Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful!

There is no other way to say it! I've been thinking that this snow wasn't that big of a deal and it wasn't even half as much as we got last weekend but it turns out, it's almost as much, if not MORE than we got last weekend! Woops, guess having a window that over looks a parking lot leads to delusions. My bad! Anyway, here are some updated images!

I always think its a good idea to go out in the snow without shoes on, as you can see by my foot print in this picture. I don't know that I necessarely think it's a "good idea" but I just can't be bothered with putting shoes on. Unfortunately my feetsies went numb rather quickly, so I decided to come inside and put on my mamouth crocs (so fuzzy and warm!!)

PS- This is in the covered balcany area of my apartment!

 Out in front of the apartment, the parking lot. Do you see that like gray pool in the center of the parking lot?? That's where they plowed last night (but not today???). It was a pool of slush until about an hour ago. Now it's snow covered slush. That is going to freeze and be a BIG problem tomorrow!

This was really cool when I first saw it. I walked over and like a wave of snow went flying, it looked like ocean spray. Obviously it was the wind, but it was really cool looking.

The road and back spot behind my apartment building. Obviously its a little snowier than I realized.

The snow covered ground. This is pretty uninteresting I just thought it was a testimony to how well covered the ground is.

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