Saturday, February 20, 2010

Through the Years- 3rd Grade :)

#1- Yes I realize the "still" on this makes me look like an oger :P
#2- Yes I realize that I look like a dork in the beginning, but I don't "edit" videos and I was waiting for it to start recording!

:) Enjoy!

Saturday Thoughts

#1 I got 12 hours of sleep last night and it was HEAVENLY. I could not tell you the last time I slept that long. I feel asleep watching Good Luck Chuck at 9:30 and didn't wake up until 9:15 this morning. Wow, wow, wow! :)

#2 Speaking of which, I've been getting a really sore neck from sleeping. I think my pillows are just old and such. I'll have like full range of motion when I turn by head one way, but depending on what side I slept up I'll only be able to turn my neck a little bit before it starts to hurt the other way.SO this morning I was telling my mom/dad about it and they said that I could use one of their temprapedic pillows that they aren't using. So I went over to their house and got that. I am so excited to sleep tonight!

#3 I signed up for a 10 mile run that will happen on March 7th earlier today. I am nervous/excited at the same time. My Dad's doing it, and so is my cousin. And my friend Chris. But they're all guys, so I think I'm going to have to run the whole thing alone. Which is kind of okay because if I was running with someone I'd feel like I have to keep up, and I just don't think I'd be able to. My goal is to finish in an hour and fourty minutes. Which might sound really long, but if I finish in that time, it means I held a steady 10 minute mile. Which is good enough for me. At this point, I just want to finish. I've never run a 10 miler, so I just want to finish, in a somewhat respectable time.

#4 I went out to Uno's happy hour with Amy last night and it was really exciting. The apetizers were such a good deal. I got their Tuscany bread, which is bread with cheese, spinach, and tomatoes on it for 1.99 YUM! Good deal, check them out if you have one in your town! :)

#5 I am finally doing my taxes tomorrow with my Dad's help. Thank GOODNESS! I can't wait to get my refund checks. :) Even if half of it is going to my Dad to help pay for my car repair back in January :P

Friday, February 19, 2010

Beautiful Baby!!!

This is today's Daily Puppy. And please tell me how beautiful she is? I mentally adopted her about 5 minutes ago and I just cannot get over how gorgeous she is. I don't think I've ever seen a dog that looks like her. I mean she truly looks like a red fox.

When I mentally adopted Shea, I renamed her. I decided that she was really a Piper if I was being honest with myself. Definitely go on over to Daily Puppy and give this precious baby 11 bones. :)

Sidenote: I think it's appropriate that Shakera's "She Wolf" just came on my iPod. :)

Work-Out Information

I thought I'd share with all my lovely followers (and all of you who simply come because I spam facebook/twitter with the link) my work-out routine.

Atleast three days a week I run roughly 3.5-4 miles at the gym. (I set the treadmill to 5.0mph, but sometimes I move it up during the 2nd half of my run, but I do always finish with a sprint)

Atleast once  a week I try to run for a period of one hour. Which means that I should cover anywhere from 5-6 miles by the time I finish with the "cool down"

Atleast twice a week I try to do "power yoga". I watch a video on Netflix (direct to my PC). It's about 42 minutes. When I do that, I try and go to the gym and bike or do a short run (about 20 minutes of cardio). However, sometimes I'll just do the 40 minute "power yoga". Like, I don't know, when there's 20 inches of snow on the ground and walking to the gym is out of the question.

This isn't what I do every week, and I do normally take atleast one day completely off of working out a week, but I try not to do more than two. Sometimes because I really just don't have time, and other times because I'm just plain tired.

In addition to all of that I'd like to get some of the small dunbells from Target or Wal-Mart (5lb-10lbs maybe?) and start working on my arm muscles. My biceps are mildly toned somehow (not sure from what, probably from the massive school bag I bring everyday). but my triceps could really use a little work. I think the little dunbells are only like $5 each so I think it could be a worth-while investment. I'm not trying to look 'buff' I just don't want flabby arms.

What is your workout routine??? 

Image of Cool: Friday Thoughts

#1 Right now I am pretty sure I am the image of cool and hip. . . or at least the closest to it that I've ever been. I'm currently sitting in my school's coffee house, sipping my coffee (2 cream, 4 splenda- I know, I know, I know) listening to music on my iTouch (Sorirty Girl - Luke Bryan) allll while blogging. Sooo hip and 21st century. I know- only took me 10 years to catch up.

