Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meet Mr. Handsome!

I have a secret, I must confess. For the last seven years I've had a little "problem". I google images of puppies and adopt them as my little "internet dogs". These dogs, "in reality" actually "belong" to other people, but I just kind of "adopt them." People have chastised me for having computer backgrounds of other people's dogs, cell phone backgrounds of other people's dogs, and even just random images saved on my computer of exceptional pooches. Sometimes when I discover these adorable little fellas they already have names... but in that case I just rename them if I don't like the name. For example, there once was a dog "Marley" that I discovered. And sure, Marley's a good name, but it didn't fit this dog. This dog was most obviously a Hunter. So, it's possible that I may have renamed him.

Alas, one day during my relentless search for internet pooches I discovered It was my haven. It's a website, where people go on, and just upload pictures of their adorable pups. I swear, it's like facebook for dogs.

Moments ago, I decided to check and see who the "Puppy Of the Day" was, and he was too handsome not to share.

Meet Gatsby!

He is the most adorable, handsome, little fella I've seen for at least the past week. Gatsby is a little CockerPoo (Cocker Spaniel and Poodle cross breed) and the most precious little teddy bear in the world. And! I was so excited when I saw his name because it just FITS him. It's kind of like how some people say when you try on the right wedding dress you just "know". Well, that's how it is for dogs. Sometimes you hear a name, you see a face, and you just "know" that that's supposed to be the dogs name.



Rittan said...

You're adorable.

Bex said...

EMILY: Please RIGHT NOW go to customize your blog, add a gadget, and click the bottom option like "other" or w/e. THERE IS A DAILY PUPPY GADGET! I just found it and dropped everything I was doing to let you know about it.

Emily said...

awww!! :o) Okay!! :o) :o) :o)