Sunday, January 3, 2010

What's up?

Hello, Hello, Hello.

I've decided to start a sweet and simple blog for 2010. Nothing too grand, just something to write some thoughts down in. :o)

So here are some of today's thoughts:

1- I really hate when I read about tremendous ways to "work your core ab muscles." Why? Because I just don't get it. I wish working your core ab muscles was like learning how to bat for softball (which, to be honest, I still can't do), where someone can just help you through the motions.. but they can't. I find it highly frustrating.

2- I am pretty sure I am slowly becoming addicted to Dunkin Donuts coffee. This is mildly dangerous.

3- Just finished Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews. SO GOOD! It was a chick lit mystery... so, so, so amazing!

4- It breaks my heart that the nails I got done on Tuesday are already chipping. They are so pretty. OPI- Peru B Ruby, awesome color.

5- On day one of trying to find a room mate for next year, might have been successful. So. Exciting.

6- I love "Self" Magazine. Definitely better than Cosmo, which is always trying to teach me '55 sizzly ways to please my man'

7- Last night I discovered that Aaron Carter (yes, you read that right) has new music. The 11-13 year old girl in me was highly intrigued. Then highly let down. (If you're interested check this out:

8- I just discovered a purse I really adore in my aforementioned "Self" magazine. Color me surprised to see it was more than $600 dollars. Setting my hopes away from the funky, aqua, chocolate, and tan number, I checked out some other purses. I settled on the bright purple one. $300. I really need a job that supports my expensive taste... needless to say, no new purses today.

9- I always watch Food Network or the news when I'm at the gym. I plugged in my headphones today and my ear was shocked. Seriously, who else would have that happen to them.

10- I am of the impression that anyone who goes into public wearing tweetie bird shirts and leggings should be escorted out of whatever venue they are in by police escort.

Sooo! That was fun. I think everyone else interested should make blogs and we can all follow each other. :o) It'll be perfect, back to the days of xanga and livejournal! Do it, do it, do it!


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