#2 I have twenty followers! I am sooo excited. And I officially have one with a person whom I have positively no connection. Her name is Court (Courtney I would assume be the full name) and I actually started watching her videos on YouTube last year. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon them... It was a pregnancy vlog, and I think I stuck around just because I thought she was so interesting. (Becuase no- I am not thinking about babies yet!! I want my degree first). Anyway, she's pretty interesting. I know she probably won't be most 20-somethings interest, but she has a really cute little girl so you should check her youtube out! Also, she's trying to work off her baby weight, so she's another person you can look to if you're trying to get healthy and in shape. This is the link to her blog. I'm on a slow computer or I'd pull up her YouTube link, but you should be able to access it off of her webpage somewhere.

#3 As I know you're all anxiously anticipating the results of my debate, which was on Affirmative Action, we won!!! I know, I know, I know, impressive. Mastery, basically. We were arguing the "No, affirmitive action is not useless at this point" side. And I was soooo excited when someone on the other team mentioned that "Affirmitive Action only helps minority groups" because ohhh baby, I had found a killer bite of information. Affirmitive Action actually helped white men avoid the draft by allowing them to attend college. I don't want a political debate, but I was just so excited that I could slam them with that little tid-bit. I'm not competitive at all.

#4 Speaking of the debate, this girl Christina (my team) and guy Chris (other team) legit were having a screaming fit during the Q & A session. The class had gotten loud with everyone getting ready to leave, and the debate finishing up, so they had to yell to be heard. But then it got a bit heated, and Mo (professor) stood in the middle looked at the two of them like they were wild hyenas and simply said "Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeeee." Hilarious.

#5 I'm really not going to lie, the fact that someone who doesn't know me decided to follow my blog is probably the hi-light of my week....

#6 I know people really make fun of Brittney Spears, and yeah she is a little crazy. But please honestly tell me that listening to her songs doesn't put you in a good mood?

#7 I have about five pairs of dress pants that I need to wash because they've gotten "loose" but I'm afraid to wash them and have them get wrinkly and stuff. I hate ironing, and I'm not sure how kindly Z. will take to ironing ALL of my dress pants. (He will iron my shirts for me sometimes, because I'm afraid to use the iron/don't want to bother learning how).

#8 I'm torn. I kind of want to get a really short hair cut because I just want something different. A few things are holding me back though. Normally short hair cuts come with bangs of some sort and the way I hold my head when I read, they always fall into my face. Also, I don't get my hair 'trimmed' or 'cut' but like 2-3 times a years (I'm sorry, I'm a poor college kid, when they start costing less than $40 dollars, and I start making more than minimum wage I'll ammend this awful mess). Anyway, I feel like it's stupid to get it cut short because it's just going to grow back out again and so the "new style" will only last a month or so. However, on that same page, I feel like it's dumb to pay if I'm just going to get an inch taken off. Especially since I don't have split ends (I know, be jealous).

#9 I would appreciate it if all the youtube makeup guru's I follow would please visit me and go shopping with me. Come on Jamie, Callison, CiCi, Erin, Elle, and Blair. Shopping trip timeee. You know you wanna come up/down here. I live in the friggin' chicken capital of the world... (I think)

#10 I think this is the longest blog I've written in a considerable amount of time, but I've been so moody/grumpy lately (Ok... as I'd say to my friend Amy.. but when aren't I moody/grumpy?? :P) that I haven't had much to say... and I haven't felt like I've had time. But it's Friday afternoon and taking an hour to blog seems perfectly in order!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

SHIT's Thoughts

Sure Happy It's Thursday- silly.

#1 I put on my big girl pants on last night and e-mailed my Intermediate I professor about my concerns about Intermediate II (I seriously never have any idea what to do). She read the e-mail but hasn't responded. :/ I'm not sure how to respond to that. I guess I can hope she'll reply later. However, I seriously wonder if she just thinks I'm needy and rediculous.

#2 I feel like I walk funny.

#3 I'm sad that Bones will not be new tonight,... SASB I need you!

#4 I have to meet my group at 9:30 tonight. The shuttle leaves campus for the last time at 10. I seriously do not know how I am getting home... this should be interesting.

#5 I really need to trim my nails. I've been biting them a lot lately, I know it's a bad, so they're looking mangly.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hump Day Thoughts

#1- I am super excited that I've made 100 posts. :) And even more excited that I now have 19 followers! My friend John started following me the other day!! Wooty-woo! Thank you, John! (And everyone else!) I'm thinking of stepping up my goal of 25 to "before spring break". I'll think about it. I don't like falling short of my goals... so.. we'll see.

