Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

#1- I shouldn't even be blogging, I shouldn't be allowed. I have so much work I have to get done and I feel like I'll  never get it done. Honestly, I feel panic attacks coming on when I think about everything I have to do/learn. I wish I was kidding.

#2- Yesterday I fell walking back from the gym (this ice will never melt!) and I got a gnarly (yes, gnarly) scrape on my knee. It's so nasty looking. It's just red with tons of tiny cuts. Ice 2 Emily 0.

#3- I let people think I'm smart/know what I'm doing because I like people to think nice things about me... but I really wish people knew how seldom I actually feel like I know what I am talking about.

#4- Since my last post I have gotten two new subbies. (Yay!!) One was my friend Amy, and the other was another blogger, with whom I think I have some degree of connection. (She either went to school with my sister, or knows someone who knows my sister... I'm fairly sure at least, as she follows the blog that my sister participated in for a while). Anyway, her name is Laura and you should check out her blog, Life Needs Edits. It's adorable and she's a much better blogger than me. If you want to follow her and don't want to create an account I subscribe through an RSS (I think?) feed, and it shows up on my iGoogle homepage whenever she updates.

#5- I have been tweeting with Callisonannee, whose beauty chanel I suggested the other day. She's a big sweetheart, so glad I discovered her channel. Go check it out if you haven't yet! Callie's YouTube. If you like her you should def. subscribe. I believe she's going to put up a new video tonight or tomorrow??

#6- This morning I was looking at my knees because the one is all cut up, and I noticed that this bone sticks out off the side of my leg kind of. And I've always had really pointy/boney/weird knees, but I swear being able to see this bone is a new thing. It's so creepy. Ahh, I have the weridest knees ever.

#7- I think I need to start making "To-Do" lists agian because I always have so much to do but I never get anything done.

#8- When I hear people talking about the gym, and I haven't gone or worked out during the day, I feel guilty... is that weird??

#9- I have a meeting tonight at 9PM for my debate with my group. 9PM, REALLY? I warned them that I may likely fall asleep... and they can't hold that against me.

#10- I think I've set my standards too high to be attainable any longer. Like I said, people think I'm really smart, I haven't gotten a B since my freshman year, and I study and prepare thuroughly for everything. And I have to wonder if that is even possible anymore. I just feel like there aren't enough hours in the day!

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