Monday, February 15, 2010

Long week ahead of me...

So here are some Monday thoughts

#1- During cases in management both sides (yes/no) of the arguement hand out handouts. That's fine. I know why they do it, but we're not going to ever be tested on the material in the debates so after class I don't really know what to do with the handouts that they gave me... I feel wasteful just throwing it away, or even recycling, because half the time I only even glance at it.

#2- This is going to be a really, really long week. Not only is it the first time we've had a full week of classes since week one (it's now week four), but I just have a ton going on. I have a group meeting for my management debate at 9PM tomorrow night (I knowwww that's normally my bed-time), I have a solo requirement due for BAM, quizes and such, and just blah, so much!

#3- There is wayyyyy too much ice on the ground for me to have to be dressed nice today. I've almost slipped about 10 times. That's not an exageration unfortunately.

#4- I hate not seeing my fiance. It's the pits. I know I shouldn't complain because other people are in relationships with people that they only see once a month, on the weekend... but that jsut doesn't work for me. For example, today we'll be on the same campus all day and not be able to see each other but for the 2 minute drive from campus to my apartment when he takes me home.

#5- My goal is to have 25 blog followers by the end of the semester. I know that sounds easy considering I already have 15, and that I always post the link on my facebook and twitter, but I just don't have many followers. I know people come and read it thanks to my lovely counter, butttt that's about all I know. So semester goal- have 25 followers!!

Alright I normally do 10 of these but I have to go get work done, and I'm kind of grumpy so this is really no fun to read anyway. Alright, onto valueing investments. (I know how envious you all are).

Oh! One positive thing! :) I got my business law test grade and I got a 96%, HOLLA! :)


xoJamieliscious said...

i have maybe 3 followers! haha if you get 25 i would say that is pretty commendable :]

Laura said...

I'm a new follower!

Emily said...

Thanks! :)