#2- Intermediate Accounting II seriously took a well functioning, normal, highly competent girl and has made me want to cry almost every class. I just never know how to approach things, and I feel as though I'm not supposed to ask questions. Harsh. I might get my first non-A in the business school this semester. :( And in accounting! That one might hurt my pride a little.

#3- I really wish I had some fresh lemon wedges to go with my splenda/water :) (And my splenda I mean the wal-mart brand version)

#4- I keep staying up late playing on twitter and trying to get up at 5:30AM. It's not working. Tonight I'm going to try to be asleep by 11... we'll see.

#5- I want an internet friend. I know this is silly but when I was little I always wanted a pen-pal and I feel like having an internet friend is basically the equivalent to that 'now a days' *whiney voice* Guyssss someone be my friendddd. (Who hasn't already been dazzled and graced with my wonderful presence in the 'real world'!)

#6- My birthday balloons from Bear are still going strong :) :)

#7- Psycho girl next store seriously has her TV up way too loud. I have my own TV honey, I don't need yours to be up loud enough that I can hear your show too. If I really wanted to watch it, I could turn my own TV on.

#8- Ke$ha's "Take It Off" is uncomfortably catch.

#9- I ran 4.67 miles today at the gym (I tweeted before I was officially done!) and I'm super proud of myself because it was LITERALLY like 100 degrees in there! Okay, okay, okay. I'm exaggerating. But it was probably close to 80.

#10- I love internet banking. I seriously feel like life would be artificially hard if I had to use checks to pay my bills and didn't have instant ability to check my balances.

Want some pie...?

Pie charts, that is! My friend Becca suggested that for my 100th post, I should do a bunch of pie charts! I thought it was a cute idea because pie charts always add up to 100%, plus it's literally something I've never heard or seen anyone do before. :) So, below you'll see a bunch of pie charts,.. I'll explain things below them! Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Also! If these are too small for you to read, just click on them and it will enlarge them for ya! Blogger won't let me make them much bigger inside the post! :)

This is pretty self explanatory. The percent of time I spend doing various things with my spare time. :)

Again, this one is pretty self explanatory. I feel as though I should be fair and say that while I only spend 25% of my time on both Facebook and Twitter, they are always open in a tab so I guess technically I'm "always" on those.

Obviously more people need to text me! Do you see how big Zach's portion of the pie is?! :) Hit me up if you want my numbbbbbbba.  "Ay girl, can I get yo number" ahaha.

Okay, so I get a ton of compliments on my complexion. I think its weird because I have such fair skin, and most people really like the 'tanned' look. But I seriously cannot tell you how many time women above the age of 35 have come up to me and complimented me on my complexion.

Also, I feel like only ugly people get complimented on their personality... but we're going to go with the idea that mine is just exceptional and that I'm not ugly. K :)

To be honest that "Down Messy" category should probably be closer to 40% because that's how it always is when I'm alone... but this is my "How I Wear My Hair" ... when I let people see me.

I feel the need to comment on the fact that I own 3 times as much pink nail polish as I do red. I really do consider this an inequity to poor reds, but I just never seem to pick them up... Maybe the nail polish fairy will drop one off for me. :)

Okay, so when I was making this one, I knew there was another place I shopped a lot but I couldn't remember where. And as soon as I saved this graph, it hit me! New York and Company! Love them, it's where I get all my professional clothes. So, we're going to all mentally rename "various" as NY&Co

I really don't watch  more than probably 5-10 hours of TV a week, so this chart was pretty easy to put together. And yes, I really do watch the news that much!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For all my friend's trying to lose weight or tone up

Hello everyone! I know a lot of my friends are getting into exercise, and are trying to get healthy. A lot of people are talking about how they want to loose weight, tone up, or just simply find out where to start out with working out. I subscribe to SarahsFabChannel on YouTube and she posted a video earlier about how she was going to post a series of videos with different work-out routines. From what I gathered they won't simply be "Do 5 sit ups, then do 5 push ups", but she will teach you what kind of exercises people in your situation should work on. If you're interested at all I'm embeding the video I just referred to below. You should really check her out if you're interested in a healthy, "fit', life-style. Even if you don't like her, definitely search YouTube for other fitness gurus. There are tons of them out there, so even if she's not your style, I really do suggest searching around for someone to give you motivation.

