Sunday, February 14, 2010

Youtube Vlogger/Makeup Guru Spotlight

Hello everyone! I know a while back I did a makeup guru blog, where I listed some of my favorite makeup guru's on youtube. At that point, I was only watching some of the big names, and I've found that a lot of what they do isn't necessarely practical for the every day person. However, very recently I stumbled upon a girl named Callisonannee (video embedded below) who I really like. She's 23 (she had her birthday earlier this week, we're almost birthday twinsies!) and a nursing student. I really like her vlog channel because in addition to being makeup oriented, it's got some normal vlog elements included in it as well.

Most of all though, I like that since she is so close to my age, and because she is a student like myself, she isn't putting up a bunch of ridiculously expensive products. Most of what she has is reasonable (if you buy makeup and beauty products in moderation!!), and she does looks that I could completely see someone like myself, (only not me because I have zero talent when it comes to makeup!) wearing. Please check her out if you ever have a moment, and if you like her (which you will!) definitely subscribe. She's just 148 subscribers away from 1,000! :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention, she has an adorable accent- which makes her videos all the more fun to watch! Go check her out and subscribe! :o) Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day once again!

You can also follow her on twitter! :)

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