Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Additions?!

Tuesday Thoughts!

#1- I watched a guy fall on campus earlier and I felt really bad for him because he looked really flustered and embarrassed. I wish I'd taken the tumble, I care less what other people think about me. Plus, I was walking with Z. and he would have helped me up :o)

#2- Everyone is hyping this impending snow (tonight's and this weekends) as if it's going to be 12 feet. I hate to break it to everyone... but usually when they call for the big stuff it ends up missing us completely. I really doubt we're going to get another 12 inches, or even 6. As for tonight, I'll be surprised if we get more than a dusting. Yes I'm being cynical, but it does allow for pleasant surprises.

#3- My horoscope told me that this month I'll have a "new addition" to my life... since I already have a best friend, and a fiance, and I know my momma isn't going to give me another sibling, I've decided that this new addition is most definitely the puppy that Z.'s been saying he'll get me "someday". Woo! I hope he's as cute as Teddy.

#4- I cut my nails last night, and as always, I cut one too short. I always do that! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to STOP doing that??

#5- It really bothers me when people have like full albums dedicated to close up pictures of them. You know what I mean, the "myspace pictures" that we all so fondly took back in 2006?  Yeah thoseeee pictures. It just seems like such an "id" thing to do. Yes, id! I'm using psychology! Id is the part of the personality (I think???) that controls selfish actions. (Id= childlike Ego=normalish Superego=selfless actions). Anyway, the id is what most psychologist use to describe adolescent behavior, and I just feel like the act of talking a million pictures of oneself making "kissy" and "pouty" and "muscle" poses is just very id-like. Okay rant over!

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Liz said...

Ugh I can't stand that either. I was on facebook earlier and one of these girls had 3 albums just of pictures of herself and her boobs. They were all titled "me" and "more me". How egocentric, 3000 pictures of just yourself!