Saturday, January 30, 2010


I love being form the city I'm from. Everytime we get so much as a FLURRY everyone updates their facebook statuses. Those who like it say, "OH MY GOD IT'S SNOWING OH MY GOD IT'S SNOWING! IF YOU DON'T LIKE SNOW YOU STINK!!" And those who hate it say, "UGH STUPID SNOW STUPID SNOW STUPID SNOW STUPIDDD SNOWW" But literally, everyone has something to say about it.

I live in an area that generally gets more rain than snow in the winter, and normally you hear people ask, "Can you imagine if this were snow??" Well today, it was snow. We officially got "9" inches. However, this was at 7pm, and it's been snowing since then, and even then, there were readings closer to 11 inches. Drifts however, were probably ranging anywhere from 15-20 inches. Pretty big deal, considering the town will shut down for a dusting.

This is the street behind my apartment (a fairly busy side road on a normal day) at 5:30PM.

Here's another image without my flash on. The pictures a little bit blurry- but all and all you get the idea. This does no justice to the actual AMOUNT of snow we got.  Just how snowy the roads are.

This sould give you a better idea! That's my foot in the snow this afternoon. It hit up to my midcalf and I'm 5ft 7inchs :P

What do you think about snow? Love it? Hate it? My opinion today? Annoying. The snow has left me cooped up most of the day. And unforunately the college I go to hates to cancel classes (even though almost 75% of the students are commuters)... so it's likely that I'll spend all weekend cooped up only to have to go back to classes on Modnay. Not. A. Fan.

Did that really just happen?

So I like many other people in the world who haven't just started going to the gym this month, hate the month of January. Why? Because everyone decides to go to the gym in January (and June FYI- trying to get in shape for the summer, as if you can do so in just a month). Anyway, with these gym "newbies" come some major complaints.

This morning I was at the gym, when I first got to the treadmill room, about 8 of the 10 treadmills were taken. However, in the 40 minutes I was there it emptied out a bit, so I guess this next thing isn't "so big" of a deal. Alas, on about minute 17 of my run girl in pink sweatpants comes in. Girl in pink sweatpants gets on the treadmill. She starts messing with her phone, and I was like," Oh she must be getting her music set up, or finishing a text message before she starts to run." That would have made complete sense, I do that kind of stuff all the time. However, girl in pink sweatpants stands on the treadmill texting for about 5 minutes. Then, I hear someone talking, and I think they're talking to me, so I look over. Color me surprised, girl in pink sweatpants is literally standing on the treadmill having a phone conversation. Really girl in pink sweat pants, really? For minutes 23-26 girl in pink sweatpants chats on the phone merrily, while standing on the treadmill. After she got off the phone, I assume she's going to start actually working out. I was wrong. Girl in pink sweatpants decided to text on the phone for another 5 minutes. REALLY GIRL IN PINK SWEATPANTS, REALLY?! Finally, after about 15 minutes of literally just standing on the treadmill, girl in pink sweatpants starts to walk. I thought she was easing into it since she wasn't walking at a very quick pace. However, after about 5 or 6 minutes, she was still walking at a snail like pace. And I do understand that people need to ease into exercise, or else they could really get hurt but why couldn't girl in pink sweatpants text and talk on the phone, while walking at her snail like pace.

It's very frustrating because people come to the gym as part of a routine, and actually really want to use the machines. And more than once I've had to wait upwards of 10 minutes for a machine because people were just walking and walking and talking on their phones and texting on the machines. If you're not going to actually USE the machine, please get off of it. I consider power walking at least a somewhat justifiable use of a machine, especially when it's obvious that you're just starting to work out. But 2.0 miles per hour is not challenging yourself!!!

OPI Love

Remember how the other day I mentioned that I'd be painting my nails this weekend? With the surplus of snow, and the lack of social life, I had plenty of time. This weeks color? "It's all Greek To Me" by OPI.
I thought this was a fun shade since Valentine's Day was coming up :)

Since we're on the topic of OPI Nail Polish I thought I'd go ahead and give you my "top five" list of my favorite colors I've used by them!  (These aren't in any order, as usual!)

