Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nobody's Perfect.

1- I have a chronic condition that leads to my inability to ever turn a library book in on time.
2- I get lost everywhere I go.
3- I'm moody and the most irritable person ever sometimes- for pretty much no rational reason at all.
4- I can't resist buying a lip-gloss (or twelve) when it's on sale.
5- I screen my calls.
6- I'm that girl that never knows the right words to the songs but sings along anyway.
7- I leave my hair everywhere I go. I know, super gross. I can't help it. It just falls out and I can't be held liable for knowing the precise location of every single hair on my head at all times. So... sometimes they just kind of... find new homes.
8- I crack my toes all the time.
9- I never respond to events on facebook.
10- I bite my straws.
11- I'm never "satisfied" or complacent. I'm always looking for the next step or more.
12- I am an awful speller. Awful.
13- Sometimes my playful hitting is harder than I intend it to be.
14- I can be pretty selfish.
15- I have no idea where half the states are in our country, and if you were to ask me to point to a foreign country I'd probably point to google. I have no idea where anything in this big world is.
16- When it rains I want sun, when it's sunny I want rain.
17- My skin is allergic to pretty much everything. So is my nose. I sneeze so much that my cube neighbor knows my sneeze pattern.
18- I romanticize everything.
19- I sparknote'd the classics in highschool. Shh- don't tell.
20- I do laundry and fold it, and never seem to be able to actually put it away.
21- I always get nail polish on the outside of my nailbed when I paint my nails.
22- I'll only read chic-lit. I'll only watch chic-flicks. And I honestly like love songs best.
23- I have to have my papers organized in straight piles or I get agitated.
24- I can't keep a pair of shoes clean for more than 2 weeks.
25- If I want a cupcake and I plan to eat it while watching One Tree Hill and someone starts talking to me and ruins my cupcake eating plan... I have to start over again. I have to experience the perfect moment I planned.