Friday, February 19, 2010

Image of Cool: Friday Thoughts

#1 Right now I am pretty sure I am the image of cool and hip. . . or at least the closest to it that I've ever been. I'm currently sitting in my school's coffee house, sipping my coffee (2 cream, 4 splenda- I know, I know, I know) listening to music on my iTouch (Sorirty Girl - Luke Bryan) allll while blogging. Sooo hip and 21st century. I know- only took me 10 years to catch up.

#2 I have twenty followers! I am sooo excited. And I officially have one with a person whom I have positively no connection. Her name is Court (Courtney I would assume be the full name) and I actually started watching her videos on YouTube last year. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon them... It was a pregnancy vlog, and I think I stuck around just because I thought she was so interesting. (Becuase no- I am not thinking about babies yet!! I want my degree first). Anyway, she's pretty interesting. I know she probably won't be most 20-somethings interest, but she has a really cute little girl so you should check her youtube out! Also, she's trying to work off her baby weight, so she's another person you can look to if you're trying to get healthy and in shape. This is the link to her blog. I'm on a slow computer or I'd pull up her YouTube link, but you should be able to access it off of her webpage somewhere.

#3 As I know you're all anxiously anticipating the results of my debate, which was on Affirmative Action, we won!!! I know, I know, I know, impressive. Mastery, basically. We were arguing the "No, affirmitive action is not useless at this point" side. And I was soooo excited when someone on the other team mentioned that "Affirmitive Action only helps minority groups" because ohhh baby, I had found a killer bite of information. Affirmitive Action actually helped white men avoid the draft by allowing them to attend college. I don't want a political debate, but I was just so excited that I could slam them with that little tid-bit. I'm not competitive at all.

#4 Speaking of the debate, this girl Christina (my team) and guy Chris (other team) legit were having a screaming fit during the Q & A session. The class had gotten loud with everyone getting ready to leave, and the debate finishing up, so they had to yell to be heard. But then it got a bit heated, and Mo (professor) stood in the middle looked at the two of them like they were wild hyenas and simply said "Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeeee." Hilarious.

#5 I'm really not going to lie, the fact that someone who doesn't know me decided to follow my blog is probably the hi-light of my week....

#6 I know people really make fun of Brittney Spears, and yeah she is a little crazy. But please honestly tell me that listening to her songs doesn't put you in a good mood?

#7 I have about five pairs of dress pants that I need to wash because they've gotten "loose" but I'm afraid to wash them and have them get wrinkly and stuff. I hate ironing, and I'm not sure how kindly Z. will take to ironing ALL of my dress pants. (He will iron my shirts for me sometimes, because I'm afraid to use the iron/don't want to bother learning how).

#8 I'm torn. I kind of want to get a really short hair cut because I just want something different. A few things are holding me back though. Normally short hair cuts come with bangs of some sort and the way I hold my head when I read, they always fall into my face. Also, I don't get my hair 'trimmed' or 'cut' but like 2-3 times a years (I'm sorry, I'm a poor college kid, when they start costing less than $40 dollars, and I start making more than minimum wage I'll ammend this awful mess). Anyway, I feel like it's stupid to get it cut short because it's just going to grow back out again and so the "new style" will only last a month or so. However, on that same page, I feel like it's dumb to pay if I'm just going to get an inch taken off. Especially since I don't have split ends (I know, be jealous).

#9 I would appreciate it if all the youtube makeup guru's I follow would please visit me and go shopping with me. Come on Jamie, Callison, CiCi, Erin, Elle, and Blair. Shopping trip timeee. You know you wanna come up/down here. I live in the friggin' chicken capital of the world... (I think)

#10 I think this is the longest blog I've written in a considerable amount of time, but I've been so moody/grumpy lately (Ok... as I'd say to my friend Amy.. but when aren't I moody/grumpy?? :P) that I haven't had much to say... and I haven't felt like I've had time. But it's Friday afternoon and taking an hour to blog seems perfectly in order!

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