Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

WOO HOO! SHIT! (Sure Happy It's Thursday, sillies :P). I can't believe it's finally here... :) But I'm super glad that it is... so here's you're much anticipated "thought update". (Do you guys not like these, do you like the more "list" type blogs, the video blogs?? I don't get much feed back so I'm not sure what people like!)

#1 I have twelve followers now! I am pretty excited! I think I'll be most excited when like some random person that I have no connection to starts following me, but for now I am so stoked about 12 I could pee my pants. (But I won't no worries!)

#2 I woke up at 5:30 this morning and I was so excited! I love when I can get up early. (Don't get me wrong, I love  sleep, but I love getting stuff done early). Anyway, I woke up at 5:30, checked my email, and looked for a yoga video. I found one and started it about 10 of 6. It was a 35 minute video so I finished that just in time to go to the gym for about half an hour when it opened. (I did the bike for 25 minutes, WOO 7 miles!) Then I showered and dried my hair and was ready for my 8AM class. I just feel so acomplished now, and I'll be able to get more done this afternoon! So exciting! :o)

#3 I've decided the first thing I am going to do when I get my first "big girl job" with health care is to get invisalign and a professional whitening. My teeth are one thing that really bug me. They're too crowded from my wisdom teeth growing in... and they're stained from a medicine I was on as a baby. I mean it's not awful staining, but it makes me uncomfortable, and I cover my mouth when I laugh/smile because of it. I know healthcare doesn't normally cover elective procedures, and it probably therefore, won't cover eithe rof those, but I will have a salary, so I should be able to afford it. Especially since I don't think I will need to be on invisalign more than a year. Plus, the first year or two of my employment are when I'll have the most "me" money available, so I think it really is the best time. Does wanting to do that make me conceited? I have a lot of things that aren't perfect about me, and I'd never get plasic surgery (or veneers by the way- why ruin healthy teeth??).. I just want my teeth fixed.

#4- I think I am really going to enjoy my business law class. I love cases, and I'm really good at learning concepts and ideas. *Fingers Crossed*\

#5 Just emailed one of my professors asking if I could set up a time to go to his office weekly to look over the homework we go over in class. He pulls up the solutions in a Word document, and I can't read the numbers very well (okay, be honest Em, at all). In fact, to be compeltely honest, I can't read any of it. I told him I didn't see his listed office hours on the website and to jsut let me know when would be a good time to stop by. Normally at this point the professor woudl tell me he could just print me a copy to look at during class (which I could in theory hand back in if he really doesn't want me to have an "advantage" over other students). OR at least tell me their office hours. Instead, he directs me to a location that I can find them, and tells me to let him know when would work best. Awesome. This is going to be a long semester. If  you can see what comes up on the screen in all your classes, don't take that for granted. I am eternally jealous.

#6 Pandora now has ads on it, and a limited amuont of hours per month that you can be logged in. (Okay, all this changed this summer, but my blog wasn't around then). I am really not okay with these chagnes. It is the complete opposite of the original idea of the website. Just saying.

#7 I am secretly hoping for a snowy Saturday. I know practically speaking that it will be a pain in the butt because it will impede any ability to travel (even to Wal-Mart), but just having an excuse to curl up and read (for class of course) sounds fabulous. (well, minus the "class" part).

#8 Lady Gaga is growing on me. But I don't really LIKE her like her yet.

#9 I wish more people used twitter (Follow me! Emily_Doss) !

#10 I'm going to a "slumber party" next Tuesday (I think??) for my friend's Bachelorette party, and I'm excited. I love Melba, the woman doing it, and I've never been to a Bachelorette one. (Apparently they're different.) Guess we'll see... :o)

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Bex said...

#3. I think that is perfectly justifiable.

#6. The ads don't really bother me too much. And I never listen that much to meet the limit, so I don't mind.