Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

#1- Okay that Ops. Management test may not have been as hard as I was letting myself believe. In fact, to be fair it wasn't so bad. Disclaimer: I reserve the right to retract this statement in a few days when we get the test grades back. Anything under a 92% and I'll probably call it an unfair test. Ahem. Some of us like to set curves.

#2- It really bothers me when people lack the simple consider of others. For example (this hasn't happened to me but other things of a similar but not identical nature have) if you're having a party and you know that the walls are thin. Consider that your next door neighbor probably doesn't to hear it. I just don't understand how people can be so thoughtless as to not consider that kind of stuff.

#3- It is absolutely mind blowing to me that the earthquake in Chile was since intense that the days are now 1.26 microseconds shorter. That is pretty intense. On a side/related note, I'm really glad everyone in my friend Diego's family who lives there ended up okay. (Or as okay as someone whose lived through such a big event can be I supposed).

#4- I think that Diet Cherry Pepsi is a highly under-rated diet soda. So yummy.

#5- I only got four hours of sleep last night as a result of events similar to those mentioned in item #2. I am grumpy and tired as a result. Not okay with that.

Alright.. I'm just kind of out of thoughts for the moment. I hope everyone is having a good week. :) It's almost halfway over!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Someone has a case of the Monday's

And that someone is me!  Here are some of the thoughts swimming around in my head right now.

#1- I have so much to due and get done this week. I have a test at 8AM tomorrow, I have to find time to meet with my group after 3PM today and before 3PM on Wednesday tod oour tax adjusting entries for accounting, which are due Wednesday. I need to finish a Peachtree project for another class (due Thursday) and then Friday I have a take-home test due, a debate (which oh, by the way, I have to meet with my group for Wednesday night, and probs Thursday) and a 7PM "make-up" class on Friday.Worst. Week. Ever.

#2- It's cold. I know it's way warmer than it has been. But it's still cold. I want to wear jeans and a short sleeve shirt and my Rainbows to class. Not boots up to my knees, a sweater and a wool peacoat.

#3- I need high-intensity jams for my 10 mile run on Sunday. Leave me suggestions people. If I die because I have to listen to the Backstreet Boys on mile 7, I am holding you all personally responsible.

#4- I am getting my nails painted over my spring break. . . and that thought is sadly keeping me going.

#5- I want to go to the Outter Banks! I mentioned that in like my 4th blog post, and I still want to go. It's so pretty, and beachy, and light-housey, and there's this really yummy resturant where the waitstaff don't wear shoes (legit. we went there last time we were down, we were served all you can eat banana puddin' from a guy not wearing shoes. epic). Anyway, I awnt to go but I don't have the money to go down even for a night I don't think over spring break. :( Oh well- I guess it'd still be cold there in 2 weeks.

Alright- I'm gonna go and be productive. X's & O's.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

4th Grade Through the Years

Enjoy <3

Sorry Again!

I know I've gotten really slacky on the updates lately, I just feel like nothing of particular interest is going on in my life lately. But alas... I'll give you some tidbits of insight into my life.

#1- Yesterday I got a blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts and it was pure heaven. I took it to SU where  I found a big comfy chair to devour it in. It was heaven. I'm starting to understand how people can go to Starbucks and just sit there for hours.

#2- I can't get to sleep early anymore. And I always get extremely tired and unproductive at about 6 or 7PM. Not sure what to do about that.

#3- I was cleaning my iTunes library last night and I discovered that I own an unreasonable amount of Rascal Flatts. I seriously think I have like 30-40 songs by them alone. It is way extreme.

#4- I still can't make up my mind about whether or not I want to do the 10 mile or the 5k. I'm having a hard time. I'm going running with my friend Katy later, and hopefully that'll make my decision easier.

#5- I need new tunes for the gym. Feel free to leave me lots of ghetto music suggestions. :)

#6- I downloaded a Taylor Swift song yesterday. I am so ashamed of myself. Please don't stop being my friend.

#7- I watched too much L&O SVU last night before bed. I went to sleep and was paranoid that a person was going to come and attack me. *sigh* It's so good! Why do I have to get all scardy cat??

#8- Mr. Terrible from eBay who sold me a broken iTouch case sent me a replacement this week. I take back all the things I said about him relating to his business operations. I do not take back all the things I said about his personality. He's still a jerk.

#9- I added Eye of the Tiger to my "Gym Playlist" I'm not gonna lie. I'm really looking forward to it coming on while I'm on the treadmill. I know. Too cool for school.

#10- Yesterday I heard this song on the radio by Lil' Wayne called Bed Rock and I texted my two friends Callie & Lissa and I was like... "Does this song really say Call me Mr. Flinstone, cause I can make your bed rock??? Seriously???" And they were both like oh it grows on you. And I was like pft. no way. I came home and youtube'd it. I listened to it once more. I then downloaded it. Guess I was wrong. ahaha story of my life.