Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I want...

To stop being poor for like three seconds so that I can stock up on some of the following items. I feel like a lot of my posts right now relate to products, but such is the way of life sometimes. Additionally, this problem is made worse by watching all the adorable make up guru's on youtube. So, here's the list of things I would love, love, love, to have like.. well,.. to be honest.. a pretty good chunk of change to stock up on.

#1 Costume Jewelery. I love it, love it, love it. But, I do feel like it's something you can't just go out and buy. You find it randomly, and it tends to be when your bank statement tells you you're not allowed to buy. Oh, life.

#2 Mineral make up. I've decided that I need to invest in make up. HOWEVER, I have really difficult skin to put make up because not only is it really pale, it's really sensitive. So,.. I want to invest in good quality mineral make up. Unfortunately, most "low end brands" don't do a ton with mineral make up, so even buying a set of Physicians Formula is going to cost an arm and a leg. Yuck!

#3- Pretty, shimmery, eye shadows. This is not to be confused with 'glittery'. I like light pinks, taupes, browns, even pretty light greens, wine colors, etc, but I haven't bought any eye make up in like, almost a year. I know. It's really sad.

#4- Yummy smelling soaps, body washes, and bubble baths. Z's little sister got me bubble bath and bath oils and stuff for christmas and they just smell so happy and delicious but I always kind of consider them to be 'frivolous' so I don't purchase them for myself. But they are so amazing.

#5 Cute little trinkety boxes to keep my aforementioned costume jewelery and make up in.

#6 A giraffe print purse. I don't even care if it's a fake and not a Dooney and Burke purse, I just think they are so adorable!

#7 Adorable flats that do not cut up my feet. (This is impossible for I have sasquatch feet that are about a 9.5 in flats)

#8 This is kind of long winded, but I want to go to like an antique store, or like a used furniture store, or a flea market or something, and find some sort of like "trunk" like.. night stand with a door on it, and then sand it, and paint it, and line it (I'm not sure how I'd complete this step) and use it to put flower vases on and store blankets and photoalbums and such.

#9 Headbands. Love them. However, I am a big believer that you can't go cheap with them, because the cheap ones tend to attempt to squeeze your brain out. I know, gross. But anyone whose ever worn an uncomfortable head band knows exactly what I'm talking about.

#10 Another massage. The last one I had was literally heaven, I'm pretty sure at least. It was so amazing. And so warm. And smelled so wonderful. And they brought me water, and told me I could stay in the room as long as I wanted. And they were so nice to me! And I know it was because I paid (Well, technically my cousin paid for me) them but it was so, so, so, so, so, so, so, soooo amazing!

La fin!


Chellz said...

ewwww costume jewelry?

i always thought that looked gawdy

real is where its at, girlfriend!!!!

rebecca said...

mineral makeup - I have experience with AVON, Mabeline, and Physicians Formula. AVON I bought first and LOVED IT. Then I lost it and replaced it with Mabeline and hated it. I don't think it's as good as AVON. Then recently I found Physicians formula on super sale for $6 (which included a brush!) and it's alright. Honestly I was expecting it to kick AVON's ass, but I thought it was an equal match in actual quality. But I still favor AVON because I find it less messy. The brush is small enough to fit in the pot, the phys form. kind had a brush as big as the pot and I just keep spilling it all over the place. and that junk is messy. (it sticks really well to everything)

Emily said...

Is AVON similar in price to PF do you know??

And Michelle, silly girl, it's so fun to weare costume jewelery :P

Chellz said...

does mineral makeup cover blemishes (like acne blemishes)?

Emily said...

Yep. It works the same way normal make up does, it's just made or different stuff. I actually think it's better for your skin.