Saturday, January 9, 2010

Physicians Formula Shopping Trip

I know, I know, I completely missed yesterday. I was busy! I woke up, admired the snow, went to work, had a lunch date with A, got dinner with my parents (mexican!!), and then I had a movie night with Z. No time for blogging! Anyway, I did forget to mention that I went with my Momma to Target, and I picked up some Physcians Formula makeup, so, I thought I'd share my "haul" with you all. :o)

Flawless Complexion Kit (light)

This kit includes a mineral face powder, matte fininishing powder, and mineral blush.

Shimmer Strips: Custom Eye Enhancing Shadows and Liners (for Hazel eyes)

I know what you're thinking. "But you don't have hazel eyes, they're blue!" I kow, I know, I know! They are blue, but they blue color palette is really dark and I never feel like it looks that great on me. I did consider getting the one for "green eyes" which has a lot of lilacs and greens in it, but in the end I went for this one because I'd rather be safe than sorry!

Magic Mosaic Bronzer

And then I just got one of their basic mascara's too. I know, I should probably wait to do this until after I have tried them. But, I'll just wait and do a 'review' for them in a couple days after I've tried them all out.


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