Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

Ughh! Wednesday you suck!

#1- I realized at about 2AM last night (when I couldn't sleep FYI) that because of the snow day we had Monday we'd now be having a test in a class the day after my 21st Birthday. I didn't have any "big" plans, but my parents want to take me out for dinner, and I had wanted to be able just to even have the night off but now I have a test and it makes me want to cry. I do not want to study on my birthday. I never spoil myself and just give myself full days off during the semester, and now my birthday is going to be ruined by this stupid test. And it's just so upsetting because I can't go back in time and re-do my 21st birthday. It happens and then it's done. And everyone knows 21 is the last big birthday. :(

#2- I overslept because we had a two hour delay and didnt get out of bed or go to the gym or anything. I finally got up at 9:30, but that's really late for me. :(

#3- Z. bought me a bag of M&M's earlier to try and cheer me up. He's such a pumpkin :)

#4- School is also ruining Valentine's Day and forcing me to celebrate that on the 13th. When do I get to actually celebrate things when they HAPPEN?! :(

#5- I don't like any of my classes I've decided. Not a single class I'm taking this semester is interesting.

#6- I panted over my "Lavender Marquis" Sally Henson nail polish with "Pink of Hearts II" by OPI because the SH was too "frosty" I like this a lot more.

#7- World News Tonight is on,... it's really not so interesting tonight.

#8- People keep raving about the "two feet" of snow we're going to get this weekend. I swear, we're going to get 2 inches if that. Breaks my heart.

#9- I tried these SmartOnes Pizza bites tonight for dinner and they're pretty good, I'll do a review on them soon.

#10- I'm over this semester and it's not even the end of the 2nd week. :( This is going to be the longest semester of my life.

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