Thursday, October 21, 2010

Didya know?

I was just thinking about my "younger" years and figure that there are a lot of things people who haven't known me for like 10 years... might not know. So I thought we'd play "did ya know" version 2010. (: Lets play! Let me know how many you knew...

1. When I was in high school I worked as a camp counselor and teachers aid at a summer camp and then at a program called Horizons.

2. I played the flute from 5th grade through 11th grade. And never seemed to get better at it.

3. (I find this important to let people know since even Zach didn't know!) I have three favorite Christmas songs and I think they fall in different 'genres' of Christmas music... so in no specific order (as they're all first in their respective genre): Carol of the Bells (traditional, not the Trans Siberian Orchestra version, although that one is nice), The First Noel, and Feliz Navidad.

Carol of the Bells

The First Noel

Feliz Navidad (This was Christmas time jam when I was 8...)

4. The most consistent friend I've had in my life I met when I was 7 and lives 2.5 (or 6 if she's at school) hours away. But she's honestly the only person I know who I've ever had so much in common with and whose friendship has survived 14, almost 15 years. Which is strange because we see each other maybe once a year and don't talk on a completely regular basis.

5. When I was little I used to line up all my stuffed animals behind me and lay on top of them when I slept so that in case somebody broke into our house, my 'babies' would be safe. Funny how our idea of treasures and valuables change over time...

6. I played soccer for more than 10 years, and like my flute I was never more than average. Um hello... someone forgot to give me talent in something.. just saying.

7. When I was little and had one of those Fisher Price white radio's with the little red microphones I used to record my own radio shows. Like I'd wake up and go down stairs and do the 'weather report' (incredibly accurately for a six year old... just saying...) and then I'd wait for a good song to come on the real radio record it next, then do like a little talk show.. with myself. Shut up. It was cool.

8. My dream job is to be an accountant at "The Weather Channel" so I can account and still get to hang around all the cool weathermen and women.

9. Pigs are my favorite animal. I feel like we have a lot in common. Pink skin, susceptible to sun burn, I too liked playing in the mud as a piglet, and I squeak when I get overwhelmed or a bit over zealous.

10. My personality is absolutely NOTHING like it was when I was younger. When I was little I was a firecracker and a drama queen. (Okay.. the drama queen part might still be there). I was loud and always getting into things, building things with my legos, hanging out with people, playing outside, running around, making a mess, dressing up, leaving my stuff all over the house, playing in the dirt, wearing t-shirts down to my knees, putting on plays in the living room and leaving crayons and beads scattered all over the house. Little Emily was so much fun! I think she'd probably think Big Emily is pretty *yawn* boring.

Night all!