so each task will have individual consequences. Also, reading some of these things you might think I'm going "light" on myself, but keep in mind you can't change over night and things happen over time.

Ready? Let's get started!

" I can do all things through him who strengthens me." - Philipians 4:13 That by the way, was my randomly generated Bible verse for yesterday. Yep, even God wants me to kick Lent's butt :P.


#1- I have to exercise 30 minutes, 5 times a week. Normally I exercise more than thirty minutes when I do, but I'm pretty bad about only doing it three days a week.

Consequence: If I don't get five days (unless I have a good excuse, like you know, I got hit by a car) I have give up my weeks dessert.

#2- In reference to #1's consequence; I get only one 'dessert' per week. By this I mean that I get one guilt-free dessert, so I can get sapapias (spelling!!) from Plaza guilt free. However, I am still allowing myself to keep chocolate on hand and have a few pieces (not the whole box) at night. When you deprive yourself you over compensate by eating something else, been there, done that.

Consequence: If I decide that I want to eat a substantial dessert more than once a week, that's fine, but that means I don't get a one of my two "off" days for exercising.

#3- I have to do three sets of 15 sit-ups either in the morning or at night, each day.

Consequence: Okay, maybe I "need" a day off. That's cool- but t he next day I have to do that day's three sets of 15, followed by 2 sets of 50. Yep, won't be breaking this one much!

#4- I have to do 10 minutes of free-weight exercise a day, every day.

Consequence: I've decided that for this one since I don't want to have really sore arms if I mess up (because for some reason if my arm muscles/shoulders ache I feel like a zombie) it will have the same consequence as missing a day of sit-ups.

#5- No more staying up late. I get one night a week where I can stay up as late as I want.
But otherwise my week-day bedtime is 10:30 (I have to get up at 5:30-6:30 most days so that's not as early as it sounds). My weekend 'bedtime' is 11:30. Exceptions will be made in extenuating circumstances. For example if my apartment burns down at 11:15 on Saturday, I don't have to use my "free-night" that night. Another is that if I have an exam the next day I can stay up "up to" my weekend curfew without a consequence. However, getting a good-nights sleep is normally beneficial so I'm not sure I'll exercise that one.

Consequence: Oh, this consequence is so mean. So say I break my weekday curfew but I don't want to use my "free" day and it's 11:30 before I get to bed. That's fine. But if I was planning on getting up at 5:30, I now I have to get up at 4:30.

#6- I have to drink 64oz of water a day.

Consequence: I have to give up my "sodas" for the next three days.

#7- Limited to "one" soda a day. I'm not limiting myself to a size here because I don't get ones 'that' big. But I get one, that's it. Refills are permitted to 'top off' my cups if I got it at a meal.

Consequence: If I have a 2nd soda (not a refill but it's 3 hours later and a separate occurrence) I lose my soda's for the next three days.

#8- No more dwelling. If I'm upset I got 10 minutes to be sad, cry, pout, or simmer. After ten minutes though, it's time to let go. Holding on to anger or sadness isn't going to fix things. Solutions are normally found when you're back to being rational and level headed anyway.

Consequence: I'm still trying to think of one on this one... I'm not really sure how to 'punish' myself. If you have suggestions let me know.

#9- Only a few people know this (because to be honest, it's embarrassing)  but I've been really lonely lately. I've kind of grown apart from most of the people I was ever close with, and part of me can't decide whether or not that's for the best. But I've realized I've been putting all of my eggs in one basket so each week of lent I have to ask someone "new" or kind of "outside my safety zone" to do something. It doesn't have to *happen* during that week because sometimes people are busy but there has to be intent to follow through.

***I've asked two people outside my "comfort zone" to do something today alone. GO ME!

Consequence: Not sure how to punish myself on this one either. Although it seems logical to say, well next week you have to ask "two" people, but at the same time- there's only so many days in a week. If you have suggestions let me know!

