Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boring Adult Things That I Need to Buy

One of the worst things about getting older is that you're forced to buy a lot of not so exciting things with your "hard-earned" money. I need a few of those things, at least at some point in the relatively near future, so I thought I'd share them with you all. (PS- Some of these items are pricier than anticipated, if you know of places that sell good quality for a bargain, let me know!)

#1- Iron and Ironing Board

I know what you're thinking, because believe me I'm thinking it too. You're thinking, "But Emily, why doy ou need an ironing board? Even though you've been doing your own laundry since you were 9, you don't iron your own clothes. If something need ironing you do the ol' throw it in the dryer routine. And if it REALLY needs to look ncie, you whine until your mom/sister/fiance, do it FOR you! In fact, you've made a poitn NOT to buy an iron explicitially so that you have a convienent excuse NOT to ever be the one doing the ironing!" I know, I know, I know! But the fact of the matter is that I have a lot of days now where I'm going to need ironed clothing, and I don't think Z's going to want to iron shirts for me 2 or 3 times a week, and possibly every day this sumemr with my internship.

I went to and looked at irons and was flabbergasted that any iron with more than a 2 star review cost upwards of FIFTY dollars. REALLY? It's just a piece of metal that gets hot! Frustrated, I went to Bed Bath & Beyond's website, because at least they send me about ten "20% off One Item" coupons a month. And shock, they were STILL fifty dollars! Yikes! (PS- the image of the one above all this rambling is the one I mentally picked out, don't you like the blue?

Color me even MORE shocked to find out that the ion, without a cover, in the above images, was also fifty dllars? Really? It's basically a peice of metal on two metal legs! How does it cost so much??

Not only are these "adult purchases" boring- they're super pricey. I've decided that I will continue to prolong the inevitable.

#2- Coffee Pot

I've decided that if I am goign to continue to develop a coffee addiction, that I should probably invest in a coffee maker. The one pcitured above, also from BB&B, was $39.99 (which would be roughly 32 plus applicable state tax of 6%/$). It's a pretty standard Mr. Coffee brewer. I'd be excited to own it but I don't know that I am ready to invest just yet. I have this problem with buying stuff for my apartment during the spring semester. The way I see it is that my lease always ends in May, and by the time I made this purchase I'd just be packing it up again. And since I don't really "need" it... I'll hold off until the end of next summer.

#3- Shoe Rack

Enough is enough already! I don't have a "ton" of shoes like some girls. I have about 5 that I rotate during the winter, and 2 pairs of running shoes, and some flip flops. But my walk-in closet in my apartment has a floor COVERED in them because there is just no convienet way to organize them! All of my shoes with the exception of two pairs of taller boots would fit on this rack, And I could store it under my hanging clothes and it wouldn't interfere with them because they don't hang that low in my sloset. This, shocker, is also from BB&B and a whopping $19.99 (which would be roughly $16 plus applicable state tax of 6%/$).

Of allt he "adult boring stuff" that I have to buy, I think this will be my next purchase. I used to keep my shoes in this GIANT tin bucket, that most people use for cold drinks at BBQ's-- but I think I'd be willing to throw that out for this baby. Hmm. BB&B, you seem to have won this time!

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