Sunday, January 23, 2011

Little Things I've Been Lovin'

Below are some of the little things that I've been loving recently  What have you been loving lately?

Purple-y Nails

So I'm not 100% sure that I feel comfortable enough wearing bright purple nails to work, something about it just screams "This  newbie is unprofessional" but I've had a few days off and painted my nails Orly's "Velvet Rope" on Friday and I adore it. I picked it up a few months ago- for about $6 (cheaper than the OPI and Essie). I figure for the next few days this will be a fun finger color but I'll probably have to accept that for most of the time, it'll be just a toe color. However, last night I was out picking up some Cetaphil cream (my skin has been SO dry lately.. definitely not a "like") and I saw that Sally Hansen had some spring colors and I really liked the lilac color. I bought my friend Amy an OPI in "Do you Lilac It?" for Christmas and this color seemed similar enough and I thought that maybe where it was so pastel I could feel comfortable wearing that color to work. I haven't tried ti out... but I've been leaning towards the purple-y hues for the last month or so. 

iPod Docking Station
Now, you'll have to ignore the nasty smudges on the screen of my iPod, but I've really been loving my iPod docking station lately. I've had my iPod since my birthday last year and rarely used it except for when I was at the gym, and on the rare occasion at work (our office allows you to listen to iPods while you're working). However, on 'Black-Friday' my family went to the Tanger Outlets in Rehoboth, Delaware and Dad and I went in the Sony store to look around because I'd mentioned wanting something to dock my iPod on. We ended up picking out this one, I forget the exact price but it was I think $70ish dollars.. but a part of me thinks it was on sale and we got it for $50... Anyway, that much isn't relavent. I've really been liking this. I find myself turning in my iPod more, and having music on in the background. I also think it's pretty neat that it has two alarms on it. Alarm A and Alarm B which I think is cool because if two share a room, they can use this as an alarm and it'll work for both people.

Yankee Candle 3.7oz Candles

Zach's sister, Kate, bought me this little candle for Christmas. Normally I don't buy this size of Yankee Candles (normally because I don't buy Yankee because they're so expensive, but if I splurge I buy the bigger size). That being said, I really like this size... it has really good throw still (how far the scent carries) but it's not bulky, and it look really cute when it's lit. I also  really enjoy the scent of this. I bought the Slatkin & Co. "Twisted Peppermint" back in November which is like a sweet/vanilla peppermint scent. This candle is similar in the 'idea' of the smell in that its sweet and minty but it also smells kind of fresh and not sickeningly sweet. It smells more like a mint after-dinner mint. Overall, I just really like these little candles. They burn 25-40 hours, which is pretty decent, and you can pick up 2-3 scents for the price of one of the large jar candles, which for people who like a bit of variety (me) that's really nice. It's the same reason I love tarts so much. (Thanks Matt & Tara!!) 

Adorable Office Supplies

I picked up these cute pencils at Wal-Mart recently because I always find myself with 1,000 pens and no pencils. I love how cute the colors are! Also for Christmas, my mom got me this cute red/orange zebra large post-it note pad and I'm kind of in lurve. I love adorable office supplies. Maybe it's weird but they just make me happy. I know that sounds ridiculous but they're the little things in day-to-day life that make it fun. 

Again for Christmas, my sister got these 5lb weights for me because I'd mentioned that I wanted to try and tone up my arms more. I've really been liking having them around. What I like most about these particular weights is that instead of being plastic on the outside they're more of a rubber-esque material so they're not slick (which could be a problem if your hands are sweaty!) And yes- that's right. I lift 5lbs.... I fully admit that my arm strength is pathetic.

Pretty Flowers

Not much to say about these except for, who DOESN'T enjoy having fresh pretty flowers around. I'm convinced that having fresh colorful flowers can brighten anyone's day :).