Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coffee, Twix, Codification, and Becca

Wednesday Thoughts

#1 I watched "Teen Mom" last night on MTV. It was so, so, so, cute. Most of the baby's (except for Leah, who is Amber and Gary's daughter) had their first birthdays! It was too cute! Catelynn and Tyler got engaged, and I know they're way too young (but who am I to talk). But it was still so cute. :)

#2- I am currently watching a video about the "Codification" , which is the consolidation of all the accounting rules into topics, sub topics, etc, etc. It's not really that interesting, but I will need to know this, so it's good that it's provided to us I guess.

#3- I just treated myself to a coffee and a twix this afternoon. It's so bad, but, it's a treat.

#4- I'm starting to think that I have a weather sensitive knee condition. My knees are killing me and I'm not really sure waht to do about it.

#5- Sometimes I miss being an elementary education major.I know it would have gotten harder, but I really feel like everything was always really fun, and I was never "stressed". I love accounting, don't get me wrong, but I feel like it's so serious, and so formal, and sometimes I just want something care free and fun. I obviously won't be changing my major back, but I do miss it sometimes. I am hoping that when I get a job, I can talk to my boss about helping our with Junior Achievement. If you don't know what that is, it's like month or two long weekly visits where people from the community come to elementary and middle school class rooms, and teach the kids about some of the fundamentals of business. I remember they came to my school when I was little, and we had a couple weeks long simulation of owning a donut shop. And it was just kind of cool.. so I think that would be a really fun way to kind of do the 'best of both worlds'. But again, it'd have to be during the school day horus, so whatever boss I had would have to be supportive of my decision.

#6- I saw Bex on campus a few minutes ago and I was pretty excited about it. I love seeing old friends on campus. :o) Turns out she'd be willing to go shoe shopping with me on Saturday at some point, so I'm pretty excited about that.

#7- I have a lot of reading to catch up on and start over the next few days. I think I will be doing a lot more reading during the weekends this semester than I have done before. I feel as though all my classes are just more reading heavy this semester.

#8- I am meeting my friend Laura for dinner tonight, at 5:30. Since my knees are killing me, I think I am going to try and do a little yoga before dinner, instead of the gym. I really want to try and start having something like that that I can do at home, and that is less hard on my body for the days that I don't want to go to the gym.

#9- I love my fiance, and that he reads my blogs everyday. I saw him yesterday at lunch, and he said he'd just read my blog, and meant to come over and rub my neck (which I stated yesterday was sore) to show me he'd read it, but he'd forgotten. I just think that's really sweet. He's probably reading this right now, and his head is probably getting all big. :P

#10- Ever since I lost a little bit of weight, I don't mind wearing dress clothes as much. I used to feel like they were very restricting, but they don't feel that way anymore. I can sit in a button down top, and not feel like its too tight. And, I can wear dress pants without feeling like they fit funny. I'm pretty glad about that, because I have to dress up a lot. I actualyl kind of ike it, I love the pretty colors and the jewelery. I really just need to work on finding shoes.

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