#10- I have to prepare meals more often. I've gotten into a bad habit of never making myself dinner anymore. I'll just wait for Zach to stop by and ask if we can go to Subway, or just eat something small every couple of hours at night. I just need to take the time to feed myself, really, I mean a four year old could do it, I'm just being lazy. So I've decided that I have to "make" dinner (I mean it can be a sandwich but I have to do it) 4 out of 7 nights.

Consequence: No Plaza (or okay... anywhere) on Friday night!

Here's how my weeks are going to work, since this week is a short week I'm just going to kind of half things (I get one day off of running, I only have to make myself dinner twice, etc). It will run Wednesday through Saturday, then each subsequent week will run Sunday through Saturday.

Wish me luck!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

So um....

#1- I am obsessed with and she has gotten some fancy, smancy, new job is hardly updating anymore. Which for some reason has only made me frequent her blog more. But seriously, she loves food, good wines, dogs, and the Phillies. She's basically my idol.

#2- I hate the black eyed peas. Seriously, most obnoxious band in the world.

#3- I really hate Seagulls.

#4- Zach and I started watching criminal minds and I have no idea what season it is because its on channel 43, and I don't know what channel that is. But anyway he suggested that this woman who was maybe a "3" on the attractive scale wanted to get with this guy who was at least an 8.94. I guess it infuriated me because I kept insulting her asking what woman who wore fuchsia lipstick and nasty unflattering eyeglasses had the audacity to try and get with Mr. 8.94. Learn your number woman!! (I swear I'm not shallow...)

 #5- I have junior mints in the fridge and every time I eat one I can't help but think of the episode from Seinfeld where Kramer drops on inside a man (or woman??) being operated on.

#6- Last week I remembered a yahoo email address I had and logged in just to see what had been sent there. I had 15,000 unread emails.... soooo I just peaced out..

#7- I don't understand it, but I swear sometimes when I stretch my sternum cracks. What? There's not even a joint there.

#8- I used to know all the major bones (tibia, fibia, ulna, radius, scapula) because I learned them one summer "for fun".

#9- I might be the only person in the world who "overuses" (not my  opinion) the word odoriferous.

#10- I love Michael Bolton, I don't care if it probably is a cardinal sin. "I'll be there some day, I can go the distance. I will find my way, if I can be strong, I know every mile, will be worth my while. When I go the distance I'll be right where I belong"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is it spring yet?

It's cold, again. It's been so warm lately that I was growing accustomed to not getting a brain freeze on my walk to school in the morning, butttt apparently Jack Frost is back, at least for a few days.

I'm in a cmoputer lab on campus waiting, huddling near a heater, pretending its actually warm, so I thought I'd do a post with some of my favorite things about spring.

Flip flops!!! In case you didn't know I have a love/hate relationship with shoes. In that I love them on their own, but I feel like they make or break the outfit so if you don't have "just" the right pair.. the whole outfits messed up. So I love flip flops for a few reasons. 1) They're so cheap, and available pretty much anywhere. 2) They come in literally every color of the rainbow 3) They're so easy to just slip on and you hardly have to think about WHICH pair to buy.

Oh a nd it doesn't hurt that they show off your newly painted toenails too :)

The Phillies (and most notably Cliff Lee) come back into my life.

The sun is out until later than 5:30 at night. This means that when I get off from work I can go on a walk or a run without the fear of being attacked by vagabonds or criminals. Yep, I just used the word vagabond, you know you're impressed.
Instead of dead leaves or dirty snow, you see wildflowers along the side of the road.

Although it is more typical for summer, starting in spring all of the fresh produce starts to become available. My favorite is when the road side stands start to pop back up.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Things I've Learned

22 Things for 22 Years

#1- Water is good for you.

#2- Be nice to people and treat them with respect. You don't know what their life is like, so don't assume you do.

#3- Black dress pants can anger you in two ways. First, they have an undying need to fade to gray, it's like they're in high-school and the gray crowd is the "in crowd" that they have just got to be in. Second, they're best friends with lint.

#4- Murphy called it; anything that can go wrong, probably will. Especially if you're already running late.

#5-Some of the most famous people in the world are famous not for all the things they've done right, but for their mistakes.

