Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's in my Purse?

What's in my purse video! :o)

Enjoyyy! And let me know if you like this type of post, because if you do I'll do more of the ltitle tags going around on youtube sometime.

PS. For some reason when I uploaded this to youtube it went out of sync :( So I'm talking and youre actually hearing what I say at dif. times. Sorrry!

Favorite Songs to Turn Up Real Loud (Current)

o I want to download some new songs to put on my phone (Which I take to the gym with me during the sem.) And these are some of my current favorites, that I want to remember to add to my music collection. :o) But I thought I'd share!

#1 (This really is my favorite of the moment!) Cascada- Evacuate the Dance Floor

#2 Iyaz- Replay

(The irony is that I almost always have to listen to this song more than once!)

#3 Jason Derula- Whatcha Say

I just loveeee the "Whatcha say" part so much :P
 #4 Jay Sean- Down

#5 Orianthi- According to You

#6 Jason Derulo- In my Head

#7 Miley Cryus- Party in the USA

(Oh don't lie. You know you love it too! I have literally witnessed a car full of 20 something guys blaring this song and getting their grooves on. Quite possibly one of the most awkward and amusing moments of my life. )

#8 Shakera- Give it Up to Me

(So this music video is a bit provocative, but I really like the chorus, and it's a really high energy song, again- good for running.)

#9 Ke$ha- Tik Tok

#10 Justin Beiber- One Less Lonely Girl

(Okay, so this isn't something I'd necessarely run to. BUT this little boy is adorable! And I do like this song, and I couldn't find a #10 that I'd run to, and I can't have an odd number, SO I included this. :o) Bite me!)

Awesome Game :o)

Did anyone else love Tetris when you were little?? I did! And I discovered this version of it today courtesy of SXEPhil! It's awesome! When you push down to move your pieces down it moves the screen down. Oh but it gets better! If you rotate your piece... the whole game screen moves! Def. a challenge for any other tetris fiends out there! :o) The game can be found at: ! Enjoyyy!!!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

#1- I watched 6 episodes of Bones today at work while scanning people's text books. I felt like a big lazy butt, but I'm about to watch some more.
#2- Ran four miles today after work, outside. It felt soooo nice to run outside again! Too bad I discovered a little icy (and by little I  mean a 20 foot stretch of road) patch. :P Luckily I didn't fall!
#3- Diet Pepsi/Diet Coke/Diet Dr. Pepper = favorite thing about life.
#4- Cramps = The Worst
#5- I really want to own a Wii, even though I get bored playing video games.
#6- I saw this comercial the other day for an exercise game for the Wii, (and your computer) that had like a little camera and it tracks your movements and it tells you when you've done an exercise right. I really want to know what it was calld because since you can use it with your computer and NOT just a video game system, I would consider purchasing it.
#7- Had to go to Wal-Mart today. Always the worst experience of my life.
#8- I got into my pj's at 5:30 today. I am suchhh a slacker.
#9- I wanna go visit my big sister, but I can just not seem to find an economically feasable way to do this.
#10- Brennen on Bones (aka Bones on Bones) always wanted a pet pig when she was little. I also, always wanted a pet pig when I was little. I find this to be just another sign from God that I am meant to be with SASB.
#11- Speaking of pigs. When I was little my dad used to call me in the room when pigs came on the news and cut out the articles in the paper about pigs. Now, he points me in the direction of the aricles that mention PKS, where P stands for Pigg. I find this highly ironic.
#12- I read my horoscope on iGoogle every day... but I can never figure out what they mean.
#13- Phillies season is getting close <3 <3 <3 <3 Don't know what I'm going to do without Robot Cliff Lee to oggle over. Perhaps Lidge will pull his act together this season, and if worst comes to worst I'll just drool over Hamels and Utley. <3
#14- I really need to file and paint my nails. Whenever I have long nails I scratch at myself in my sleep and really irritate my skin.
#15- Birthday is getting close!! 25 days :o) Too bad it'll probably be super boring :(

How Cuteeeeeeee!

Please tell me how absolutely adorable this sheet set is!

They're on bed bath and and they are so so so so so adorable! I love them, and would totally beg for them for my birthday but I have an oatmeal colored comforter and I just don't think that color would look so great with it. :/ If it were more of a chocolate, I would whine and beg. But anyway, I just had to share them for any giraffe print lovers out there !!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Does anyone else have this problem?