#1- Don't Socra-tease me! (OPI- why oh WHY did you discontinue this? I only got to use it twice! And I never bought a bottle! :( )
#2- Ir's all Greek To Me! (Displayed above)
#3- Peru B Ruby (I got so many compliments on this color with my skin tone)
#4- I'm not Really a Waitress
#5- Aphrodite's Pink Nightie (I liked this because it was a lighter pink, but dark enough that it looked like you had a color on, and not just a sheer coat)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Man Crunch?

Wow... Mo told us about this today in management. I'm not sure what to say. I feel like if I were a gay man I'd be highly offended. This is just way too cheesey and icky.

Friday Thoughts

#1- I wore a pair of tan wedges today that I got from Target this past fall. I love them, but they're an awkward color that doesn't match much. Also, they inconsistently give me blisters. Apparently today is one of those day they give me blisters. Guess I'll be  putting on my crocs when I get home.

#2- I hate whiney bloggers and people who post their whole lives "drama" on faceook. But there is someone in my life who no matter what they do just upsets me in some way lately.

#3- I am in such a bummed out mood today that all I want to do is go to bed when I get home. but I have so much stuff to do this weekend that I can't really afford to give myself a stress free day. Awesome. I can't wait for this semester to be over. I wasn't ready to come back for hte Fall semester after 3 months off, so I'm certainly not ready for this one after only one month off.

#4- Part of my stress is that I'm afraid there are things I just won't think to do for my BAM assignment. It's supposed to simulate a real life accountants work, and I'm  just afraid there will be stuff that I don't remember to do. Or things I just don't know how to do. I am really good at doing well on tests... but I just feel like when it comes to applying things I couldn't possibly ever succeed in the real world. Gee- I hope that my internship boss doesn't see this. I'm sure he'd be regretting his decision to take me as an intern.

#5- I have on a coral color sweater today, which I picked out because bright colors are supposed to make you happy. However, I don't think it's working. Whoever created this whole bright color = happiness theory may have neglected some pertinant variables.

#6- I didn't manage to get myself up at 5:30 like I wanted to this morning. My alarms went off on my phone, my computer alarm got off. I said oh I just want to shut my eyes a few more seconds.. and it was 7:15. I hate when I do that. I guess I'll just do my power yoga tomorrow morning.

#7- I'm not sure if I want it to snow tomorrow anymore. I have so much I want to get done, that I feel like it will impede things. I don't know. I feel like even if it doesn't snow that I don't have enough time to do everything I need to do. And I'm sure you're thinking "Well Emily, Stop blogging" but I'm only blogging because mymind needs to do something "mindless" for a while. I was just trying to read my business law text book, and I got so confused with all the sections of the SEC law that apply to accountants that I had to give up.

#8- Speaking of business law, I thought it would be about the laws that businesses have to comply with and all that other stuff. So far the chapter I'm reading is instructing me about all the millions of different ways and reasons I could potentially get sued. This is really rather frightening.

#9- I think I am going to paint my nails "It's all Greek to Me" by OPI this weekend.

#10- I am friends with way too many people that I don't actually like... does anyone else have that problem? I have no idea what to do about it, but it seems rude to just delete all the people I don't really like from my life... they might notice.. and then they wouldn't like me :P

Fake Internet Shopping

Does anyone else go to websites, fill up their shopping cart with stuff they love, and never actually buy any of it? I do this all the time. (Sometimes I kind of do it when I go to tangible stores, I walk around with a sweater I like, or if I'm at Target make-up or nail polish I want, and then the buyers remorse kicks in before I even make it to the check out line. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the stuff currently sitting in my various shopping carts with you. Enjoyyyy!

This top is from Express, it looks super cute, and comfortable. I also feel like it would look really nice on every body shape... which most shirts can't.

I guess they're on sale right now, because when I went to inspect furtherI couldn't find all of those colors. Pity, really, I liked the green one. Anyway I think if I got one of these I'd get either violet, black, or the navy!

Love these. I can't find the towels I got this summer, but I found these and they would compliment them (mine are sage green). And they look so soft and snuggly.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I Loved When I was Little

I'm currently in a pretty crappy mood due to certain circumstances, so I thought in an attempt to cheer myself up I'd reminse back to being seven years old. Here were same of my FAVORITE childhood items. Also, I am aware some of these are weird, and I'm probably the only person who liked them or had them, but whatever.

#1 American Girl Dolls

When I was little I loved American Girl dolls. My parents got me them (I think I had three in total, these were two of them) for Christmas!. The one on the left, Felicity, was the one I thought was the coolest. The one on the right, Samantha, was the one I wanted to be the most. The third (Molly, not shown) was the one that was most like me. Plain brown hair, pale skin, glasses, needy, nerdy :P.