#6-  There is absolutely no better ab workout than laughing really, really, really hard.

#7- No one thinks clowns are funny; it is mutually understood that they're terrifying.

#8- Everyone has a cross to bear. Some are bigger than others, but no one has one that is more than they can handle.

#9- I'm absolutely never going to like mushy carrots, peas, or cucumbers.

#10- No matter how bad of a day today has been, the world keeps spinning and tomorrow is always a new day.

#11- True friends are once in a lifetime. If a friendship fades, don't mourn it. Sometimes people come and go. Take it at what it was, move on.

#12- The things you do as a child are more telling than our parents realized. For example, I used to count and organize money. I also took great joy in tabulating bills, and figuring out how much change I should get back. (Yeah, okay, raise your hand if you're surprised.)

#13- When your mom tells you, "Don't do that, you're going to wish you hadn't later." She is always right.

#14- When you're fighting with someone ask yourself, "Will this argument matter in 5, hours, 5 days, 5 weeks, or 5 years?" If you can eventually answer, "No" try and move on.

#15- I will probably never out grow my affinity for boy-bands. "Baby when you finally get to love somebody, guess what, it's gonna be me" (If you can tell me who sings that without googling it, well... I'm sure we're already best friends.)

#16- Eventually we all turn into our parents.

#17- I have a paradoxical personality. I'm painfully shy and a drama queen. In other words, I don't want to bother you and interfere in your life, but if you wouldn't mind paying attention to me I'd greatly appreciate it.

#18- There's absolutely always an excuse that can be made, it doesn't mean you should always take it.

#19- I read a quote by Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of Eat, Pray, Love) where she suggested that the only things that people ever argued about were "whose in charge" and "God". Think about it, she has a point.

#20- Sometimes all it takes to turn a bad day around is smiling at nothing, and no one in particular.

#21- I'll let Bryan Adams say this one for me, "When you love someone - you'll sacrifice , you'd give it everything you got and, you won't think twice, you'd risk it all - no matter what may com, when you love someone."

#22- I've sat here for so long trying to figure out just how exactly to word #22. I guess what I want to say is that I've learned that sometimes you're going to meet really great people, and they'll only be part of your life for a short while. And I find its hard to accept that, and I've found that I think it's unfair. But I'm trying to learn that no matter how short the stay, the time spent with them is worth missing them later on.  But to be honest, the five-year old girl in me is still saying, "What if they don't miss me too?"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reasons I Love February


Candy Hearts

Valentine's from my parents

 Birthday & Valentine's Day Cards

Thoughts for Thursday

Hello, hello. Wow two blog posts in one week? I guess I'm quietly revolting from school because I didn't do any homework Tuesday or Wednesday night either. Helloooo senioritus! But in my defense, I started college my senior year of high school, and have had about three really intense years, so I don't feel too bad. PLUS, I just got back a 97 on my first History test! Hah!!

Anyway today I just thought I'd tell you some thigns. Nothing particularly important, just sharing some facts.

#1- I am fascinated by colonial America. 100%. I always forget how interesting I find it until someone is telling me about it. It's just SO interesting. And I don't just mean one perspective is interesting, I enjoy hearing ab out the Indians, I enjoy hearing about the colonist, and I enjoy hearing about the English history of the time. And I almost always wish that I could go back to the 1600s and just see it. I know its not glamerous and there were no iPods or Android phones, but I still really like it.

#2- I've been better this week about getting up when my alarm goes off (mainly because I haven't been doing homework so I've gone to bed at relatively decent hours). As such I've been able to turn the enws on for a few minutes and I'm really at a loss for things to say about what's going on in the middle east. I can't imagine living in an area where there was such dramatic political instablity. Plus once again I find myself frustrated because they always find a way to bring gas prices intot his. Seriously, it's like when you're 14 and everytime yous tart to get smart with you parents, or you get a bad grade, and they threaten to take away your computer or phone. I mean seriously, can we come up with a new threat already.

