Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Movie Review

This past Saturday night I went to see Valentine's Day with Z. I'd read in a few places, that it was getting terrible reviews but I still wanted to go because the trailer looked so cute! And in the end, I'm very glad we went. Sure, it'll never win an academy award. And sure, Taylor Swift is probably one of the worst actresses on the face of the planet (Gah- I really do hate Tay Swift). But the movie does make you laugh. And it's also really interesting how they work all these characters stories together so that they're all part of each others. I seriously never would have been able to write this movie because I could never have figured out how to make all these people's lives overlap. But it really was cute, and it has a great cast. And contrary to what the title may have you believe it's not 100% a chick-flick. Zach enjoyed it and even my Dad said he'd want to go see it with my mom some time.

I'm not saying it's a movie that you HAVE to see in theaters, it'd be just as good a rental, but if you're looking for a movie to see, and aren't really sure, Valentine's Day is a safe bet. My only suggestion is to try and go in the afternoon. Regal Cinemas has recently changed their policy and no longer does student discounts on weekends. So instead of paying the $8.50 that I paid before, I paid $10. It's not that big of a deal, but if you want to see a movie at a better price, just go see a late afternoon showing and save yourself a few bucks :).

Edit: Yes, I did pay for my movie ticket, and Zach's, but he'd just spent $50 on dinner, and he always pays for things. Also it's the 21st century, and I think a girl contributing to the cost of dates is acceptable now.


Anonymous said...

Wait, you paid for your own movie? On (the day before) Valentine's Day?


Emily said...

Actually, I paid for both Zach's and my movie ticket... because he just spent $50 on dinner, and he always pays for things. Seems fair to me. Especially considering that's the first movie I paid for since.... June?

Jessica Michelle said...

I agree about Taylor Swift being a bad actress..I wasn't expecting her to be so horrible. Maybe it was just her character being stupid but wow. haha I loved the movie as well. It wasn't predictable like I thought it would be it was really good :)