Okay, so I completely love shows like Law & Order, NCIS, Bones, etc... but I seem to have a problem with watching too much of them or too late at night. Lately I've been working my way through the whole Bones series (if you haven't noticed with my constant droolings over SASB- don't worry I won't be able to stand it in 6 months). Anyway, because of that by the time I'm ready to go to sleep at night I am convinced that I am just going to be Bones' next big case! And it happens all the time! With Law & Order, and NCIS, and other like "cold case" specials on TV. I really need to stop watching them but they're so interesting! :P Sooo anyone else ever have that problem!?

Things I like

I have a friend who used to make lists like this, so I thought I'd steal the idea for today's blog!

1. Coffee with lots of cream and sugar. I know it defeats the purpose of not just getting one of the yummy, calorie loaded, drinks to begin with... but it's so yummy! :o)
2. Specail Agent Seeley Booth
3. Pizza with lots of meaty topings on it
4. White wine and champagne
5. Mexican Food
6. Headbands
7. Picture Frames and Photo albums
8. Personalized/custom things
9. Giraffe and Zebra print (only in small things, not for example, on a shirt)
10. Colorful stuff
11. Having my toe nails painted pink
12. Beef Jerky and Peanuts
13. Dogs
14. NCIS
15. Pillows
16. Candles
17. Big purses
18. Perfume
19. Scarves
20. Foot rubs
21. Cute flats
22. Sparkles
23. Hershey Kisses and M&M's
24. Dimples
25. Fuzzy Blankets

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Thought of the Moment

I'm watching Bones at the moment, and someone just said the word dazzled. As in, "He was dazzled by you." And I have decided that I don't think dazzled is used nearly enough. I know it's used in Twilight, but I just think it should be used more in every day life. I mean it realyl does suggest a really intense feeling of interest and admiration. Alright, just my two cents. :P

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pet peeves!

Okay! So we all know that I love to be grumpy and complain about life. So, I figured nothing better than a pet peeves blog!

#1 Dirtiness and Filth
I completely understand and accept that some people are not as OCD and clean as me. (I am guilty of leaving my bed up made and having piles of clothes but it's all organized chaos, and even my dirty is still organized). However, what I cannot understand is people who are just filthy and blatent about it. A few summers ago my friends A & M were in my car and discovered my "dirty little secret". I had tons, and tons, and tons, and TONS of McDonalds bags hidden under my passenger seat. When A went to move the seat she found them all. I was MORTIFIED. And it was kind of based on that moment, that I concluded I am not a dirty person. And I feel like if you're dirty, or just leave crap laying around all the time, it's not a good representation of yourself. Being organized and clean are really important life skills in my opinion and they shouldn't be neglected. I just can't fathom how people live in just complete nastiness. Ugh. It is is gross. If I keep thinking about all the messes in the world I'll probably feel the need to get out my pledge, so I'll stop.

The aforementioned "dirty car" fiasco. I was so embarassed! But I can come clean. It was after all, almost 2 years ago.

#2 A-motivational syndrome.
Another thing that I find incredibly irritating is that some people just float through life and never put energy into anything. Even if it doesn't affect me and is something so little as a class mate not doing a presentation (that has no bearing on my grade) it just frustrates me. I don't understand why people just don't do things, or why people do such a medicre job at things if they even do them at all. I guess this goes back to the "How you're portraying yourself" idea that came up in PP#1. If you do a lazy presentation, or you don't do one at all, you're not putting a good image out there. It says nothing positive about you at all. I just can't get my head around why it is that people just don't do things.

#3 People who have everything and work for nothing
Disclaimer: My parents do pay for my room and rent, however I do afford my own bills, groceries, toiletries, books/additional education costs, and most of my standard car related issues. (I recently had a $640 car expense that my dad's helping me take care of while I pay him back in installments). To handle these expenses I currently work about 35 hours a week in the summer, and 10 hours a week during the school year at minimum wage. Last year I took home less than $5000 after taxes.