#3- I've been trying to drink more teas lately because I can't drink coffee without the creamer and I know that the creamer can add a ton of calories and fats to it... so I've started up on tea. And so far there are two lipton varieties that I really like. The first is a white tea (which sucks because it totally has no caffiene and I didn't know that right away so of course I got 'the headache') which is called "Island Mango and Peach." It is so yummy- more of an afternoon tea to sip on while you're reading a book or doing something more pleasant than say, waking up at 5AM to study for the aforementioned aced history exam. I've also really liked their black tea (can I get a heck yeah, for caffiene- even though its only about 1/10th of whats in my coffee) which is in the Bavarian Wild Berry flavor. I'm going to look into finding teas with a bit stronger caffiene content but I think as a general rule of thumb they are all going to have less than my dear old friend, coffee.

#4- I took some pictures of some flowers for you. Later tonight I am going to put up a pretty picture post of all the reasons I love February.

#5- Sooo, I've kind of been loving baskets for the last year or so. I haev two on my bathroom counter one holds things like hairspray, body lotion, body wash (I have about 5 body washes because bath and body works always sucks mei n), and just random things like that. The other holds hair stuff like my blow dryer, my straightener, and hairpins, brushes, and elastic bands. HOWEVER, I have been on the hunt for a basket that I can envision but I can't quite find. I want it to hold my makeup. I want it to be about 8-10 inches tall and about a foot long,a nd I want it to have 4-6 sections that I can throw various products like blush, eyemakeup, and lip products in. But, I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh hey there...

So I kind of failed on that thirty day challenge thing, huh? Sorry! The enticing world of Law & Order dragged me in, then my fun new Kindle came, and then well the semester started... but alas the excuses could go on for days... so I'll try and get on to the fun stuff.

So, here's 'what's up'.

1- I've come the the conclusion that whenever Daivd Schwimmer will always be Ross. I mean literally, he is never going to be any other character to me. A few weeks ago I was at the gym, and he popped up on some strange movie, and in season two (I believe) of 30 Rock he pops up as Greenzo (please youtube this if you haven't seen it, priceless) but every time I see him I think, "Oh hey, what's Ross doing here?" and not, "Oh hey, it's David Schwimmer!". Sorry Dave, you'll always be Ross to me.

2- This Saturday Zach and I went to see "Just Go With It" which had tons of famous lovelies in it including (but not limited to): Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, and Dave Matthews. Such a cute movie! I was a little sketpical because to be honest I find A. Sandler to be a little weird and crude, but he actually toned down his vulgar personality a little in this movie so I really liked it. Plus um... there's a very interesting scene involving Dave Matthews and a coconut that you won't want to miss... just saying

3- I, Emily, have pretty much given up coffee as a necessity. Now, let's not mistake this for me saying I don't LIKE coffee. I absolutely adore coffee and we're still the best of friends, but I couldn't get myself to drink it without needing creamer and so I kind of started to feel guilty. I'm gradually switching over to tea or to diet coke (which was my original drug of choice) and saving coffee for special occasions so I don't feel guilty about all the creamer (half n half really) that I put in it.

4- So um, I have been toying with confessing with this for a while- and this is number four on my list so you must really like me if you've read this far. But um, I have a secret twitter and talk to some friends who live in various parts of the country whom I've never met on it. I actually received birthday presents and cards from three of them. I know it sounds totally weird, but it's actually really kind of convienent. One, because since I had the whole world at my disposal we actually have things in common. Two, since they're pretty much scattered up & down the east coast with the closest one being I believe seven hours away, I don't have to feel guilty for not ever having time to hang out with them. Alright- go ahead and judge, but I love their friendship and wouldn't trade it for the world.

Oh- and no duh I am not telling you the user name if you ask. One person knows it because their a sneaky little fox, but I'd prefer that they keep it private because sometimes its best that things stay the way they are. Okay I lied, one person, and then Zach- but he doesn't even completely know what a twitter is so I think my secrets safe. But seriously, please don't try and find it- sometimes privacy is nice.

