Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Thoughts

#1- This morning I woke up to find that my power had gone out at roughly 5AM. I slept til 10 on and off, and then got up for real at 10. For the next hour and a half I felt like a pilgrim. I had my candle lit, my books out. I was studying!! Around 11:30 the power came back on. I have been MUCH less productive.

#2- I really wish I had gone ahead and bought a coffee maker before the semester starts. My birthday is Tuesday so maybe I'll buy myself a birthday present.

#3- I never understand why whenever there is snow, every church closes, except the one my fiance attends. They canceled their Saturday night service, and their 8:30AM Sunday service, but it's never going to be above freezing tomorrow, so how is it any safer at 9:30 than it is at 8:30??? I just don't get it! Stay home! God will forgive you for not risking your lives on the road!

#4- The thought of curling up in my bed, reading about investments with my PowerZero and mini high-lighter is getting me groggy. :) Is it nerdy that I'm looking forward to finishing my blog so I can do that???

#5- Of the like 6 thank you notes I wrote two weeks ago I still have 2 more to mail. Woops!

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