PS- This is my 99th blog post, and I'm trying to think of something exciting to do for #100! Please let me know what ideas you guys have! :)

Valentine's Day Movie Review

This past Saturday night I went to see Valentine's Day with Z. I'd read in a few places, that it was getting terrible reviews but I still wanted to go because the trailer looked so cute! And in the end, I'm very glad we went. Sure, it'll never win an academy award. And sure, Taylor Swift is probably one of the worst actresses on the face of the planet (Gah- I really do hate Tay Swift). But the movie does make you laugh. And it's also really interesting how they work all these characters stories together so that they're all part of each others. I seriously never would have been able to write this movie because I could never have figured out how to make all these people's lives overlap. But it really was cute, and it has a great cast. And contrary to what the title may have you believe it's not 100% a chick-flick. Zach enjoyed it and even my Dad said he'd want to go see it with my mom some time.

I'm not saying it's a movie that you HAVE to see in theaters, it'd be just as good a rental, but if you're looking for a movie to see, and aren't really sure, Valentine's Day is a safe bet. My only suggestion is to try and go in the afternoon. Regal Cinemas has recently changed their policy and no longer does student discounts on weekends. So instead of paying the $8.50 that I paid before, I paid $10. It's not that big of a deal, but if you want to see a movie at a better price, just go see a late afternoon showing and save yourself a few bucks :).

Edit: Yes, I did pay for my movie ticket, and Zach's, but he'd just spent $50 on dinner, and he always pays for things. Also it's the 21st century, and I think a girl contributing to the cost of dates is acceptable now.

Tuesday Thoughts

#1- I shouldn't even be blogging, I shouldn't be allowed. I have so much work I have to get done and I feel like I'll  never get it done. Honestly, I feel panic attacks coming on when I think about everything I have to do/learn. I wish I was kidding.

#2- Yesterday I fell walking back from the gym (this ice will never melt!) and I got a gnarly (yes, gnarly) scrape on my knee. It's so nasty looking. It's just red with tons of tiny cuts. Ice 2 Emily 0.

#3- I let people think I'm smart/know what I'm doing because I like people to think nice things about me... but I really wish people knew how seldom I actually feel like I know what I am talking about.

#4- Since my last post I have gotten two new subbies. (Yay!!) One was my friend Amy, and the other was another blogger, with whom I think I have some degree of connection. (She either went to school with my sister, or knows someone who knows my sister... I'm fairly sure at least, as she follows the blog that my sister participated in for a while). Anyway, her name is Laura and you should check out her blog, Life Needs Edits. It's adorable and she's a much better blogger than me. If you want to follow her and don't want to create an account I subscribe through an RSS (I think?) feed, and it shows up on my iGoogle homepage whenever she updates.

#5- I have been tweeting with Callisonannee, whose beauty chanel I suggested the other day. She's a big sweetheart, so glad I discovered her channel. Go check it out if you haven't yet! Callie's YouTube. If you like her you should def. subscribe. I believe she's going to put up a new video tonight or tomorrow??

#6- This morning I was looking at my knees because the one is all cut up, and I noticed that this bone sticks out off the side of my leg kind of. And I've always had really pointy/boney/weird knees, but I swear being able to see this bone is a new thing. It's so creepy. Ahh, I have the weridest knees ever.

#7- I think I need to start making "To-Do" lists agian because I always have so much to do but I never get anything done.

#8- When I hear people talking about the gym, and I haven't gone or worked out during the day, I feel guilty... is that weird??

#9- I have a meeting tonight at 9PM for my debate with my group. 9PM, REALLY? I warned them that I may likely fall asleep... and they can't hold that against me.

#10- I think I've set my standards too high to be attainable any longer. Like I said, people think I'm really smart, I haven't gotten a B since my freshman year, and I study and prepare thuroughly for everything. And I have to wonder if that is even possible anymore. I just feel like there aren't enough hours in the day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Long week ahead of me...

So here are some Monday thoughts

#1- During cases in management both sides (yes/no) of the arguement hand out handouts. That's fine. I know why they do it, but we're not going to ever be tested on the material in the debates so after class I don't really know what to do with the handouts that they gave me... I feel wasteful just throwing it away, or even recycling, because half the time I only even glance at it.

#2- This is going to be a really, really long week. Not only is it the first time we've had a full week of classes since week one (it's now week four), but I just have a ton going on. I have a group meeting for my management debate at 9PM tomorrow night (I knowwww that's normally my bed-time), I have a solo requirement due for BAM, quizes and such, and just blah, so much!

