Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday's Thoughts


#1- Hurray, hurray, hurray, hurray it's already Wednesday! That means I've succeeded at surviving one half of a work week. However, it also means that I am half a week closer to starting my spring semester.

#2- This weather is ridiculously gross. I'm not sure it has surpassed 32 degrees at all in the last week, and I am running out of thick, warm, wooly socks to keep my feet warm. This is a problem.

#3- Agent Seeley Booth and I would make really cute babies. Z is not okay with the idea of me swooning over him. However, I contest that I will probably swoon until the day I do. How could one not swoon over a man that looks like this.

#4- I have been craving a really meaty, cheesey, greasy, pizza for the last 3 days and it has yet to miraculously appear. This is awfully upsetting.

#5- I updated my iGoogle theme earlier today, and it may or may not have given me an immense amount of joy. Sometimes I question if it really is possible to get too much joy for the little things.



erin mason said...

em, this blog great idea, i love reading all your updates, you are wayyyyy funnier than you might give yourself credit for <3 you

Emily said...

Aww thank you Erin!! :o) you're such a sweet heart! Hope packing is going well!!