Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Thoughts

*gasp* I know, lo and behold, it's already almost 9:30 and I haven't posted a single blog yet today. Woops. My bad!  Anyway, here's what has been on my mind today!

#1- MY EYES ITCH! Yes, they itch so bad! I don't know what it is, but I've been rubbing them so much (save the lecture, I know it's not good) that the skin just outside the corner of my eye is bright red and stings. Wonderfulllll.

#2- I have a roomie for next year! woo woo!

#3- Z. says I absolutely have to finish school and therefore cannot drop out and start a puppy village. Drats.

#4- Today at the gym I did 7 miles on the bike and 6 on the elliptical. I think I might wake up tomorrow and find I don't have legs.


#6- It is officially February and tomorrow is Groundhogs day, ie ONE WEEK BEFORE EMILY'S BIRTHDAY (aka best day ever). Then Valentine's Day :o) Which is basically just an excellent excuse to wear pink... if you ask me. I love "The Holidays" :o)

#7- I probably have a million dollar fine on my lib. card because I keep forgetting to renew books. I will do that now! Or not.. apparently you can only get $1.95 overdue and then they just max you out... so I guess that's my fine. Woops. They were only due 12 days ago. I'll have to take care of that this weekend.

#8- I am jonsing for a diet coke. I think I have a minor addiction.

#9- I love my room at college minus the whole having a whale for a neighbor thing. It's so cozyyy <3

#10- I wish I could find a way to make a few extra bucks here and there. However, Perdue hasn't signed me up for a taste test in months AND I don't have any more DVD's to sell. Ideas? (Please don't suggest thigns as time consuming as Avon/MaryKay)


Casey said...

Hey Emily (it's Casey)

As for the making money...

-have anything to sell on Ebay? That's normally nice if you have something you don't want anymore like old ipods/mp3, coats, unused things, etc.

-could you babysit on weeknights/weekends? Normally you can still do your hw while watching kids.

-Could you tutor a subject? I'm sure there are some freshman accounting people that would like help...put up signs around campus for subjects you know you could tutor well. Normal tutoring sessions are 1-1/2 hours.

-This is more of a saving option--but don't spend any change (only break whole dollars). Brian and I have been doing this for laundry money, and in a couple months we have 50 dollars already :)

-Could you provide a service to friends/family/neighbors? Could you clean people's houses and/or apartment, go grocery shopping for busy families/working people?

I'm just throwing ideas out there--hope one works for you :)


Bex said...

babysitting sounds like a great idea.

put ads on your blog. (jk)