Friday, February 5, 2010

Hair suggestion

Hello hello hello! Sorry for all my male blog readers, this post (and my last) are kind of girly! Woops, stay tuned though, I'll get back to my normal blogs momentarily. Anyway, tonight I was doing my nails (see post below) and my hair was really bugging me because it was down and kind of poofy/wavy from having been in a braid earlier. I'd already pinned the front pieces up in the center, and so I pulled it up in a lose pony tail and flipped it inside out, and it created a really pretty look (or so says my room-mate C). I didn't take a picture of the front because my face is really icky looking at the moment, but the pieces in the front are still pretty lose so they frame my face nicely. Here's a picture of the back view though:

I kind of like the way it shows off the natural highlights in my hair. My hair falls just below my shoulders when it's down, so I'm not sure how this would look with hair much shorter than mine, but I think it looks prettier than just a normal pony. What do you think? I'm sure everyone has done this before, and I'm the last to do it, but let me know anyway :)

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Bex said...

I used to have a book of hairstyles and this one was in it! I like it!