Friday, February 5, 2010

Nail Polish Review

Hello Hello Hello! Everyone knows that I love painting my nails lately, so I thought I'd do a post on a product I bought earlier. I went to Walgreens with Z. because I was bummed I wouldn't be able to get my nails done. I purchased "Adoring Amethyst" by Sally Hansen which is part of the Maximum Growth Plus collection. I believe I paid $4.99 for it. Anyway, I love the color it's a very rich wine color and not matte and plain like a lot of nail polishes can be. However, I have one big complaint. The brushes in this collection are so thin, that you have to make about five strokes to cover your nail, which makes it hard to get an even layer, and hard not to mess up your nails! (I had a lot of trouble doing them neatly, so the next few images will be kind of icky.)

For the second coat I went ahead and took an OPI brush from a color I never used, soaked it in nail polish remover to lift the color off of it, and used that in the nail color. It did go on a bit nicer for the second coat.

Anyway, the color is gorgeous, and these pictures do not do it justice! It's very, very, very similar to red wine. It's a deep red with violet undertones and a little shimmer, but nothing glittery. All that being said here are some images!

Okay, so this last picture, if you're wondering is for a color reference. (By the way, if you love the coaster, like I do, compliment my sister. She picked these out a few years ago for me, and I love, love, love them!!) Anyway, if you look you can see that there are red blocks on them, and if you notice my nails are more purple than that. It's definitely not a color I would classify as "red" or "purple". It truly is a wine!

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