Monday, January 25, 2010

First Day (so far) Thoughts

Man do I have some thoughts about today...

Thought #1- Last night, I layed down to go to bed at 11. I'd stayed up "late" to watch the Pregnancy Pact.... However, because my new neighbor decided to move their bed up against the wall, all I heard until midnight was their mattress moving every time they turned. Additionally, they must have their TV up against the wall, because they were watching something that sounded terrible. Either way, it wasn't pleasent. On top of that noise, there was the rain, and other noises everywhere that kept me up until probably close to one. Awesome. So, naturally when my alarm went off at six AM, I turned it off and slept until 7:45. Great. Awesome. No gym for me this morning.

Thought #2- This rain and wind is annoying. I have my friend Amy's old green pass, so I can park on campus now, but I'm trying to still take the shuttle because it's less money for gas, and I'm not the best parker in the world, so it'd be easier to just not deal with it. SO this morning I walked to the shuttle, and in that 10th of a mile walk, my umbrella flipped inside out 3 times, and I looked like a big nerd as I tried to get it right side out again.

Thought #3- Related to the rain, I had the pleasure of planting my foot in a puddle this morning that literally went to my ankle. I had no choise but to continue to walk through it. I was not okay with this.

Thought #4- I am exhausted. I feel like when I get back from class at 3, I could literally go to bed and sleep until tomorrow.

Thought #5- I already feel underprepared and overwhelmed by the coming semester and I've only had one class.

Thought #6- I will never understand how some girls can come to class with their hair down, looking perfect, when it's rainy and windy outside.

Thought #7- I love the color that I painted my nails last night, but I hate that the very tippy tips of my nails are already chipped. :(

Thought #8- I'm at my apartment, since I had from 9:30-1 with no classes. So, I'm going to make myself a ham, cheese, and miracle whip sandwich, and it's basically a thought that's been keeping me sane for the most part of the morning.

Thought #9- When I came home at 10 from class I was completely soaking wet so I pulled all my clothes off and shoved them in the dryer and put on a new pair of jeans and a zip up cotten jacket thing. It really did feel nice to just be dry and warm.

Thought #10- I can't wait for the weekend, and lib dates with Amy again.

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