#2- Beanie Babies
I had a million of these little guys. I think I bought like 2 a month (with my hard earned allowance, thank you) and begged for them for birthday's and Christmas' for like two years straight! I had to search on google for a "good" picture, because most of the ones I could find were of the "new" ones! Gotta be the classics! :P I'm surprised how many of these I can still tell you the names to!

#3- Giga Pets!

I used to LOVE my giga pet. I never had a Tomagotci (sp), because they were more expensive when these were popular. But looking back, I'm glad I had one of these. I like animals more than ambigious blobs.

#4- Lincoln Logs and Legos

I loved playing with these when I was little. I swear I would spend hours in my room creating cities and villages with both of these. I remember how excited my Dad was when he gave me legos. :)

#5- Fisher Price Tape Player (with Microphone!)
This was the first picture that popped up when I googled this image, and I think this is the EXACT model I had. I went through about three of these. I would listen to them ALL day. I remember on Saturday mornings I used to sneak downstairs when my parents were still asleep and make "radio shows". I'd record music I liked on the radio and then do "talk shows" between songs. :P

#6- Pogs
Do these even NEED a description? Who doesn't remember their good ol' pogs and slammers :)!

#7 "Mr. Bucket"

No one else has probably ever heard of this game, but I got it for a birthday when I was like 3 or 4 or 5 or something. I loved it! I think this game is what started my bizare obsession with cleaning and picking things up!

#8 Colored Pencils
More than crayons I loved colored pencils. I was always begging my mom to take me to Wal-Mart so that I could get a new pack of them!

#9 Hungry, Hungry Hippos
I LOVED this game. My neighbor had it (we didn't) but I remember when we would go over there, which was quite often because our parents for friends, I'd always beg him to play! I think my parents hated it because it was soooo loud and that is EXACTLY why we never owned it!

#10 Baby Sitters Club Little Sister

This was my favorite book series when I was a little girl. (Go see my first grade video, I talk about them!) I think I read all of them!

Boring Adult Things That I Need to Buy

One of the worst things about getting older is that you're forced to buy a lot of not so exciting things with your "hard-earned" money. I need a few of those things, at least at some point in the relatively near future, so I thought I'd share them with you all. (PS- Some of these items are pricier than anticipated, if you know of places that sell good quality for a bargain, let me know!)

#1- Iron and Ironing Board

I know what you're thinking, because believe me I'm thinking it too. You're thinking, "But Emily, why doy ou need an ironing board? Even though you've been doing your own laundry since you were 9, you don't iron your own clothes. If something need ironing you do the ol' throw it in the dryer routine. And if it REALLY needs to look ncie, you whine until your mom/sister/fiance, do it FOR you! In fact, you've made a poitn NOT to buy an iron explicitially so that you have a convienent excuse NOT to ever be the one doing the ironing!" I know, I know, I know! But the fact of the matter is that I have a lot of days now where I'm going to need ironed clothing, and I don't think Z's going to want to iron shirts for me 2 or 3 times a week, and possibly every day this sumemr with my internship.

I went to and looked at irons and was flabbergasted that any iron with more than a 2 star review cost upwards of FIFTY dollars. REALLY? It's just a piece of metal that gets hot! Frustrated, I went to Bed Bath & Beyond's website, because at least they send me about ten "20% off One Item" coupons a month. And shock, they were STILL fifty dollars! Yikes! (PS- the image of the one above all this rambling is the one I mentally picked out, don't you like the blue?

Color me even MORE shocked to find out that the ion, without a cover, in the above images, was also fifty dllars? Really? It's basically a peice of metal on two metal legs! How does it cost so much??

Not only are these "adult purchases" boring- they're super pricey. I've decided that I will continue to prolong the inevitable.

#2- Coffee Pot

I've decided that if I am goign to continue to develop a coffee addiction, that I should probably invest in a coffee maker. The one pcitured above, also from BB&B, was $39.99 (which would be roughly 32 plus applicable state tax of 6%/$). It's a pretty standard Mr. Coffee brewer. I'd be excited to own it but I don't know that I am ready to invest just yet. I have this problem with buying stuff for my apartment during the spring semester. The way I see it is that my lease always ends in May, and by the time I made this purchase I'd just be packing it up again. And since I don't really "need" it... I'll hold off until the end of next summer.