#3- There is wayyyyy too much ice on the ground for me to have to be dressed nice today. I've almost slipped about 10 times. That's not an exageration unfortunately.

#4- I hate not seeing my fiance. It's the pits. I know I shouldn't complain because other people are in relationships with people that they only see once a month, on the weekend... but that jsut doesn't work for me. For example, today we'll be on the same campus all day and not be able to see each other but for the 2 minute drive from campus to my apartment when he takes me home.

#5- My goal is to have 25 blog followers by the end of the semester. I know that sounds easy considering I already have 15, and that I always post the link on my facebook and twitter, but I just don't have many followers. I know people come and read it thanks to my lovely counter, butttt that's about all I know. So semester goal- have 25 followers!!

Alright I normally do 10 of these but I have to go get work done, and I'm kind of grumpy so this is really no fun to read anyway. Alright, onto valueing investments. (I know how envious you all are).

Oh! One positive thing! :) I got my business law test grade and I got a 96%, HOLLA! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Youtube Vlogger/Makeup Guru Spotlight

Hello everyone! I know a while back I did a makeup guru blog, where I listed some of my favorite makeup guru's on youtube. At that point, I was only watching some of the big names, and I've found that a lot of what they do isn't necessarely practical for the every day person. However, very recently I stumbled upon a girl named Callisonannee (video embedded below) who I really like. She's 23 (she had her birthday earlier this week, we're almost birthday twinsies!) and a nursing student. I really like her vlog channel because in addition to being makeup oriented, it's got some normal vlog elements included in it as well.

Most of all though, I like that since she is so close to my age, and because she is a student like myself, she isn't putting up a bunch of ridiculously expensive products. Most of what she has is reasonable (if you buy makeup and beauty products in moderation!!), and she does looks that I could completely see someone like myself, (only not me because I have zero talent when it comes to makeup!) wearing. Please check her out if you ever have a moment, and if you like her (which you will!) definitely subscribe. She's just 148 subscribers away from 1,000! :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention, she has an adorable accent- which makes her videos all the more fun to watch! Go check her out and subscribe! :o) Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day once again!

You can also follow her on twitter! :)

The Engagement Story

In the spirit of lovey-dovey Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share our engagement story with everyone who never heard it, or who just loves it and wants to hear it again.

On October 23, 2009 Zach told me that we'd be going on a picnic for our date. Not too weird, we've gone on a couple before, though oddly, none since. Anyway, around 4:30 Zach picked me up. We originally went to school because he wanted to have the picnic in the little gazebo on campus, but there were people in there so he decided we could have our picnic at Winterplace park. So we drove over there and Zach opened the back door of his car and surprised me with the first big surprise of the night. Pumpkins!

Zach and the aforementioned pumpkins. It should be known that I actually literally picked out these pumpkins two days before because he told me his mom wanted them. Tricky Tricky!

Anyway, that was really cute, we carried them out to the picnic table and Zach started setting up dinner. Sandwiches, chips, potato salad, pumpkin seeds (!!! home made, my FAVORITE), diet soda, and he put out the dessert too, M&M's.e G
 We ate dinner and then since I was too full, we waited on dessert and went for a walk around the little pond that was at the park. It was really, really, really, nice weather that night and it'd been a long week, so it felt nice to just get out and get fresh air. Finally after walking around for a bit I was ready for dessert so we came back to the picnic table and Zach gave me my bag of M&M's... When I opened the bag up I noticed that they were funny colors (pink and white) and was confused so I poured some out and looked at them and realized that they said "Will You Marry Me" on them. So I looked at Zach, who was at this point on one knee, and I said "Really?!!?!" "REALLY?!?!" REALLLLYYYY?!?!?" (about 20 times) and eventually got around to actually answering the question, with a "Yes!"

After all the excitement we came back to campus and got some coffee, walked around a bit more (nervous energy much?), and then went to see the most unromantic movie that I've ever seen. :P And that was pretty much it :)

Iyaz "Replay" Cover- by Tiffany Alvord

I've been following this girl, or subscribed, whatever the lingo is, on YouTube for a while now. She posted this cover of Iyaz's "Replay" and it is the BEST cover I've ever heard of it. Especially towards the end once she adds the harmonies. So, so, so, good! Check it out, give it a listen, and if you have a YouTube account, subscribe! :)