Friday, January 29, 2010

Fake Internet Shopping

Does anyone else go to websites, fill up their shopping cart with stuff they love, and never actually buy any of it? I do this all the time. (Sometimes I kind of do it when I go to tangible stores, I walk around with a sweater I like, or if I'm at Target make-up or nail polish I want, and then the buyers remorse kicks in before I even make it to the check out line. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the stuff currently sitting in my various shopping carts with you. Enjoyyyy!

This top is from Express, it looks super cute, and comfortable. I also feel like it would look really nice on every body shape... which most shirts can't.

I guess they're on sale right now, because when I went to inspect furtherI couldn't find all of those colors. Pity, really, I liked the green one. Anyway I think if I got one of these I'd get either violet, black, or the navy!

Love these. I can't find the towels I got this summer, but I found these and they would compliment them (mine are sage green). And they look so soft and snuggly.


Rittan said...

I totally do this.

Emily said...

It's such an unhealthy habit I feel like. Ohhhh well.