#3- Shoe Rack

Enough is enough already! I don't have a "ton" of shoes like some girls. I have about 5 that I rotate during the winter, and 2 pairs of running shoes, and some flip flops. But my walk-in closet in my apartment has a floor COVERED in them because there is just no convienet way to organize them! All of my shoes with the exception of two pairs of taller boots would fit on this rack, And I could store it under my hanging clothes and it wouldn't interfere with them because they don't hang that low in my sloset. This, shocker, is also from BB&B and a whopping $19.99 (which would be roughly $16 plus applicable state tax of 6%/$).

Of allt he "adult boring stuff" that I have to buy, I think this will be my next purchase. I used to keep my shoes in this GIANT tin bucket, that most people use for cold drinks at BBQ's-- but I think I'd be willing to throw that out for this baby. Hmm. BB&B, you seem to have won this time!

Puppy Love

I know I have the "Daily Puppy" gadget on my blog itself, but just in case your viewing this blog, say, tomorrow, I don't want you to miss out. I seriously have a little crush on this adorable little puppy. I can totally picture him/her running around my back yard. I think I'd name the puppy Teddy if it were a boy, and Bailey if it were a girl. But seriously. Look how cute! Don't even try and tell me you don't have a puppy crush!

For more information on Teddy/Bailey and the rest of their family visit:

If you're interested in adopting Teddy/Bailey (Have I mentioned that my birthday is in 11 days??) Visit:

Thursday Thoughts

WOO HOO! SHIT! (Sure Happy It's Thursday, sillies :P). I can't believe it's finally here... :) But I'm super glad that it is... so here's you're much anticipated "thought update". (Do you guys not like these, do you like the more "list" type blogs, the video blogs?? I don't get much feed back so I'm not sure what people like!)

#1 I have twelve followers now! I am pretty excited! I think I'll be most excited when like some random person that I have no connection to starts following me, but for now I am so stoked about 12 I could pee my pants. (But I won't no worries!)

#2 I woke up at 5:30 this morning and I was so excited! I love when I can get up early. (Don't get me wrong, I love  sleep, but I love getting stuff done early). Anyway, I woke up at 5:30, checked my email, and looked for a yoga video. I found one and started it about 10 of 6. It was a 35 minute video so I finished that just in time to go to the gym for about half an hour when it opened. (I did the bike for 25 minutes, WOO 7 miles!) Then I showered and dried my hair and was ready for my 8AM class. I just feel so acomplished now, and I'll be able to get more done this afternoon! So exciting! :o)

#3 I've decided the first thing I am going to do when I get my first "big girl job" with health care is to get invisalign and a professional whitening. My teeth are one thing that really bug me. They're too crowded from my wisdom teeth growing in... and they're stained from a medicine I was on as a baby. I mean it's not awful staining, but it makes me uncomfortable, and I cover my mouth when I laugh/smile because of it. I know healthcare doesn't normally cover elective procedures, and it probably therefore, won't cover eithe rof those, but I will have a salary, so I should be able to afford it. Especially since I don't think I will need to be on invisalign more than a year. Plus, the first year or two of my employment are when I'll have the most "me" money available, so I think it really is the best time. Does wanting to do that make me conceited? I have a lot of things that aren't perfect about me, and I'd never get plasic surgery (or veneers by the way- why ruin healthy teeth??).. I just want my teeth fixed.

#4- I think I am really going to enjoy my business law class. I love cases, and I'm really good at learning concepts and ideas. *Fingers Crossed*\

#5 Just emailed one of my professors asking if I could set up a time to go to his office weekly to look over the homework we go over in class. He pulls up the solutions in a Word document, and I can't read the numbers very well (okay, be honest Em, at all). In fact, to be compeltely honest, I can't read any of it. I told him I didn't see his listed office hours on the website and to jsut let me know when would be a good time to stop by. Normally at this point the professor woudl tell me he could just print me a copy to look at during class (which I could in theory hand back in if he really doesn't want me to have an "advantage" over other students). OR at least tell me their office hours. Instead, he directs me to a location that I can find them, and tells me to let him know when would work best. Awesome. This is going to be a long semester. If  you can see what comes up on the screen in all your classes, don't take that for granted. I am eternally jealous.

