Saturday, January 30, 2010


I love being form the city I'm from. Everytime we get so much as a FLURRY everyone updates their facebook statuses. Those who like it say, "OH MY GOD IT'S SNOWING OH MY GOD IT'S SNOWING! IF YOU DON'T LIKE SNOW YOU STINK!!" And those who hate it say, "UGH STUPID SNOW STUPID SNOW STUPID SNOW STUPIDDD SNOWW" But literally, everyone has something to say about it.

I live in an area that generally gets more rain than snow in the winter, and normally you hear people ask, "Can you imagine if this were snow??" Well today, it was snow. We officially got "9" inches. However, this was at 7pm, and it's been snowing since then, and even then, there were readings closer to 11 inches. Drifts however, were probably ranging anywhere from 15-20 inches. Pretty big deal, considering the town will shut down for a dusting.

This is the street behind my apartment (a fairly busy side road on a normal day) at 5:30PM.

Here's another image without my flash on. The pictures a little bit blurry- but all and all you get the idea. This does no justice to the actual AMOUNT of snow we got.  Just how snowy the roads are.

This sould give you a better idea! That's my foot in the snow this afternoon. It hit up to my midcalf and I'm 5ft 7inchs :P

What do you think about snow? Love it? Hate it? My opinion today? Annoying. The snow has left me cooped up most of the day. And unforunately the college I go to hates to cancel classes (even though almost 75% of the students are commuters)... so it's likely that I'll spend all weekend cooped up only to have to go back to classes on Modnay. Not. A. Fan.

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