5-  A few weeks ago I read the first book in the Pretty Little Liars series, and I'm not going to lie, I plan on reading the whole series. So interesting! Plus I'm a sucker for anything charm-schooley and New England-y. I know they're kind f 'below my reading level' but if you had to read the 'scholarly textbooks' that I do for my accounting classes, you'd understand what a nice retreat it is from that stuff. You know, sometimes it's nice to read something without hearing words like 'interest', 'materiality', 'assertion', 'financial statements' etc.

Anyway- since 1-5 have been a lot of words I am going to end now with pictures of stuff I like because let's be honest, it'll probably be another month before I update this again.

This yummy tea- Lipton White Tea with Island Mango and Peach Flavor! Add two splenda- YUM!

Pink flowers- and the color pink in general

My fun new Kindle- even though I've hardly been able to use it lately! :(

That spring training has begun!! Phillies time!! So happy that I will be getting to see some of my favorite me back in white and red. (Cliff, I'm not sure if I've told you but I am SO happy to have yo back)
Puppies :o) (like always!) This one is a Westie.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Little Things I've Been Lovin'

Below are some of the little things that I've been loving recently  What have you been loving lately?

Purple-y Nails

So I'm not 100% sure that I feel comfortable enough wearing bright purple nails to work, something about it just screams "This  newbie is unprofessional" but I've had a few days off and painted my nails Orly's "Velvet Rope" on Friday and I adore it. I picked it up a few months ago- for about $6 (cheaper than the OPI and Essie). I figure for the next few days this will be a fun finger color but I'll probably have to accept that for most of the time, it'll be just a toe color. However, last night I was out picking up some Cetaphil cream (my skin has been SO dry lately.. definitely not a "like") and I saw that Sally Hansen had some spring colors and I really liked the lilac color. I bought my friend Amy an OPI in "Do you Lilac It?" for Christmas and this color seemed similar enough and I thought that maybe where it was so pastel I could feel comfortable wearing that color to work. I haven't tried ti out... but I've been leaning towards the purple-y hues for the last month or so. 

iPod Docking Station
Now, you'll have to ignore the nasty smudges on the screen of my iPod, but I've really been loving my iPod docking station lately. I've had my iPod since my birthday last year and rarely used it except for when I was at the gym, and on the rare occasion at work (our office allows you to listen to iPods while you're working). However, on 'Black-Friday' my family went to the Tanger Outlets in Rehoboth, Delaware and Dad and I went in the Sony store to look around because I'd mentioned wanting something to dock my iPod on. We ended up picking out this one, I forget the exact price but it was I think $70ish dollars.. but a part of me thinks it was on sale and we got it for $50... Anyway, that much isn't relavent. I've really been liking this. I find myself turning in my iPod more, and having music on in the background. I also think it's pretty neat that it has two alarms on it. Alarm A and Alarm B which I think is cool because if two share a room, they can use this as an alarm and it'll work for both people.

Yankee Candle 3.7oz Candles

Zach's sister, Kate, bought me this little candle for Christmas. Normally I don't buy this size of Yankee Candles (normally because I don't buy Yankee because they're so expensive, but if I splurge I buy the bigger size). That being said, I really like this size... it has really good throw still (how far the scent carries) but it's not bulky, and it look really cute when it's lit. I also  really enjoy the scent of this. I bought the Slatkin & Co. "Twisted Peppermint" back in November which is like a sweet/vanilla peppermint scent. This candle is similar in the 'idea' of the smell in that its sweet and minty but it also smells kind of fresh and not sickeningly sweet. It smells more like a mint after-dinner mint. Overall, I just really like these little candles. They burn 25-40 hours, which is pretty decent, and you can pick up 2-3 scents for the price of one of the large jar candles, which for people who like a bit of variety (me) that's really nice. It's the same reason I love tarts so much. (Thanks Matt & Tara!!) 

Adorable Office Supplies

I picked up these cute pencils at Wal-Mart recently because I always find myself with 1,000 pens and no pencils. I love how cute the colors are! Also for Christmas, my mom got me this cute red/orange zebra large post-it note pad and I'm kind of in lurve. I love adorable office supplies. Maybe it's weird but they just make me happy. I know that sounds ridiculous but they're the little things in day-to-day life that make it fun. 

