Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Engagement Story

In the spirit of lovey-dovey Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share our engagement story with everyone who never heard it, or who just loves it and wants to hear it again.

On October 23, 2009 Zach told me that we'd be going on a picnic for our date. Not too weird, we've gone on a couple before, though oddly, none since. Anyway, around 4:30 Zach picked me up. We originally went to school because he wanted to have the picnic in the little gazebo on campus, but there were people in there so he decided we could have our picnic at Winterplace park. So we drove over there and Zach opened the back door of his car and surprised me with the first big surprise of the night. Pumpkins!

Zach and the aforementioned pumpkins. It should be known that I actually literally picked out these pumpkins two days before because he told me his mom wanted them. Tricky Tricky!

Anyway, that was really cute, we carried them out to the picnic table and Zach started setting up dinner. Sandwiches, chips, potato salad, pumpkin seeds (!!! home made, my FAVORITE), diet soda, and he put out the dessert too, M&M's.e G
 We ate dinner and then since I was too full, we waited on dessert and went for a walk around the little pond that was at the park. It was really, really, really, nice weather that night and it'd been a long week, so it felt nice to just get out and get fresh air. Finally after walking around for a bit I was ready for dessert so we came back to the picnic table and Zach gave me my bag of M&M's... When I opened the bag up I noticed that they were funny colors (pink and white) and was confused so I poured some out and looked at them and realized that they said "Will You Marry Me" on them. So I looked at Zach, who was at this point on one knee, and I said "Really?!!?!" "REALLY?!?!" REALLLLYYYY?!?!?" (about 20 times) and eventually got around to actually answering the question, with a "Yes!"

After all the excitement we came back to campus and got some coffee, walked around a bit more (nervous energy much?), and then went to see the most unromantic movie that I've ever seen. :P And that was pretty much it :)

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Bex said...

what an amazing story