#6 Pandora now has ads on it, and a limited amuont of hours per month that you can be logged in. (Okay, all this changed this summer, but my blog wasn't around then). I am really not okay with these chagnes. It is the complete opposite of the original idea of the website. Just saying.

#7 I am secretly hoping for a snowy Saturday. I know practically speaking that it will be a pain in the butt because it will impede any ability to travel (even to Wal-Mart), but just having an excuse to curl up and read (for class of course) sounds fabulous. (well, minus the "class" part).

#8 Lady Gaga is growing on me. But I don't really LIKE her like her yet.

#9 I wish more people used twitter (Follow me! Emily_Doss) !

#10 I'm going to a "slumber party" next Tuesday (I think??) for my friend's Bachelorette party, and I'm excited. I love Melba, the woman doing it, and I've never been to a Bachelorette one. (Apparently they're different.) Guess we'll see... :o)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad- humm, what do you think?

Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) announced today the creation of Apples new "iPad". From what I can tell this is essentially a glorified iTouch. Don't get me wrong, if someone handed me one I wouldn't turn it down- but it seems weird. In a video I found on youtube, Jobs says it "surfs the internet better than a laptop". But who cares? It has no keyboard, and its flat, it's still basically a play thing. you're not going to do anything too serious on it, because it's essentially a very big, iTouch. The nice thing about the iTouch is that it's small and convient to carry, however, if you're going to carry this big thing around why not just get a netbook? Just my opinion.

Update on Fiance

Z cannot walk through the door his head is so big from getting a special mention in today's "thought update". Typical.

Coffee, Twix, Codification, and Becca

Wednesday Thoughts

#1 I watched "Teen Mom" last night on MTV. It was so, so, so, cute. Most of the baby's (except for Leah, who is Amber and Gary's daughter) had their first birthdays! It was too cute! Catelynn and Tyler got engaged, and I know they're way too young (but who am I to talk). But it was still so cute. :)

#2- I am currently watching a video about the "Codification" , which is the consolidation of all the accounting rules into topics, sub topics, etc, etc. It's not really that interesting, but I will need to know this, so it's good that it's provided to us I guess.

#3- I just treated myself to a coffee and a twix this afternoon. It's so bad, but, it's a treat.

#4- I'm starting to think that I have a weather sensitive knee condition. My knees are killing me and I'm not really sure waht to do about it.

#5- Sometimes I miss being an elementary education major.I know it would have gotten harder, but I really feel like everything was always really fun, and I was never "stressed". I love accounting, don't get me wrong, but I feel like it's so serious, and so formal, and sometimes I just want something care free and fun. I obviously won't be changing my major back, but I do miss it sometimes. I am hoping that when I get a job, I can talk to my boss about helping our with Junior Achievement. If you don't know what that is, it's like month or two long weekly visits where people from the community come to elementary and middle school class rooms, and teach the kids about some of the fundamentals of business. I remember they came to my school when I was little, and we had a couple weeks long simulation of owning a donut shop. And it was just kind of cool.. so I think that would be a really fun way to kind of do the 'best of both worlds'. But again, it'd have to be during the school day horus, so whatever boss I had would have to be supportive of my decision.

#6- I saw Bex on campus a few minutes ago and I was pretty excited about it. I love seeing old friends on campus. :o) Turns out she'd be willing to go shoe shopping with me on Saturday at some point, so I'm pretty excited about that.

#7- I have a lot of reading to catch up on and start over the next few days. I think I will be doing a lot more reading during the weekends this semester than I have done before. I feel as though all my classes are just more reading heavy this semester.

#8- I am meeting my friend Laura for dinner tonight, at 5:30. Since my knees are killing me, I think I am going to try and do a little yoga before dinner, instead of the gym. I really want to try and start having something like that that I can do at home, and that is less hard on my body for the days that I don't want to go to the gym.

#9- I love my fiance, and that he reads my blogs everyday. I saw him yesterday at lunch, and he said he'd just read my blog, and meant to come over and rub my neck (which I stated yesterday was sore) to show me he'd read it, but he'd forgotten. I just think that's really sweet. He's probably reading this right now, and his head is probably getting all big. :P

#10- Ever since I lost a little bit of weight, I don't mind wearing dress clothes as much. I used to feel like they were very restricting, but they don't feel that way anymore. I can sit in a button down top, and not feel like its too tight. And, I can wear dress pants without feeling like they fit funny. I'm pretty glad about that, because I have to dress up a lot. I actualyl kind of ike it, I love the pretty colors and the jewelery. I really just need to work on finding shoes.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Talk nerdy to me!