Again for Christmas, my sister got these 5lb weights for me because I'd mentioned that I wanted to try and tone up my arms more. I've really been liking having them around. What I like most about these particular weights is that instead of being plastic on the outside they're more of a rubber-esque material so they're not slick (which could be a problem if your hands are sweaty!) And yes- that's right. I lift 5lbs.... I fully admit that my arm strength is pathetic.

Pretty Flowers

Not much to say about these except for, who DOESN'T enjoy having fresh pretty flowers around. I'm convinced that having fresh colorful flowers can brighten anyone's day :).

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Little Things

Let your imagination wander and assume what you want as far as the main subject matter (I personally plead my fifth amendment right). But it's moments like these where you remember life's too short and just have to have fun and laugh a little. :) Thought I'd share... Happy Monday everyone!

PS- I suggest turning on something funky like "Cupid Shuffle" while reading this. Much more fun... 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Project Slim Down

Cliche timing as ever, my project slim down started a few days after new years day. I said in my resolutions blog that I wanted to lose some weight because again, I have NO idea what happened this fall, but I just kind of let my general well being go. I was sick all the time, I gained 10lbs, and just in general... was not healthy. So its a new dawn, a new day, it's a new life for me..... just kidding (but do you get the reference?) but tomorrow's always a new day to fresh start if you're unhappy. =I decided it was time to get back on track. I wasn't feeling very confident about myself  and in general I'm just not feeling good in my skin lately. So I have teamed up with my twitter-friend Jill and we're on a mission to lose some pounds and get in shape again!

Short-term (5-6 weeks depending on when you count my "start" date)

- I want to lose 5-6lbs by Valentine's Day. I honestly think its pretty doable if I do enough cardio (meaning that I run 4-5 days a week). I mean many people will try to do that in 4 weeks, and I got an extra two weeks on that.
- Drink more water.
- Keep sweets down to ONE small-moderate portion per day (one handful of M&Ms)

Long-term (May 19th, or 18 weeks from yesterday)

-Lose 12lbs
-Drink more water
-Work on toning up arm muscles

- For the next few weeks until the semester starts I am going to try and run three days during the week, and at least one weekend day.
- When the semester starts I want to run about three days of the "work week" (I know every day probably won't happen so by planning on not getting to the gym every day, I won't be disappointed). And one on the weekend. Okay... so I guess semester and non-semester cardio plans are the same... woops!
- On my days "off" from running I am going to spend approximately 30 minutes using my little dumbbells to work on getting some arm weight, doing a moderate amount of sit ups (nothing crazy, I don't care about having abs), stretching, and yoga type exercise. I am also considering getting some 'exercise dvds' just to mix it up!
- I also want to "plan" on taking one day a week off. My body needs a day to relax, and I need to have a day where I won't feel guilty for wanting to sleep in, or I don't feel like going to the gym!

Ideas to make it fun & interesting
- I've gone ahead and bought theeee cutest food journal in the world (see below). I plan on writing down everything I eat each day, and monitoring my water intake each day.... I also just want to jot down what I do as far as physical activity. As bad as it sounds... I think buying a cute journal to do it in will make me way more likely to do it. I mean- seriously who wouldn't want to whip this cute journal out every day?

2-  My dad bought my mom, sister, and I the most adorable Tervis Tumblers for Christmas (see below) and I think that having a cute cup to carry around will encourage me to drink more water. Plus, this has a straw and I drink a lot more when I drink from a straw. This might sound strange but I swear I get less "full" when I drink from a straw (like I can drink more water- because I dont feel as filled up to capacity). Anyway... I think if this works I'll treat myself to a second tumbler along this journey... because using this same one every day might wear it out! But ONLY if I'm good and do what I say, other wise I'm just buying junk I don't need! (I mean its still really cute- but my theory is that I'm using it for water, so if it's not being used for that purpose, I don't need another one)

