Thursday, February 4, 2010

Five Thoughts for Thursday

#1- I'm not sure how I feel about this snow. I really want another snow day so that I can have an exam next Friday and now the day after my birthday, but I'm kind of over the ice. I almost slipped like 7 times this morning. Not cool, *city I live in*, NOT COOL.

#2- I was going to get my nails/eyebrows done this weekend because I always pamper myself with that stuff right before my birthday, but considering we're supposed to get the aforementioned 6-12 inches of snow, I don't think I'll be making the trek across town in my little clown mobile.

#3-Since I'm going to be snowed in all weekend anyway, I think I might do my 3rd Grade Through the Years video. GET EXCITED!

#4- Bones starts in 8 minutes. So. So. So. So. So. EXCITED.

#5- I've been putting splenda (and lemon if available) in my water a lot lately, does that defeat the purpose of drinking water? It's allowed me to drink more water than soda and stuff, so that's good... right?

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Bex said...

Lemon and Splenda do not (IMO) defeat the purpose of drinking water. I also believe that adding Crystal Light or something similar doesn't even defeat the purpose of water. I tend to drink lots more "water" if it's flavored.
If it's 99% water, non-carbonated, and under 10 cals, it's water in my book.