Friday, February 19, 2010

Work-Out Information

I thought I'd share with all my lovely followers (and all of you who simply come because I spam facebook/twitter with the link) my work-out routine.

Atleast three days a week I run roughly 3.5-4 miles at the gym. (I set the treadmill to 5.0mph, but sometimes I move it up during the 2nd half of my run, but I do always finish with a sprint)

Atleast once  a week I try to run for a period of one hour. Which means that I should cover anywhere from 5-6 miles by the time I finish with the "cool down"

Atleast twice a week I try to do "power yoga". I watch a video on Netflix (direct to my PC). It's about 42 minutes. When I do that, I try and go to the gym and bike or do a short run (about 20 minutes of cardio). However, sometimes I'll just do the 40 minute "power yoga". Like, I don't know, when there's 20 inches of snow on the ground and walking to the gym is out of the question.

This isn't what I do every week, and I do normally take atleast one day completely off of working out a week, but I try not to do more than two. Sometimes because I really just don't have time, and other times because I'm just plain tired.

In addition to all of that I'd like to get some of the small dunbells from Target or Wal-Mart (5lb-10lbs maybe?) and start working on my arm muscles. My biceps are mildly toned somehow (not sure from what, probably from the massive school bag I bring everyday). but my triceps could really use a little work. I think the little dunbells are only like $5 each so I think it could be a worth-while investment. I'm not trying to look 'buff' I just don't want flabby arms.

What is your workout routine??? 

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