Okay, so here's my rant. I go to a school where a lot of people come from pretty privilaged families near the big cities. Because of this, their parents are able to get them nicer than average things, and keep them kind of 'cutting edge'. That's not really my complaint. I don't mind that other people have nicer things than me, or more than me. That's fine. That's life. Someone always has more, and plenty more have way less. However, what really gets my panties in a twist is when people have things like brand new cars, thousand dollar purses, designer clothes, and fancy electronics, and they don't do anything. They don't work (not even during the summer), they don't take care of their nice things, and when they go around acting as if these items make them entitled. That! I just can't deal with. I have always believed in "help those who help themselves." For example, if I've been working my butt off to pay for my text books, my mom might buy me a thing of nail polish I liked, or a book at Barns & Noble. However, if I just sat on my butt all year piddling my life away at parties, I wouldn't be provided these nice things. I'd have to work for them. And I just really hate the coddling that these people are getting from their parents and society. Yes, I really do think it will come and bite them in the bottom one day. But for now, they're still #3 on my pet peeve list.

#4 People who have big, scary, dogs and make no attempt to train them
Some dogs take a while to train, some dogs are just stubborn, some dogs are just flat out HARD to train. However, everyone needs to at least make an attempt to train theri dog. ESPECIALLY if you're dog is a stereotypical dangerous breed, weighs more than 50lbs, and/or can jump up and put their paws on your shoulders. This isn't to say that smaller breeds shouldn't be trained as well, but if you're dog can pose danger to a full grown human being you NEED to train it. There is no excuse.

#5 Chewing
I really hate when I can hear people chowing down on their food. I know we all make noises when we eat. However I find the noises repulsive and quite infuriating if I'm already in an unpleasent mood.

This list could go out forever. However, I'll stop at #5 and save some more for a rainy day :o)

Favorite Youtube Make-Up Guru's

If you've never checked out youtube's makeup guru's, you really should. Some of them are really creative, and even better some of them do fun contests and give aways (not that I've ever won any, but I never win at anything). Incase you're interested in discovering some, or haven't ever seen any, I thought I'd list some of my favorite's and links to their channels. (These are in no particular order.

#1 Bubblegumprincess -
**She did just have a beautiful baby boy, so she probably won't be uploading quite so many for a couple months!!**

#2 Juicystar07 -

#3 Allthatglitters21 -

(Sidenote: #2&#3 are sisters, how cute!)

#4 Lollipop26 -

#5 Brittanymakeup -


I know, I know, I know. I have been a neglectful blogger the past few days! I will make it up to you possibly, but probably not. Alas, here are some updates for you.

Update #1
I HAVE THE INTERNSHIP!!! And it's paid!!! And it's full time!!!! (Except, I can totally take off every friday and work 32 hours a week, OR work 40 hours a week one week, and 32 the next, because they're closed every other Friday in the summer anyway. But alas, I am so excited! And kind of scared too. I am really good at getting good grades in accounting but I am a tid bit worried about actually knowing what I'm doing... The man incharge of the internship advised me to take a financial planning class if I have time because it's really helpful because that's a lot of what they do, so I may look into that. (If I can find the time to do it).

Update #2
I stole Z's season one of Bones when he was watching the Eagles lose the other night, and I only have two episodes left. I am pretty excited. However, the problem is, I always watch these shows, alone and at night, so I do kind of get scared that I am going to be the next set of bones that Bones is looking at. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get over it! (By the by, if anyone has seen the episode where Bones goes to New Orleans, I saw that one last night and nearly peed my pants. Terrifying)

Update #3
Last week the doctor that I had to dive through hoops to get up with finally got up with me. I now have to wait an astonishing three months for my visit. Awesome! But hey, at least I have a Dr's appointment.

Update #4
As some of you may know I've wanted a Westie (West Highland White Terrier) for a good three years. However, as of lately, I think I am beginning to consider another dog breed. (GASP)! I know, I know, I know, I DID have the most perfect name picked up. Which by the way, I will not be sharing over the internet because I consider it to be kind of like Charlotte's "Secret Baby Name" on Sex and the City, and you know, people just steal Super Secret Baby Names, like it's nothing. So naturally, I am not willing to take that chance. Anyway, I am starting to consider a Pembrook Welsh Corgi. First of all, they have a different coat than the Westie, so they're less maintenance. Also, they are relatively less expensive (closer to $500 for an AKC as opposed to $1000). And on top of that, they're just easier to find.

With that being said, I've had a lot of trouble thinking up names for my new possible little guy (which I'm still not going to get for another year and a half). It took me almost a whole year of Economics calsses to come up with the Westie's names (I had a boy and a girl name picked), so I'm not sure when I'll figure out one for a Corgi. Ah well. I'll figure it out! :P