Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Thought Update

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts

#1- I watched My Life as Liz last night again at 10:30, and I'm not sure if I'm so in love with it anymore. I am very intrigued. But the mean girls are way meaner than girls would ever actualyl be. The popular girls actually go out of their way to do mean stuff to Liz (ie: send her 10 carnations telling her to meet her secret admirer at the dance). I just don't feel like people woudl eer do that. I knew the popular crowd in high school, and I knew the not popular crowd, and I just feel like the two groups weren't really concerned with each other.

#2- Intermediate II looks like it will be a ton of work but at the moment it feels like while it may be time consuming it wil be doable. Dr. Smith is kind of intimidating, but he gives me the feeling that I will be able to succeed. I am a tiny, tiny, tiny, bit worried about my group (which is basically my "universe" for the whole class, we do everything together). I know one of the guys, J, and he seems really reliable and I trust him. And I know one of the girls is really smart, but there are two people who I don't really know, and I'm not sure what kind of "vibes" I get from them. To be honest, I think one of them is a girl someone told me cheated in their Cost class last semester. And nerdy as it sounds, I take academic integrity very seriously, and if this girl ever tries to cheat on the group work, I think I'd freak out on her. But, so far, it looks doable. I hope!

#3- I'm enjoying a HEAVENLY coffee right now. I really needed it.

#4- I have an 8AM TUe/Thur this semester. I'm sure I'll get used to going to class that early, and it's not that I mind getting up. But my problem is that waking up early, and then not "doing" anything active tends to put me right back to drowsy.

#5- I keep not getting up when I want to get up. I really want to get up at 6AM every day this semester. I think I need to get one of those old fashion alarm clocks (aka not my cell phone) and use that so that i have to get out of bed if I want to reset it.

#6- Where it was so humid yesterday, when I went to bed last night the apartment felt muggy so I opened my window. Boy, did I regret that decision when I woke up this morning in my shorts and tshirt freezing my butt off.

#7- Sometimes I wonder if I have something wrong with my neck because I almost always feel like I have a sore muscle in it. (It's sore today). Usually I just assume its from the way I read for classes and such, but I haven't read for them much yet. And it's still bugging me.

#8- I need to go to get some black "dress" shoes. I read that professional women shouldn't wear flats, and the only pair of "dress" sheos I have are black flats. I think they'd be closer to "ok" if they were more fancy, but they are round toe'd and they have a little decorative button on them.

#9- My birthday is two weeks from today. I am honestly kind of dreading it. It means that I have to retake my vision test for my license, and I'm worried that I won't have the same vision as last time. Which would mean they could, in essense, either revolke or limit my license. In an area like Salisbury, that idea is kind of stressful.

#10- Sometimes when I'm walking around campus, I really hope that I'll run into someone I know. Why? Because I realy want a hug. :P I feel like that's weird.

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Bex said...

I'm gonna hug you next time I run into you on campus!