Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Resolutions- recap.

Below are my 2010 resolutions.  Let's see how I did....

#1- Get back to the gym, and vary my workout routine. For almost the entire month of December I got out of the habit of hitting the gym. Part of it was that December was a really stressful month for me between work, school, finals, and getting a pretty horrendous "won't go away cold." The other part was that I think I just needed some time "off". I asked for freehand weights for Christmas and my sister got them for me, and I have a yoga mat, so while I want to get back into running too, I also want to work on toning up some muscles. But most definitely incorporated into this category is to lose the 6-7lbs I've gained over the fall. (Yes, the little cliche bells are going off.)

I am so sad about this but I only kind of got back into the swing of things. Two years ago I was really good about getting to the gym 4-5 times a week and I would run at least 4 miles if not 5 when I went there. I have been trying to get out more but I just keep being "tired" and wanting to rest up. This year I am making "SMART" goals (I'll explain that later) to help me meet this goal more. Gotta be pretty for my wedding!!

#2- Read more for fun. I think I underestimate sometimes how much reading keeps me relaxed this past fall/summer I hardly read for fun but with the purchase of my kindle I am going to attempt to take 30minutes a day to read just for fun. I should have a little more time this spring since I'll only have one accounting class (technically two I guess...)
I did okay on this one. I remember in the early part of the spring semester I would read my book at the gym, but then I felt like I wasn't getting my full workout in, so I stopped. I took a few months off and in late summer early fall I really picked up reading again. I don't know how many books I read this year, maybe 15? It's not a ton but it's a big improvement.

#3- Relax more. I don't know WHAT happened this fall but I felt almost constantly stressed and burnt out (hence why I think I got four colds and needed a month break from the gym after finals). I really don't want to do that to myself again. I only get to be this young once- I want to enjoy it.
I'm not sure I've learned to relax. I don't think I know how not to spend my time worrying about something. But I don't feel like I have been as "anxious" as I was a few years ago. I don't think I've done anything to change that though, I think life is just different now. Anyway.... I guess this was accomplished.

#4- FINALLY make some wedding plans! We have a date set, but since it's not until the end of 2012 I've never bothered to start looking into making actual plans. This obviously won't be until the later part of 2011 but it's time to start!
Check!!! Got the wedding venue/catering picked out, and the photographer, and the ornaments. AND I just found out earlier today that my uncle is making a webpage for it, and my parents are going to go down for a weekend in the spring to try out the "events" we're going to suggest guests do while they are in town. :) Mom and I even went out to get ornaments for the centerpieces the day after Christmas! I think we will try and do engagement photos sometime between March and May! Now I just need a dress?!

#5- Start saving for a town-home with Zach.
Ooooh! Look at me over achiever! We didn't save but we now OWN one!!

#6- Take a CPA review course, and at least one part of the CPA.
No CPA review course, but I passed the first section of the exam so does the rest matter?!

#7- Take at least a "mini" vacation (3-5 days) with Zach. Not sure where, or with what money, but I haven't been on an honest to God vacation since I was probably in 8th grade.

:( No. Moving was expensive, and then CPA studying and tests got in the way!

#8- Run more 5k's.
I think I had done 2 in 2010 and i did 4 in 2011 so..... improvement? :)

#9- Learn to cook more things, and try to expand my pallet.
No :(

#10- Sleep more! I've gotten into an awful habit of getting about 4-6.5 hours of sleep a night for five or six days in a row and that is NOT good for you!
I think over achieved on this one too. Now I won't even get up when my alarm goes off!!

Favorite Thing This Friday

My Phanatic Pillow Pet. Don't lie, you know you're green with envy. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Too many days in the week start with T.

I have a problem at work when I have to send an email. I never know what to use in the subject line. I feel like subjects such as "Question" are too vague. In contrast I feel like a subject such as "Specific Question, about Specific Client" is way too wordy- I mean do people even read the subject lines of emails? As a result I probably spend a little too much time figuring out what few letters to type in that annoying little field. Anyway, the moral of this story is that I never know what to title my blogs. And considering I generally just "talk" I don't think it matters.

