Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh Monday, you never let me down.

Negatives Thoughts:

1- Called the owner of the firm I may intern for this summer to talk about the internship, at 9:30AM. It is now 3:30. I haven't been called back. I am not okay with this. I know people are busy, but being the little guy sitting around waiting for a phone call is the absolute worst.

2- Called the MVA to find out information I needed about renewing my license. Sat on hold 10 minutes. They literally had so many stupid ads playing while you sat on hold (for 10 minutes) that they would pop up on top of eachother. Disgusting.

3- Called Dr. #1 this morning to get a referral for Dr. #2. Dr. #1 told me that they don't do the referalls and that I need to call Dr. #3. Call Dr. #3, it's all automated so I leave a message. 4 hours later, after not getting a call back, I drop into Dr. #3's office. Dr. #3 tells me that Dr. #2 needs to do the referall. So I drive to Dr. #2's office, and Dr. #2 informs me that I actually don't need a referral to go see Dr. #1. Seriously?

4- After six months of telling my dad that my car was making funny noises and turning stiff, he took it in to get the oil changed/looked at today. A $20 oil change, and $640 dollars later my cars fixed. Awesome. I know, I know, you're asking yourself "But how is Emily, who makes minimum wage going to apy for that?!." Answers, my $450 dollar tax return, that my mom has been convincing me to use to take a trip for the last 2 weeks. I cried.

5- An entirely joking e-mail I sent six months ago is coming back to bite me in the ass. Do my actions have a statute of limitations or something?

Positive Thoughts:

1- Secret life's season premiere is on tonight, and I am so excited that I could positively scream. (I'm sure you can tell since the previous sentance was positively dripping in enthusiasm)

2- I'm considering selling my old DVD's and books on ebay. But I'm too lazy to do it... problem?

3-When I went to sleep last night I definitely had my pandora station set to Backstreet boys. I am not the least bit ashsamed. Just saying.

That's about it as far as my thoughts are concerned. I'm too grumpy to be cheerful. At the moment I'd honestly rather eat gold fish and drink an entire bottle of white wine while watching Seinfeld. We'll see how much of that actually occurs. (Hint 0/3)




Shaina said...

I am super excited for Secret Life tonight too!

Emily said...

Love that show. I was such a closet fan for like months when it first came out!