I just had an accounting epiphany. Those are my absolute favorite. So excited that I understand somethings all the sudden! :)

I'm not really a waitress

I love this Red by OPI. I've seen it on a ton of people, and I swear it looks great on everyone. It's deep and bright at the same time, and isn't too "Christmas-y" Check it out if you're looking for a red for Valentine's Day!

If you're interested in buying it this is one of OPI's most popular colors, so it can be found in places like Wal-Mart or Taget sometimes. If you can't find it there Trade Secret also carries OPI nail color along with many local hair dressers. It runs about $8 a bottle, but I've had this one for like two years, so they do last a while!

Tuesday Thought Update

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts

#1- I watched My Life as Liz last night again at 10:30, and I'm not sure if I'm so in love with it anymore. I am very intrigued. But the mean girls are way meaner than girls would ever actualyl be. The popular girls actually go out of their way to do mean stuff to Liz (ie: send her 10 carnations telling her to meet her secret admirer at the dance). I just don't feel like people woudl eer do that. I knew the popular crowd in high school, and I knew the not popular crowd, and I just feel like the two groups weren't really concerned with each other.

#2- Intermediate II looks like it will be a ton of work but at the moment it feels like while it may be time consuming it wil be doable. Dr. Smith is kind of intimidating, but he gives me the feeling that I will be able to succeed. I am a tiny, tiny, tiny, bit worried about my group (which is basically my "universe" for the whole class, we do everything together). I know one of the guys, J, and he seems really reliable and I trust him. And I know one of the girls is really smart, but there are two people who I don't really know, and I'm not sure what kind of "vibes" I get from them. To be honest, I think one of them is a girl someone told me cheated in their Cost class last semester. And nerdy as it sounds, I take academic integrity very seriously, and if this girl ever tries to cheat on the group work, I think I'd freak out on her. But, so far, it looks doable. I hope!

#3- I'm enjoying a HEAVENLY coffee right now. I really needed it.

#4- I have an 8AM TUe/Thur this semester. I'm sure I'll get used to going to class that early, and it's not that I mind getting up. But my problem is that waking up early, and then not "doing" anything active tends to put me right back to drowsy.

#5- I keep not getting up when I want to get up. I really want to get up at 6AM every day this semester. I think I need to get one of those old fashion alarm clocks (aka not my cell phone) and use that so that i have to get out of bed if I want to reset it.

#6- Where it was so humid yesterday, when I went to bed last night the apartment felt muggy so I opened my window. Boy, did I regret that decision when I woke up this morning in my shorts and tshirt freezing my butt off.

#7- Sometimes I wonder if I have something wrong with my neck because I almost always feel like I have a sore muscle in it. (It's sore today). Usually I just assume its from the way I read for classes and such, but I haven't read for them much yet. And it's still bugging me.

#8- I need to go to get some black "dress" shoes. I read that professional women shouldn't wear flats, and the only pair of "dress" sheos I have are black flats. I think they'd be closer to "ok" if they were more fancy, but they are round toe'd and they have a little decorative button on them.

#9- My birthday is two weeks from today. I am honestly kind of dreading it. It means that I have to retake my vision test for my license, and I'm worried that I won't have the same vision as last time. Which would mean they could, in essense, either revolke or limit my license. In an area like Salisbury, that idea is kind of stressful.

#10- Sometimes when I'm walking around campus, I really hope that I'll run into someone I know. Why? Because I realy want a hug. :P I feel like that's weird.

Monday, January 25, 2010

First Day (so far) Thoughts

Man do I have some thoughts about today...

Thought #1- Last night, I layed down to go to bed at 11. I'd stayed up "late" to watch the Pregnancy Pact.... However, because my new neighbor decided to move their bed up against the wall, all I heard until midnight was their mattress moving every time they turned. Additionally, they must have their TV up against the wall, because they were watching something that sounded terrible. Either way, it wasn't pleasent. On top of that noise, there was the rain, and other noises everywhere that kept me up until probably close to one. Awesome. So, naturally when my alarm went off at six AM, I turned it off and slept until 7:45. Great. Awesome. No gym for me this morning.