#1- I really enjoy the song "Dreamer" by Elizaveta. It's a little new-agey and not my typical cup of coffee but I really like it. It's oddly a really good song to listen to when you're running. At first it might not seem that way, because it's a little whispy sounding, but the lyrics are pretty motivating. It also helps that at some points the tempo is "building".

#2- I bought my favorite "test pencils" from college again the other day. I think I just like them because they're pastels. Oh, and they were obviously successful because I graduated from college manga com laude. (I'm not going to lie, it drives me crazy that after you get a job noone cares how you did in school. I worked my butt off for 3 years, not 4, when do I get to brag?!)

#3-  Look at how cute my new nail polish storage is!!

The top box has my cotton balls and nail accessories in it. The bottom box (pictured) stores all my colors. Yes, I really do own that many. It's a healthy hobby and the pretty colors make me happy. I do not have a problem. You'll also be thankful for a friend like me when you need a pretty nail polish to match your dress.  But the best part! Look how cute! Look how accessible! I ADORE!

#4- Hannah has started her blog up again which has me motivated. I always love looking back at my posts so I wish I could stick to keeping up with blogging. I just never feel like I can allot time to it when I need to study, exercise, paint my nails. Thoughts? Who reads this?

#5- I think my dog hates me. She always barks at me and never wants to play with me. She won't share her toys and likes to hide under the table when I decide she needs to go out. Naturally I still adore her. I feel like that girl in high school whose in love with the jerk.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 1

Now Playing- Grace Potter & The Nocternals " Paris (Ooh la la).

So I thought I would rehash on my progress today, and then also just share some tid-bits.

Skin- I washed my face this morning and after my run with my new "Olay Pro-x face brush" and the face wash that came with it. The face wash doesn't give me the overwhelming clean feeling but I wanted to try something different. If I need something with something stronger I can always go back. My only fail is that I probably should have washed off my makeup before my run. Oh well- starting off perfect would leave no room for improvement. :P

Running endurance- I ran 3 miles today. I had planned on going further but it was pretty windy and the fact that I had no music  had me a little unmotivated. The important thing was that I got out there and that I wasn't even a tiny bit winded after my 3 miles. I also didn't run "fast" so I kept my heart rate lower which is good for building endurance.

Spend less time on the internet- yeah nope.

Get to work earlier- I didn't succeed on this one today. I set an alarm for 4:45 and got up and turned it off and was for all purposes "wide awake" but I just wanted to get more sleep. I didn't want to get up and study. So I slept a little late. I think tomorrow I will try and be out the door by a little after 7 (whenever it's bright enough) and pick up some coffee with one of my many giftcards.

Save more- I don't know that I really had the opportunity to do this today. I woke up and went to work and then came right home and went running and put things away, etc. I mean I didn't do any online shopping but I normally don't... weekends are my bad time.

So- some Tuesday tid-bits.
-I'm really motivated for the next year.
-I really love writing new years blogs- very reflective.
-I am mildly terrified about all the hours I will have to put in in the next 4.5 months at work.
-My brother and sister in law got me a Cinnamon Sugared Donut candle for Christmas and it smells like fabulous snickerdoodles. I <3 it. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Working on me

Yeah- it's been a while. My life is more consistent now and I feel like I don't change up my routine too much. I feel like I always come back to my blog when I want to work on myself... almost as like a "diary". Anyway here are things I want to start working on TOMORROW. As my friend Jill says- why wait?

1) My skin. I blame part of the problem on a change in medication but I think part of it is me. I don't get enough water and I don't eat that healthy so I want to work on getting my skin cleared up. I used to get compliments on it- I'd like those back.

2) Running endurance. I have a 10 milers to due MARCH 4th and I'd love to not have to walk any.

3) Spend less time on the internet. I feel like that's a funny item to put on this list but it's true.

4) Get to work earlier- more consistently. IE- get out of bed the FIRST time the alarm goes off.

5) Save more. I buy too many little thing. Things should be "treats" not expectations.

:) I might come back to this and update it and add a few but I wanted to get some of these off my mind before I head to bed. I am going to START TOMORROW! I am getting up when that first alarm goes off! Why put off until tomorrow what you can get done today?