Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad- humm, what do you think?

Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) announced today the creation of Apples new "iPad". From what I can tell this is essentially a glorified iTouch. Don't get me wrong, if someone handed me one I wouldn't turn it down- but it seems weird. In a video I found on youtube, Jobs says it "surfs the internet better than a laptop". But who cares? It has no keyboard, and its flat, it's still basically a play thing. you're not going to do anything too serious on it, because it's essentially a very big, iTouch. The nice thing about the iTouch is that it's small and convient to carry, however, if you're going to carry this big thing around why not just get a netbook? Just my opinion.

1 comment:

Bex said...

kinda agree with ya.
When I was reading about it, I was like uuuh... cool....a huge ipod touch?