3- Setting a mid-way goal "treat". My friend Jill (who as I mentioned earlier, I'm doing this with via emailing, thank god for smart phones) suggested that if she had a "treat" at the end she'd feel more motivated. I completely agree, especially if you specifically say that no, if I don't do this I can have that. For example, my treat is that if I lose 5-6lbs by Valentine's day I am allowed to buy myself a cute dress or a new top/sweater for whatever "date" Zach and I plan on going on. If I don't meet it? Tough luck. It's good motivation to get there, because my goal is attainable and reasonable. (Hers, if your curious, is some of the pretty new makeup in MACs new collection or something for Valentine's day too ;)) 
4- Speaking of Jill- my last suggestion, find someone to hold you accountable... and honestly I don't think it should be your husband/boyfriend/fiance (or wife/girlfriend/fiancee). This is kind of for a few reasons. One being that these people sincerely worry about you (and sometimes a little bit too much) and they think that oh you're having a bad day, you should take the day off (which is fine every once in a while, but I think Zach would suggest if I was stressed every day that I take EVERY DAY off :P). Also, I think you might find it 'nagging' if they were constantly asking you if you worked out that day (I'm really guilty of this...). Plus all around I just think it's more fun with a girlfriend (or your buddy) it's a good excuse to chit chat during the day... and I mean you're friends so if you slip up and eat a whole bag of M&Ms (and I don't mean the cute kind you can get at the grocery store... I mean like 1lb bags... lol) they won't judge you and be like oh you're AWFUL, but they'll help you find solutions. 

Alright, this is kind of long but it's something I really wanted to talk about. I just am really excited about this. I have no idea what my big "treat" will be when I lose all 12lbs because it can't be anything that requires too much commitment in advance (for example, a trip on a certain date). Anyway- if you read all this you are absolutely awesome and I really do applaud you!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolutions

So- I've kind of been off the wagon for making new years resolutions for I think two or three years- I think I did them my sophomore year of college but that was the last time. So I guess that actually works out to only actually missing one years worth, not too bad. To be honest I love making resolutions about change because I like to thing of having a 'fresh' clean start, but there's not a whole lot I feel the need to "change" this year... so I think this is going to be more of a mix of things I want to do in 2011 mixed in with some resolutions.

#1- Get back to the gym, and vary my workout routine. For almost the entire month of December I got out of the habit of hitting the gym. Part of it was that December was a really stressful month for me between work, school, finals, and getting a pretty horrendous "won't go away cold." The other part was that I think I just needed some time "off". I asked for freehand weights for Christmas and my sister got them for me, and I have a yoga mat, so while I want to get back into running too, I also want to work on toning up some muscles. But most definitely incorporated into this category is to lose the 6-7lbs I've gained over the fall. (Yes, the little cliche bells are going off.)

#2- Read more for fun. I think I underestimate sometimes how much reading keeps me relaxed this past fall/summer I hardly read for fun but with the purchase of my kindle I am going to attempt to take 30minutes a day to read just for fun. I should have a little more time this spring since I'll only have one accounting class (technically two I guess...)

#3- Relax more. I don't know WHAT happened this fall but I felt almost constantly stressed and burnt out (hence why I think I got four colds and needed a month break from the gym after finals). I really don't want to do that to myself again. I only get to be this young once- I want to enjoy it.

#4- FINALLY make some wedding plans! We have a date set, but since it's not until the end of 2012 I've never bothered to start looking into making actual plans. This obviously won't be until the later part of 2011 but it's time to start!

#5- Start saving for a town-home with Zach.

#6- Take a CPA review course, and at least one part of the CPA.

#7- Take at least a "mini" vacation (3-5 days) with Zach. Not sure where, or with what money, but I haven't been on an honest to God vacation since I was probably in 8th grade.

#8- Run more 5k's.

#9- Learn to cook more things, and try to expand my pallet.

#10- Sleep more! I've gotten into an awful habit of getting about 4-6.5 hours of sleep a night for five or six days in a row and that is NOT good for you!