Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Want some pie...?

Pie charts, that is! My friend Becca suggested that for my 100th post, I should do a bunch of pie charts! I thought it was a cute idea because pie charts always add up to 100%, plus it's literally something I've never heard or seen anyone do before. :) So, below you'll see a bunch of pie charts,.. I'll explain things below them! Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Also! If these are too small for you to read, just click on them and it will enlarge them for ya! Blogger won't let me make them much bigger inside the post! :)

This is pretty self explanatory. The percent of time I spend doing various things with my spare time. :)

Again, this one is pretty self explanatory. I feel as though I should be fair and say that while I only spend 25% of my time on both Facebook and Twitter, they are always open in a tab so I guess technically I'm "always" on those.

Obviously more people need to text me! Do you see how big Zach's portion of the pie is?! :) Hit me up if you want my numbbbbbbba.  "Ay girl, can I get yo number" ahaha.

Okay, so I get a ton of compliments on my complexion. I think its weird because I have such fair skin, and most people really like the 'tanned' look. But I seriously cannot tell you how many time women above the age of 35 have come up to me and complimented me on my complexion.

Also, I feel like only ugly people get complimented on their personality... but we're going to go with the idea that mine is just exceptional and that I'm not ugly. K :)

To be honest that "Down Messy" category should probably be closer to 40% because that's how it always is when I'm alone... but this is my "How I Wear My Hair" ... when I let people see me.

I feel the need to comment on the fact that I own 3 times as much pink nail polish as I do red. I really do consider this an inequity to poor reds, but I just never seem to pick them up... Maybe the nail polish fairy will drop one off for me. :)

Okay, so when I was making this one, I knew there was another place I shopped a lot but I couldn't remember where. And as soon as I saved this graph, it hit me! New York and Company! Love them, it's where I get all my professional clothes. So, we're going to all mentally rename "various" as NY&Co

I really don't watch  more than probably 5-10 hours of TV a week, so this chart was pretty easy to put together. And yes, I really do watch the news that much!


Bex said...

I also love that your inbox runner up is an accounting classmate. lmao. these graphs look great too!

congrats on 100 posts

Bex said...

Also I would just like to point out that this reminds me of when you and I used to make all kinds of cool graphs on our calculators in Trig/PreCalc class because that was wayyyy cooler than actual homework graphs.

Jessica Michelle said...

this is such a neat idea! i wish I knew how to do this. Also, I smiled at the second pie chart wiht DailyPuppy cause I prob spend 30% of my time there. bahaha. I'm lame