Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things I Loved When I was Little

I'm currently in a pretty crappy mood due to certain circumstances, so I thought in an attempt to cheer myself up I'd reminse back to being seven years old. Here were same of my FAVORITE childhood items. Also, I am aware some of these are weird, and I'm probably the only person who liked them or had them, but whatever.

#1 American Girl Dolls

When I was little I loved American Girl dolls. My parents got me them (I think I had three in total, these were two of them) for Christmas!. The one on the left, Felicity, was the one I thought was the coolest. The one on the right, Samantha, was the one I wanted to be the most. The third (Molly, not shown) was the one that was most like me. Plain brown hair, pale skin, glasses, needy, nerdy :P.

#2- Beanie Babies
I had a million of these little guys. I think I bought like 2 a month (with my hard earned allowance, thank you) and begged for them for birthday's and Christmas' for like two years straight! I had to search on google for a "good" picture, because most of the ones I could find were of the "new" ones! Gotta be the classics! :P I'm surprised how many of these I can still tell you the names to!

#3- Giga Pets!

I used to LOVE my giga pet. I never had a Tomagotci (sp), because they were more expensive when these were popular. But looking back, I'm glad I had one of these. I like animals more than ambigious blobs.

#4- Lincoln Logs and Legos

I loved playing with these when I was little. I swear I would spend hours in my room creating cities and villages with both of these. I remember how excited my Dad was when he gave me legos. :)

#5- Fisher Price Tape Player (with Microphone!)
This was the first picture that popped up when I googled this image, and I think this is the EXACT model I had. I went through about three of these. I would listen to them ALL day. I remember on Saturday mornings I used to sneak downstairs when my parents were still asleep and make "radio shows". I'd record music I liked on the radio and then do "talk shows" between songs. :P

#6- Pogs
Do these even NEED a description? Who doesn't remember their good ol' pogs and slammers :)!

#7 "Mr. Bucket"

No one else has probably ever heard of this game, but I got it for a birthday when I was like 3 or 4 or 5 or something. I loved it! I think this game is what started my bizare obsession with cleaning and picking things up!

#8 Colored Pencils
More than crayons I loved colored pencils. I was always begging my mom to take me to Wal-Mart so that I could get a new pack of them!

#9 Hungry, Hungry Hippos
I LOVED this game. My neighbor had it (we didn't) but I remember when we would go over there, which was quite often because our parents for friends, I'd always beg him to play! I think my parents hated it because it was soooo loud and that is EXACTLY why we never owned it!

#10 Baby Sitters Club Little Sister

This was my favorite book series when I was a little girl. (Go see my first grade video, I talk about them!) I think I read all of them!


Hannah said...

Yes yes yes to all of these! I had Molly & Kirsten (who is like retired now or something sad... she's so pretty!). Kelly D and I talked about American Girl dolls the other night, and you can send them to the "doll hospital." I'm going to do that with Molly when I get money so I can save her.. she was my original one. We really did have the best toys :)

Bex said...

I had totally forgotten about its existence until I just saw that photo.
ALSO when I was young my friend and I would do radio shows. RLACE radio. That stood for our initials, plus our siblings, except Lauren's older brother because he had cooties or something.