Thought #2- This rain and wind is annoying. I have my friend Amy's old green pass, so I can park on campus now, but I'm trying to still take the shuttle because it's less money for gas, and I'm not the best parker in the world, so it'd be easier to just not deal with it. SO this morning I walked to the shuttle, and in that 10th of a mile walk, my umbrella flipped inside out 3 times, and I looked like a big nerd as I tried to get it right side out again.

Thought #3- Related to the rain, I had the pleasure of planting my foot in a puddle this morning that literally went to my ankle. I had no choise but to continue to walk through it. I was not okay with this.

Thought #4- I am exhausted. I feel like when I get back from class at 3, I could literally go to bed and sleep until tomorrow.

Thought #5- I already feel underprepared and overwhelmed by the coming semester and I've only had one class.

Thought #6- I will never understand how some girls can come to class with their hair down, looking perfect, when it's rainy and windy outside.

Thought #7- I love the color that I painted my nails last night, but I hate that the very tippy tips of my nails are already chipped. :(

Thought #8- I'm at my apartment, since I had from 9:30-1 with no classes. So, I'm going to make myself a ham, cheese, and miracle whip sandwich, and it's basically a thought that's been keeping me sane for the most part of the morning.

Thought #9- When I came home at 10 from class I was completely soaking wet so I pulled all my clothes off and shoved them in the dryer and put on a new pair of jeans and a zip up cotten jacket thing. It really did feel nice to just be dry and warm.

Thought #10- I can't wait for the weekend, and lib dates with Amy again.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

MTV Guilty Pleasures

I've always thought of people who compulsively watch TV shows on MTV as kind of ... weird? I never saw the thrill to shows like "The Hills" or what was the other one? "Laguna Beach" and now "Jersey Shore"... I just didn't get it. I never really got into them I guess. I would watch shows like "MADE" but I didn't watch them religiously, but when I would happen upon an interesting episode, I'd tune in. However, lately, I've discovered two little "guilty pleasures"

#1 Teen Mom
- I know, it sounds so weird and like something that I wouldn't like, but I love it. It's four mom's Macy, Amber, Catelynn, and Farrah... and they all have such different circumstances. Let me give you a little information if you don't know. Macy and Ryan have a son, they are trying to work on their relationship, but Ryan is immature. Catelynn and her boyfriend (name forgotten! woops!) gave up their daughter for adoption and it seems it has pulled them even closer together. Amber and her boyfriend/fiance aren't doing great. They have a daughter, and they want to be able to be together and happy around their daughter, but they don't want to surround her with an unhappy family... which I think is pretty mature for 16 year olds. And Farrah has not been with "the baby's daddy" on the show (or on 16 and Pregnant) as far as I can tell, ever, except long enough for conception. Also all the girls are in school in some way, which I think is really impressive. I don't know, I really love the show. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes, but I still think it's really interesting.

While I really like all the couples the one I'm most interested in as Amber and Gary (ha! remembered his name). I feel like they are both pulling really hard to do what is right for their daughter. And I feel like while Gary is sometimes kind of immature, he's definitely 'trying' to do the right thing most of the time. (In 16 and Pregnant, he bought some really expensive gaming system, and Amber got upset because they had a daughter on the way, anddd he went right back and took it back and felt like a complete idiot, and THEN he bought her an engagement ring.)  Anyway, they're the couple I find most intriguing.

Side note: I'm not sure how I feel about season 2 of "16 and Pregnant"- the girls on this show look to be a little trashier. Plus, there are 10 girls, that seems like it's going to be a lot more to keep up with. I'd rather just keep watching Teen Mom.

New Episodes Tuesdays at 10PM

#2 My Life as Liz
To be honest, I've only seen like two episodes of this show, and I do think it's fairly new, but I really like it. The girl Liz isn't super popular from what I can tell. She hangs out witht he "gamer/emo" crowd (in high school) but she doesn't come off as being like an over dramatic "punk" girl, which is normally how those girls are portrayed. She seems so sweet, and just like someone who never really fit in witht he "popular crowd". Apparently she used to be friends with them sort of, and then they turned on her? Oh, so typically high school. She reminds me so much of someone, but I can't really figure out who. Anyway, I'm really interested in seeing how this show works out. :)

New episodes air on Mondays at 10:30 (Ahh, sweet it's over in time for the 11 news!)