Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Happiness

Saturday January 19, 2013
A couple of things:
1- My CPA Certificate came int he mail!
2- Wellsfargo conceded that I was correct about not needed to increase our escrow payment and sent us back a check for all the extra money we'd paid into it since July and lowered our mortgage payment about 75 dollars.
3- Went to the gym before work which is exciting for tax season.
4- Wrote an article for MCE that I think I did a good job on.
5- I had a blueberry muffin for breakfast. YUM!

Sunday January 20, 2013
I woke up feeling like I had hit my head on a brick wall and super raucous, so the fact that I can come up with things for this day makes me a super hero.
1- I got to watch Scrubs!
2- My wonderful husband ran to Target with my vague instructions on which type of Sudafed I wanted and somehow got the right kind.
3- By the time the 49ers won I was feeling relatively back to normal, except for a small headache and being tired.
4- Cliff was being the biggest snuggle bug in the world.